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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  a fun explorations RPG

| | See all OldSchoolguy's reviews (15)

Risen is a third person RPG set in a beautiful open-world environment, of-course all games look better on PC but the console version of Risen still looks really nice. However the face rendering is not so good. This annoyed me because the voice acting is really good, the bad face rendering weakens the immersion of the voice acting.

Avoid getting this game if you play on a standard TV because the text will be almost impossible to read, it is much smaller than in Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption. Unless you do not mind squinting you need a flat-screen TV, or play it on PC instead.

The gameplay itself features combat, puzzle solving, and exploration. Risen is not an action RPG as some of the quests need be solved though dialogue, by using magic, or by collecting things. The gameplay is quite varied, about 80 percent combat and exploration, 20 percent dialogue and puzzle solving. Even playing as a warrior type you still need to use basic magic such as levitation and telekinesis.

The more magic you use the more varied the gameplay becomes. For example you can transform yourself into a huge Gorilla-like beast, you can conjure up a skeleton to use as a tank while you attack from distance, you can conjure up a dancing-girl to distract guards and enemies etc.

My melee attacks turned into pure hack-and-slash because the combat controls are awkward, using the buttons to move feels strange and the angles keep changing in a weird way. If you have enough healing potions the hack-and-slash approach is manageable. Ranged combat is easier, although there is no target lock-on, where you aim is where you shoot. The ranged combat was actually very fun, I enjoyed it.

Levelling up requires experience points and money: training is not free. However there are many ways to earn money. You can learn a trade, complete quests, sell loot, steal, etc. In the beginning of the game it is very difficult to get money, making it difficult to increase your skills.

Depending on what faction you belong to, the missions you do vary to some degree and you have different dialogue options to choose from. There is only one possible ending as far as I know and the ending itself was a let down, I expected something more epic. However the ending only represents one percent of the gaming time, the rest was really fun. So Risen is worth a playthrough in my opinion.

  A great, addictive rewarding rpg!

| | See all Robharv's reviews (1)

When i brought Risen i had no hope of it being a good game, i thought it would be another bland rpg like all the others out there. But after the first few hours of gameplay i found i was getting hooked to the game, the quests and gameplay are reminiscent of a mmo such as go kill this number of enemies etc. But there are lots of quests that evolve from this, interesting quest arks where you go treasure hunting and you find your partner got kidnapped, which brings up the underlying moral choice system, where you can sacrifice your partner for the treasure you have found or, viciously murder the pirates. There are also many little things that make me love this game like being able to cook and hunt and learn to skin the animals, take there teeth, wings and sell them on for a profit. Overall the game is diffuclt at parts, frustrating even, the graphics are nothing revolutionary and they won't blow you away. But if you're out searching for a great addictive worth the money rpg like i was then i 100% recommend Risen!

  Risen...You are the weakest link!

| | See all BentleyBros's reviews (7)

Having played games such as Divinity II, Gothic 4 and Sacred 2 it was hard to play Risen. Compared to the other PC ports, it is definitely the weakest. The graphics are poor, the framerate is inconsistant, the controls are extremely loose and the menu system is really clunky. It also doesnt help that the game can be unfairly hard at the start, which will definitely put most people off. If though, you're able to ignore these problems and play through the beginning, Risen can be an enjoyable game. The Island is full of areas to explore, enemies to kill and people who need your help. This is definitely a 60+ hour game if you have the patience to play it. I still have a lot of the game left to do, so maybe the further I get, the more I'll enjoy it. But as of right now, it's hard to recommend Risen over the other PC ports on the 360.

  Not for weaklings.

| | See all BetamaxW's reviews (1)

The game first appears to be standard third person RPG fodder, with you fetching the stick and buying the bone for a handful of coins and a slightly sharper stick with which to poke enormous seagulls , but persevere past the "training" area and the game suddenly opens up. Access to training and trade skills is almost immediate and lucrative depending on what path you take in you first wanderings.

