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Medal Of Honor: Airborne

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (140 reviews)"

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  Awesome War FPS

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Ok I'll start off by saying that Medal of Honor Airborne is nothing like the WWII Call of Duty games. Sure it has the same concept but gameplay is completely different. At the start of each mission there is a scene where you are in a Briefing Tent hearing about your mission, then there is a section when you're in the airplane ready to deploy, then when you do jump out you command the direction of the parachute and you can land wherever you feel like and start the mission the way you want. There are 6 missions altogether which are about 30 - 45 mins long each. The achievements are pretty decent too with some easy single player achievements and some taxing multiplayer ones. Overall, I highly recommend this game to FPS fans. I highly enjoyed this game just as much as some of the Call of Duty games. Definitely get this game now.

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  For you Tommy, Ze Var is ofer!

| | See all Gregster1968's reviews (66)

This was the second 360 game I ever bought and one of my most played. I had never seen/played any other FPS on the Xbox 360 so had nothing to compare it to. I would have given it 4 and a half stars as the online gameplay is a bit pants (random re-spawning places right in the middle of the enemy. Some of the later levels can be a bit difficult, esp them Nazis with the gas-masks and HUGE shooty guns but another way to look at it is that it makes the whole game last longer :-)

  Underrated, not sure why

| | See all Surboy2's reviews (16)

Excellent shooter, plenty of action, tension and good balance between fun and strategics. Bargain price at the moment.

  Best MOH Yet!!!

| | See all mikeb20's reviews (29)

I played this game when i got bored of ww2 shooters as they all seem samey. But, this game is top notch, Puts the other MOH to shame, and this game is so good. you must get it the only small annoying thing is the dudes with the machine guns

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  good game!

| | See all davis123's reviews (1)

This is a good game for £11.99!!! The graphics are good and it isn't to easy. Well worth the money.

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  Doesn't offer anything new but still a good WWII shooter

| | See all Xboxmaniac's reviews (25)

This is a good shooter, which has perhaps been overlooked by other more impressive titles around the time of its release. I for one only bought it recently and for 11.99 I was more than satisfied with what I got for my money. It is graphically and gameplay wise a very sound game as well as challenging and fun to play. Perhaps my only gripe with this game is that it doesn't really offer anything new to the whole WWII game franchise. It won't blow you away but could be a nice stocking filler for xmas.


| | See all Ibroxbairn's reviews (16)

After completing the COD games i needed a WWII fix,at first I wasn't impressed(multiplayer is still pant's tho).Take's a bit of getting used to the control diffrence's after COD,slowly pulling the fire trigger when using the Springfield caught me out(you can't pull quickly & expect to hit anything !! ).The weapon's are the usual fare & nothing spectacular but this is no bad thing as you know what you are using.Graphically a solid game and kept me entertained and at this price you could do far worse.Recommended.

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  MOH Airborne

| | See all Garfield007's reviews (1)

Felt very let down with this,poor response time, annoying re starts and don't get me started when you're using the Springfield.....four/five times after pulling the trigger does it fire by which time you've been riddled with enemy fire! They should have watched and played COD4 to see how a modern day FPS should be. Buy Call of Duty4....it's by far superior.

  Play on hard level....

| | See all Cashman's reviews (35)

Good game but too easy on normal etc, play on hard and its good fun, only thing though you dont get easy and normal achivements if you complete on hard... oh well!


| | See all conkers249's reviews (3)

I agree wiv toxi.
I have just left a review on brothers in arms ...hellshighway and if u ever read it u will understand that this game wins hands down.
100 X better graphics and yes the multiplayer is a bit pants, u wanna try hh multiplayer hahahahahahahaha.
Im a complete cod 4 nut........but to soothe my urges for ww11 i bought this, and for £11.99............ Im very soothed.
Thx medal of honor.

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