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Clive Barker's Jericho

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  A bunch of fun.

| | See all gjallarhorn's reviews (32)

I love horror games, so I'm going to find this game easier to like than most CoD sheep.

Ok; so what I like;
Visuals. For an old game, she looks good.
Gameplay. Play is intuitive and smooth.
Variety of powers. Great variety that makes for a fun strategy challenge.
The fast button action sequences. No one else seems to like them, but I find them piece of cake. Maybe my reactions are just better than yours?
The story. I love the story, so unique and enthralling. I found myself following the story easily.

What I don't Like;
Repetive enemies. They are more or less very similar. Those exploding enemies are a real pain.
Stupid AI. Your team aren't always the smartest or strategic, but they are fairly competent. They seem to die regularily though, but it's very quick to bring them back into play.

Overall, very good game. I liked it. I'm a big Barker fan, but this game shows off his great imagination. Codemasters have made a solid, competant shooter with this game. Sure, it's not CoD, but Call of Duty all the time wouldn't be fun. This game is different. Different and snazzy. Big thumbs up.

  Some great ideas...

| | See all Bretters's reviews (20)

This is one of those games that had little fanfare on its release. You'll see it on the shelf from time to time, you'll look at the grisly pictures on the back... and then you'll put it back down again. And certainly at the full RRP, you were right to do so.

From the twisted mind that brought you the cinematic horror classic Hellraiser, Jericho follows a team of crack US military types as they attempt to close a breach that will otherwise spew forth the Firstborn, a deceptively aggressive infant who was shunned by God as his first failed creation.

From that point onwards the story becomes progressively more ridiculous, but unless you list satanic worship among your hobbies, you're unlikely to care.

The first hour of this game is a write-off. After a reasonable CGI intro movie, you're dumped into a succession of dark corridors with only the occasional ghoul and a limp machine gun. What's worse are the continual loading screens that seem to pop up after every few hundred metres, despite there being very little on screen that would demand such frequent interruptions. But just at the point that you're trying to decide whether this disc would make a better coaster or frisbee, things become more interesting.

Suddenly you're a ghost, able to inhabit any of your six team mates and take on their weapons and powers. These are fantastically varied, from a samurai sword to mini-gun, and from the ability to control enemies with the power of the mind to throwing a flaming dragon around the screen. Each character has the traditional strengths and weaknesses and save for one or two points where you're forced to use a particular individual, it's up to you to pick a favourite.

Using an extremely basic command system, it's possible to control your men in groups of three, asking them to stand their ground or go ahead and attack. This can work suprisingly well if you're ambushed by a larger creature or a group of smaller ones, as one unit can provide a distraction while the other launches an all-out assault.

Sadly, the potential here has been all but wasted. The better powers on offer are largely redundant until specific set-pieces, at which point you're given a step-by-step guide on who to use and how to use them. Only the very final levels ask that you think for yourself a bit more when dealing with a rare puzzle.

The levels are pleasingly gruesome but their design is never more clever than a few rooms linked with corridors, and there is zero exploration. The enemies quickly become too familiar and one particular beast that explodes just before it dies, normally spelling your demise, is a consistent annoyance.

Each character can revive the other should they fall, but in so doing, they are often killed themself. Many fights degenerate into a succession of deaths until you're either far away enough to be safe or every man has kicked the bucket and you start over at the last checkpoint. The team AI is so weak that most, if not all of the characters will run headlong into ill-advised confrontations and their deaths, essentially leaving you to fight alone against the odds.

If you stick with the game through to the bitter end, you will finally encounter (and defeat with ease) the Firstborn. At this point, after such a build-up, you might be expecting a decent ending movie. You will be disappointed. Having completed the ending of the game twice to be sure, I can confirm that there is nothing but the credits.

You'll want to like this game, but it will let you down. If you've completed every other title in the genre and still crave some first-person shootery, then there might just be enough novelty for a few distracting hours, but only on the cheap. At £40, it's bargepole time.

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  Better than expected

| | See all dogrobber's reviews (57)

Wasn't overly impressed when I started playing this one but stuck with it for about an hour AND then the gameplay kicks in.Well worth sticking with as it's a very good game.can be picked for a reasonable price too.

  5 stars from a massive FFS fan!

| | See all Doberman007's reviews (17)

I have played just about all the FPS, this up there, compelling story, once you can shift around charcters, it becomes even more fun, the graphics are excellent, gory a little yes, s not for the younger audience, but an excellent shooter.

