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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Absolute rubbish

| | See all danthor's reviews (6)

By far the most frustrating game I have ever played. You cannot EVER gauge your shots properly. Always too hard or too soft. Your player is greatly unskilled to start with against flawless computer opponents and chances of improving your character are non existent. I have played thirty games and lost all of them before giving up and introducing the game to my hammer before sending the remains to EA Sports. Never buying another Tiger Woods game ever again.

  Good but not a must.

| | See all Urknaldo's reviews (4)

Having bought this the other week I was pleased I got myself a golf game. The last golf game I had was tw02 on the xbox. The game is much more detailed and a hell of a lot harder. The career mode is frustrating especially tiger challenge, you feel like you're spending ages trying to build your characters attributes. If you want the game for achievments then your going to have to put a load of hours gaming down.
There is nothing more satisfying than hitting an eagle on a par 5 but on the other hand, there is nothing more aggrovating than spending 3 or more attempts at trying to putt... The putting system is far more harder on this installment than back in 2002, no more caddy tips, your on your own.
Avid golf fans will love the game, people who just want to pick up and play may not.


| | See all Bazski808's reviews (4)

It's too easy playing with the likes of tiger,it's all about building your own player,plays like the real thing,looks good,is good.

  Really enjoyed it, but some frustrations

| | See all Francie's reviews (3)

Fantastically addictive game, spent days working through the tiger challenge and PGA tour and still love to pick it up ever now and again. The draw back for me though is that it gets too easy. Once you have your skill ratings at 100% or over and you have mastered the power boost and skill shots its pretty regular that you put in scores of 8 9 or 10 under in the first round of a tour event even on hard mode. So the game then compensations for this by giving the competitors ridiculously low scores i the 50's to catch up with you for the rest of the tournament! So to respond to this i either play on tour pro mode which is still easy to win but without the great features of spin and power boost. Or play crap or just behind the leader for 3 full rounds and then blow them out of the water on the 4th day of the tournamnet! This aint realistic and quite frustrating. Despite that little rant ive still really loved this game and although its reached the end of the road for me ill still take it out for a lash every now and again.

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  Really genuinely fun game

| | See all thejeffernator's reviews (8)

extremely well put together game, with great graphics,fun game play, and lengthy career mode and training...
one of the few down points is lack of courses and unrealistic crowd/ golfers

  brilliant, but 08 needs to be bit better

| | See all juppy16's reviews (2)

Once you play the game you just dont want to stop, but the only thing which can be annoying is the putting, in the 08 version they could improve how you putt or make it clearer for new users. The rest of the game is amazing and i should think can only get better in newer versions to come...

  Help, i'm addicted!

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

I bought Tiger Woods PGA 07 a week ago and I can't put it down since I've started it playing it. I play a bit of golf myself but obviously nowhere near pro level, but this game is so much fun, you can literally lose yourself for hours in its different modes and training games.

The features on this game are so varied and the options are unbelievable, the training games are also very good, as it gives you plenty of practice at driving, chipping, fairway shots, putting on different greens etc. Playing at the PGA tour is pretty challenging and its not too easy to try and always go for par or under, lets just say you won't beat Tiger too easily! The stroke play matches are also really good as they give you loads of practice at playing the different courses (of which there are many).

Graphically I thought this game was top drawer too, as Tiger looks almost lifelike in places, kind of freaky, the courses are beautifully realised. The only drawbacks on this game for me however were the golfing commentary which can get a bit distracting, the constant saving your game even after training, and the putting can be a bit of a nightmare.

Other than that Tiger Woods PGA 07 is an awful lot of fun, hugely addictive, if you don't mind kissing your social life goodbye, I'd recommend it to anyone.

  not as good as expected, althogh, tiger 08 promises to wow

| | See all shaboids's reviews (14)

this game was good when i first played on it but then after a few hours, like the other reviewer said "the novelty soon wore off" and i was disapointed in the few changes made in 07 but i will be getting 08 for definate because of the changes being made in it. my advice? save your money and wait for tiger woods 08 as it promises to be well worth it. the changes sound cool, read up on it and form your own opinion!

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  Great Fun!

| | See all caz1966's reviews (1)

My partner and I are learning golf and this game looked good fun for us both to play and learn some tips. Its very addictive and I myself even forfeited my "soaps" on TV to play all night. The setting up of your own profiles is a bit faffy, but well worth it when you see the end result. I now have a David Beckham lookalike boyfriend with a Mohican, and moi? my figure has never looked better!


| | See all WildBill82's reviews (2)

This game is brilliant. The game is very broad interms of styles of game play. The controls are easily mastered and the breadth of control from swing of the clubs to angle of club face etc are little touches that set this game apart. I have had hours of fun on this game and will continue to do so.