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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (4 reviews)"

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  overal great game

| | See all blanchman's reviews (22)

Thankfully the game is back to it's budokai roots. The graphics are the best on a dragon ball game and the what if scenario's are good. Online play is really good too. But iv'e played every dragon ball game and maybe the storyline is getting a bit repeitive. and one or two of the camera angles are terrible. But overal its a great game and if you like dragon ball games it's a must buy!

  hhmmm let me see

| | See all D3an092OMEN's reviews (1)

5 star game no questions asked everything is there the story, the moves and main characters. since playing on the last two tenkaichi games on ps2 i have realy come to love these games especialy this one. not to fond on the budoki games but this raises the bar way up high and has proven to be the best made so for. one tiny tiny aspect which could be changed is the amount of characters (im not complaining just suggesting) tenkaichi 3 has around 140 or something close to and burst limit went to like 20 which is quite apaling and now back up to 70 however this could meen some dlc is in store for us DBZ fan huraaaaaa n thanks for reading.

  A Dragonball Game EPIC

| | See all ShadowX's reviews (7)

The game is a massive improvement from Burst Limit, this one give you an actual feel for the fights, like the tenkaichi series on PS2 now its made the leap to 360 aswell and it is EPIC, granted you can't say much for the story as they are just the same old stuff with Vegeta the Frieza then Androids etc but the way its pulled off is EPIC the attacks all feel like an actual dragonball fight and the What-If stories will make you wanting more, advice for the developerws would be to leave the dragonball games now everyone knows how it goes and there isn't much more to improve on, instead develop more what-if fights in co-operation with Toriyama, stories like Bardock vs Goku in other world and Broly Killing Frieza before Goku out of lust for power etc and make the DLC.
Overall its and EPIC game hardly any flaws controls are easy, fights are a little difficult at times when your opponant has like 20 time more health than you but that is easily overcome, Story well if you've seen dragonball you'll know how it goes. Music, if you dont like it stick your own on, it won't make much difference as you can stick subtitles on if you really wanna hear the dialogue

  Demo Impresssions

| | See all JoeyThorn's reviews (11)

From playing the demo on xbl i can say that this is going to be a very fun game.

The gameplay is fast, flowing and compelling.

The graphics are better than the original anime.

The controls take a little bit of getting used to and aren't intuitive at first, but they are very accessible when you get to grips with them.

This game is a sequal to the successful tenkaichi games on the ps2 and wii and is an improvement over them in terms of quality of presentation and the flow of combat.

The demo promises great things, let's hope the game delivers.

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