  Good FPS - Worth Playing

| | See all GotFever's reviews (3)

Overall a pretty good game but lacks anything really special. The team change/possess is a cool feature & the game is fun to play through. Achievements roll in thick & fast if you play on hard.

  Lacking polish but great fun!

| | See all cherub1000's reviews (28)

A huge range of reviews surrounding this title. Honestly, most contain valid issues from both sides of the argument.

Jericho is rather unusual, the control system, story and other content are something very different. To begin with, you control one character though without spoiling the story, has the ability to jump into the other team members bodies allowing you to control them and their different abilities and particular weapons. It's a unique take on the normal level treking, weapon searching and gradually powering up your character, although I can understand other gamers comments for being against this system as it can also become quite restrictive and does take some getting used to.

Each of the Jericho team has a different skill set to offer and these come into play solving levels and dealing out the punishment to the bad guys, who I'll get to in a minute. These skills are great fun to play with and can drastically alter the gameplay depending on your style (and the characters available at the time!).

The story of Jericho is a bit of a mixed bag and expect to find yourself a little baffled especially as the game nears it's conclusion. It does make sense though you will need to pay attention and give it a chance to get going before you start getting many answers. Jericho benefits from having an involving plot and when you reach the end credits and stare in the screen in possible dismay as your volumes of questions remain, take some comfort in knowing that this is the first title in the series and the story is set to continue from where it leaves you. I wont give anything away suffice to say that Jericho needs to be played from start to finish in order to get everything you can from it. The story may drive you mad but remember this is supposed to be a dark, miserable and bloody tale and it goes without saying not expect happy endings.

Many others mention issues with the titles graphics? In defense this game hasn't just been released and for when it was the images are very good. Everything about it exudes menace and the sense of conflict. Though even if the picture isn't quite up to your expectations Jericho has truly awesome sound effects and music, if you can hear this over surround then go for it!

Throughout the campaign enemies are numerous enough and can present some challenge however once you nail the control interface you should be flying through hordes of baddies as they never quite feel as tough as they look. This is a real shame as Clive Barker presents us with some brilliant looking creatures and bosses that each have some foul and utterly disgusting method of dispatching you. In the games later stages you enter an arena and encounter a very intense looking firefight. I say 'looking' as when the hordes descend on you they are relatively easy to overcome. All this being said Jericho is a relatively good length though I would suggest playing on hard from the beginning even if your new to FPS's.

My biggest moan? Invisible walls, these days there aren't any excuses to make this acceptable and sadly Jericho has them by the bucket load! Hopefully this is something we"ll see the back of in the sequel!

To sum up, Jericho genuinely has something good to offer it's just a shame it didn't have a little more time in production to polish up those rough edges to make it awesome and not just good. Whether or not you enjoy will depend on your reception of the ideas involved in the game but be sure to give it a thorough chance before condemning it. Personally I loved every moment. This is a true horror game, maybe not jumpy but very moody, brooding, dark and very very bloody!

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| | See all tristan30's reviews (3)

All the reviews seem to be about people playing 10 minutes of it and thinking its boring! Ive just started gears of war 2 and that bored me for the first hour...but its getting awesome!
Stick with it and you will not regret. I have completed this game 3 times and will play again no doubt.


| | See all Ibroxbairn's reviews (16)

This game is competent if unspectacular,graphic's are ok for this stage in the 360's development & the control's are functionary.The game is a tad short on anything but the hard setting,there are one or two good idea's such as the ability to possess member's of you're team & use their ability's.Although this is only a necessity when you are seperated from team member's at different stage's of the game & have to get back to them.The team is the usual group of strong but sluggish & nimble but less powerful.The big selling point was to be the story by Clive Barker & to be honest I was underwhelmed,the story is typical horror fare.There was one twist which was obvious in the first 10 min's to any horror fan.I did enjoy the game but I'm glad I did'nt pay full price for it.One for the FPS fan's out there,don't expect a Gear's Of War & you will enjoy this fairly entertaining if not spectacular shooter.


| | See all Salmon 's reviews (41)

This game isnt underrated at all....its rubbish...it would have only got 1 star but the possesing your team mates is a clever idea.

The story is poorly explained, the graphics are nothing special, the controls are poor, the weapons, enimies and levels are very unimaginative. Everythings too dark and its all very repetative...i really regret buying this.

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  Brilliant game and very underated!

| | See all GJShucky's reviews (6)

The graphics are amazing and it has a twisted, yet interesting storyline. I recommend this game to all horror and FPS fans.