The items you can aquire are fairly standard and deceptively limited, mostly the same items with greater or lesser effectiveness and a slew of weapons that will simply find their way into the bags of the nearest merchant. Itemization doesn't get interesting until you start raiding the old trap-filled ruins where you will find the truly special stuff.

Once the initial area is done with you are essentially let loose to explore. You can ignore the main quest and go looting ruins, breaking monster camps and generally honing your combat skills; and you will need to- this is no "dice roll to hit" rubbish- victory or defeat rests entirely on your own ability to outmanouvere and outthink the AI. Until you master this you'll be eating the floor a great deal. But are you really afraid of a challenge? If you enjoy the game playing itself for you and pressing one button to "win" a fight, then you should look elsewhere for fun.

Everything in this title oozes atmosphere and the ambient sound effects, music and lighting support this. The locations are lovingly crafted- if a little small- and the underground areas carry a sense of danger and mystery.

If the game has a flaw it's in the sometimes inconsistent and unimaginative animation on the main character. He runs like a puppet and he jumps like he has antigravity soles on his boots. A minor niggle in such an otherwise satisfying game but one you cant ignore as you are reminded of it each time you move.

To sum up, this isnt a game for the weak willed or impatient, the "i win button" generation probably wont appriciate it for what it offers, only complaining about what it does not. If you are looking for an actual adventure rather than yet another tediously over-produced theme-park ride, you could do far worse than this, especially at this price.

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  Fantastic !!

| | See all Bendosh's reviews (68)

The graphics are ok , but they look nice and colorful, the range of quests are fantastic, some of the voice acting is wooden but unoticable. The weapons and ranges of inventory equipment is mindblowing, after the first half hour of boringness, you do start to get into it. I am 3 hours in and still doing quests and the first town !!

Dont listen to harsh reviewers, the have NOT played the game long enough , to see how good it is !

  Aquired taste

| | See all Zekeeuk's reviews (8)

Even though the first hour of this game is boring and stupidly hard (even on easy) it does pickup. The combat system within the game isnt the greatest out there and gets very repetitive. The voice actors within the game are horrible. But this game gives the user a sense of freedom which other console RPGs lack, and the story line is fairly good.

  Avoid at all costs

| | See all Pvickers77's reviews (3)

I have played this through to the end and really wish I hadn't. The combat is beyond dreadful, its hard to even hit one enemy as the framerate is so poor. The game puts emphasis on RPG staples like stats and such buth improving your stats doesn't seem to do anything much other than allow you to use certain items - most of which are pointless anyway. The story is also poor and no background is really given much to your character and the background to the story, added to the fact the game is a tehnical mess then avoid at all costs

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  ThE uNkNoWn GaMeR

| | See all garybooheaven's reviews (1)

i tell you now, ive bin looking for a game that could be as good as dark alliance, and now this game has just thrashed it, it has similar aspects to it but the things you can do are way more advance, i just cant leave my xbox, in this game you can choose sides be who you wana be but you have to be a bit patient at the beginning when the adventure is just about to begin, get if you like rpgs

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  A hidden gem,with a sprinkling of magic.

| | See all zeppos's reviews (2)

Yes the combat is poor.And you have to save alot.But risen gives you a huge open and atmospheric world to explore.Do side quests as you like.Great sense of exploration and advancement.Levitation,telekinesis and more are at your disposal.
It takes a while to get going,but has a good and entertaining story.I found myself utterly addicted.And i play alot of games.Like rpgs?Youll love this.

  Have to say, loved this game. (and still do)

| | See all Waterfall's reviews (2)

Ok, this may seem a very repetative comment but yes it is not even close to being the next oblivion but with confidence I can say that all RPG lovers will enjoy. The battle style, to put it lightly is diabolical (very jerky and frustrating) and the graphics are 2nd class but wityh a great story and wide choice of weapons this game in class. The weird English accents are rather funny (and I'm from Scotland.) With in excess of 250 quests and around 15 skills to learn this in quite addictive and leaves you wanting more. The only major inprovements I would say the gun is in need of is the battle style (especially towards the beginning when your character has not been trained in strength.) It has a few major flaws but in my opinion they are what make the game unique. A treasure trove of exploration.