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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  one of my fave games, cant wait for the complete sega

| | See all kingmaily's reviews (24)

i luv dis game in so many ways, the characters, the fun off it, the multiplayer, the jedi moves, the studs system, the extras, the bouneses, and of cause the ghost bounus characters that u can buy at the end (ghost yoda, ghosst anakin, and ghost obi one) i remcomend this to anyone, great graphics of 360 to, A+++++++++++++++

  A Classic that just got better

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

Lego Star Wars was a classic that was great fun for my son and his mates. And now Lego Star Wars 2 makes it even better.

Whilst not quite my cup of tea, it does have great humour to make an adult or starwars fan smile.

Excellent for your kids and now at a superb price. One for the Xmas stocking or birthday coming up.

  Lego Star Wars

| | See all Bantams's reviews (5)

This game as got to be the best fun game for all ages for the XBOX 360 its a must have game if you have a 360!, on some levels not all the graphics can be a bit weired like characters suddenly dissapear and start walking upside down but this game is deffinately worth adding to youre collection if you can get youre hands on a Copy

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  worth getting

| | See all willbruce's reviews (33)

this game is good one player but it is 5 imes better when doin it with a mate, and also its not just runing around killing people ohhh no you also get to drive afew diffrent planes and robots....also u get to drive a tratter when training with yoda

  A Good Game, First One Was Better Though

| | See all SteveAyres88's reviews (27)

I enjoyed the first one a lot, playing alone or co-operative with a friend/ family member.
There was a lot to do and having to go back to do levels again to complete them 100% but it was worth it.
This second game, I personally didn't have time for, It was a very good make up of the Original Trilogy, but I didn't have the bother or dedication to do it all, there was I think maybe slightly too much to do, coins, batteries, ship parts etc, so that lost me interest.
Still a good game though

  It's just lego.

| | See all Tewit91's reviews (77)

First impressions of this game were great, it looks good, its pretty funny in places. But, like another reviewer said - it's too "samey", the levels are practically identical and after a while you know exactly what to expect, and there's no challenge either becaus the stormtroopers e.t.c. die in 1 shot / lightsaber sweep.
The multiplayer is ok, its a bit annoying when you cant move where you want because the other player is too far away, but a good bit of communication and it can be sorted.
Overall, this game isn't really worth buying, perhaps wait a little until it comes down in price, and then make your own mind up.

  Hmmmmmmm, a bit dull

| | See all RicardoTubbs's reviews (14)

I@m sorry but this game is just plain dull. There are a few smiles in there when you first start, it all plays nicely and looks good, but its jsut too dull after the first few plays. The novelty of lego and star wars wears off very quickly and it doesn't take long to see that every level is pretty much the same. It's not that its not a good game, it is, but its too samey for any longevity. Get a mate to but it and play it occasionally at their house, but don't buy it yourself!

  StarWars with a lego twist

| | See all dittytwo's reviews (6)

Imagine your favourite Star Wars films with your favourite characters "legoised" with a dash of animation thrown in and you have the makings of a great game yes....
Well actually yes
The graphics are in HD format, which means eye candy all over the place, the characters animation had me in stitches for about 15 minutes. Watching lea creep about or the rebel fights losing there guns is entertainment in itself.
The game play introduces story or free play modes you have to do story play first and then can go back and do the free play versions. During the story game play there are sections that you can not get to as the characters that you have under your control so therefore you have to go back into it as free play to pick up all the secrets.

Two player mode is fantastic, as the second or first player can drop in and out of game play whenever which makes for some really good interaction.

Given the chance I would buy this as soon as it came out instead of waiting for it.

Buy it now it is the most fun you can have with your xbox360 and Lego pieces.

  Great family game - Easy to access by everyone

| | See all niftyuk's reviews (184)

Yet another game helped by the Xbox 360 achievement system. As you score points for your gamer card for finishing the game on 100% and all sorts of others like finishing the bounty hunter missions.

Because of this, it keeps you at the game to get that 100% to unlock the gamer achievement.

In terms of life span, it will keep you busy for at least 30 hours.

As a game you'll be hooked. Authentic Star Wars sound track, fantastic next gen visuals and surroiund sound. Hilarious cut scenes and great gameplay this is a real winner.

Covering the original movies... Episodes 4, 5 and 6. You play 6 missions on each of the movies.

You have hundreds of characters to unlock and collect which you can use to play through each mission on free play. This game is very addictive and fun for all the family.

The two player co-op is great as it doesn't have a split screen and although it can be frustrating when your wife or son kills you again and again.

Overall, whether your a Star Wars fan or not. You'll love this game.

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  Very fun!

| | See all Lagunathemoron's reviews (1)

Not often enough are games made with 'fun' in mind. And this one is. There are no levels which are a chore. Each one has its charm and humour, as well as replaybility.

The main focus of the game is to play through the original trilogy. Just about every character you can think of is playable. You have the main set, although the number of Jedi has been cut dramatically to just four in this game. Minor characters such as Greedo and Wedge are completely playable. Several have their own personalitys, like Han will ride creatures backwards, and Lando will hold on to Princess Leia's hand when attacking her. If you like to experiement in your games, then this is the one for you.

Completing a level with the usual cast, Luke, Han, Leia, C3PO, R2D2 and Chewie is one thing, but replaying the same level with a team of Darth Vader, Ben, Boba Fett and Lando is another.

It is a core platforming game but there is plenty of puzzles which will tax your brain and many easter eggs which will make you laugh out loud, for example a couple of Stormtroopers taking a hot-tub break together, and nobody recognising Chewbacca because he has half a Stormtrooper helmet on his head.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is well worth the buy, as it will change and influence your future views on gaming. You will never have as much fun when playing a videogame!