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Phantasy Star Universe

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Futuristic RPG fun

| | See all Shortysmith's reviews (24)

There is an extremely good storyline to the game. You are a boy whos dad died as a guardian and now your invited to join the guardians aswell. The offline play is really good, you dont have to always do story missions instead doing other alternate missions to get your lvls up is a good suggestion. Instead i just did the storyline.

Completing the whole game gets you an easy 1000g. They all involve killing different bosses. This lasted me at least 20 hours of gameplay and the fun didnt stop. Online is where its all happening, you join other peoples parties and do missions.

How ever online there is a catch which involves a small price to pay. Its an extra payment like xbox gold but a couple of £ more. It was definately worth the money tho as you can play it for hours on end. The creators even put it in special events at halloween and christmas.

If it wasnt for the additional payment i would have given it 5/5. Other than that this is worth getting. Its different to any rpg game i have ever played and fighting creatures never gets boring.

I would suggest getting this game and giving it a go.

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  Were the co-op offline mode

| | See all Evans89's reviews (2)

They should of kept with the multiplayer offline mode made the game a whole lot more enjoyable but jst playin single player offline its not much fun at all other than that its a alright game

  Intense & Fast Paced

| | See all Belthazor's reviews (3)

This is my 2nd most played game across platforms. This is perfect for those who like past paced gaming. Its futuristic so give you a star wars feel which is what I like. There is also "Ambition Of The Illuminus" expansion pack which not only give your more areas and monsters it improves the graphic element also. That however requires 2GB space on your HDD. This game requires a XBOX Live Gold account to play in addition to your monthly subscription fee. For those who played Phantasy Star Online be advised they have changed several elements which you may not be happy with. Ie the battle system. However they have put some of the old bosses rom PSO in PSU via the expansion pack. The flat monthly fee allows you up to 4 characters online giving you access to Episode II & III(Epi III is via expan pack). Its another Perfect choice for those who can't or dont wish to purchase a new game monthly. For the small monthly fee of £6.99 I find it good value for money.

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  You have to be a fan to enjoy this

| | See all LoRdSkeLeToR's reviews (16)

This game is really fun if your into RPGs and/or youve played any of the other phantasy star games. If not you should stay away from this game. That said, its a bright, colourful real time play rpg that has a decent single player mode, but you really should have online capibilities to get the most out of this.

  Acquired Taste

| | See all Griff1988's reviews (3)

First of all don't but this game for the single player BE WARNED its the same as the online but with no friends to talk to, The lack of voice acting is annoying and feels very FFVII but without the awesomeness. The Online however is very addictive when you get into it, and your spend hours playing it without realizing, sadly for every person who likes it these 2 who thinks its boring "killing penguins", (which you don't). If you get hooked your love it and with the new expansion coming out this winter which will vastly improve the game its worth a go if you can find the game on the cheap, try not to avoid paying full retail price for this however to offset the monthly fee

  Expensive In The Long Run

| | See all Vherostar's reviews (18)

Honestly in todays world pay per month MMO's are starting to all get similar thankfully PSO is a completly differn't game from the rest it's great to play online but its the monthly cost that drives this games price up not a prob though if it stops you buying other games as its gonna save you money.

The sucker punch on this game is single player mode the storys great and all but theres no offline multiplayer forcing you to go online to play with your friends unlike its predessor.

Theres a skirmish type mode where you can build your character like episode 2 but playing by yourself this gets tedious fast. So unless your planning to play online I wouldn't recommend this game..

  Phantasy Star Universe

| | See all Hitmanv1's reviews (3)

Phantasy Star Universe is a good online game but the story line is a pit poor. The graphics are not to scratch. The online part of the game makes up for the cheesy story line because you can do the missions with a friend. The biggest down fall for the online part is that you have to pay monthly (£6.99). I would give this game 3 stars.

  Very good game

| | See all stevenfall's reviews (24)

This game is a lot better online than single player, however the single player is worth a try and obviously to get the easy 1000 gamerpoints for completing!
If you get online on this game im sure you will agree with me, and i think it is well worth the money they are asking.
BEWARE: a monthly subscription fee is needed to play online (£7 per month)!!

Very good - 4/5, worth the money and has a lot of fun hours in it, although it is not everyone's sorta game!!

  The last chapter of PSO saga

| | See all Nemesis89's reviews (8)

If you are a fan of Phantasy Star Online saga,this game ="must have" ,if you are not it's a nice game,very funny played with friends.This isn't a "copy of WoW" -_- ,Phantasy Star Online Episode I was a game for Dreamcast,in the far 2000.....the saga is great,the world f Phantasy Star is beautiful (at first Ragol Y_Y *_*),but the old chapters were more beautiful than this,but for a PSO fan the rating is 4 star,for others it remains a good title,but not a masterpiece

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