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MX vs ATV: Reflex

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  there's no motor-cross game that comes close

| | See all 360king's reviews (18)

OK so we'll start with the negative, the controls do take a bit of getting used to.
Right thats the end of the negatives! this game is brilliant, the graphics are fantastic and it is so much fun to play, both singleplayer and multiplayer.

  Very Good Game

| | See all Longpod79's reviews (3)

This game is the best motocross game currently on the market in my opinion. You have so much control over the bike its brilliant. Don't get me wrong, it's very hard to get use to at first, but once you've mastered the reflex control you will have hours of fun.

My only down side to this game is the online waiting area. It can take a very long time for a game to start because of people coming in and out of the arena. Everytime they do this it takes 25 seconds for there bike sttings to load up.
Plus sometime you get stuck on the starting gate frozen, watching all the others go off infront.
Then when you do start you get half way through the race and it'll quit back to the arena because the others have finished the race. That happens far too much and ruins what would be a 10 out of 10 game.

  My Review Of MX vs ATV: Reflex

| | See all charlesworth84's reviews (33)

The graphics are good but it's hard win a race & hard to stay on the trak at times, they made it for people who has been playing these type games for years


| | See all Priestie 's reviews (1)

Bought this game from a trader just to try, what can i say BRILLIANT. Not really into these type of games, but now I'm hooked! Excellent game play, graphics and lots of different vehicles to choose from. Weeks of enjoyment;)

  Good Fun

| | See all ArchieMorganHutt's reviews (3)

The game quite surprised me, i played the demo and didn't think much of it at first. But after buying the game and playing it for a while, i was quite shocked. The gameplay is very fun and there are plenty of game modes to muck about in. The bikes handle very well and in my opinion the ATV's and Racing Trucks are not needed. The tracks are fun and the trick system is very rewarding. Also it's very easy to earn achievements, which is also a bonus. Although, it does have it's faults, for instance i completed the entire career mode in a mere 3 days. Also towards the end it can become painfully boring as you have to slug it out through a ridiculous amount of races. The online is bizzare as you have to have a full lobby to start a race, which means it's nearly impossible to play online.

Overall- A great game for those on a budget. It's very rewarding and great fun. And while there are areas that could be improved, the positives are greater than the negatives.


| | See all dowler's reviews (3)

This is the best Mx Vs Atv they have brung out so far. The career mode and the multiplayer is fantastic. I recommend this to everyone! hopefully they make a another one because i will defently be buying it.

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  Great fun

| | See all StellaArtois63's reviews (40)

I had been thinking about getting this game for ages but got put off it when I saw reviews saying how hard it was. In the end the price and challenge of it got the better of me. Much to my delight its great fun. At first it does take a little bit of practice to get used to how the bikes handle, but for me I soon got into it and fortunately there are a few difficulty levels so even for me, I can win races. There is a good variety of racing and if at first you dont succeed then try a different bike or quad or buggy.
Graphically its not the best but its still very good and does look pretty. The bikes and buggys dont look bad and there is a small customise section. There are plenty of different tracks and types of racing and free roam to keep you busy for ages.
Overall I think the game is great fun, yes it can be tricky and frustrating but then thats what makes it challenging. The AI does some daft things but that all adds to the fun. Online there are still enough people playing it and I have had no problems getting a game, usually better in the evening but no lag issues for me.
For the price of this game I dont understand why it isnt more popular. For me its one of those, just one more go, oh one more until its 3 in the morning . If you enjoy racing, fancy something a little different then I highly recommend this game.

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  Can't Fault It

| | See all PointBlank68's reviews (14)

WoW, what a good game,As other's have already mentioned,it can be a bit hard to get to grips with the handling,but when you do there's hour's of endless fun, I've mainly played online, Its brill when theres a group of you and your mates tearing up the tracks,as in the title of this review I/we cant fault it....The boys I play online always played forza 3 until this came along, and you know how good that is.Treat yourself to this game I promise you will love it.....Can,t beleave that there was no big hype about this game... ITS A GEM.


| | See all alisonmortlock's reviews (7)

this is one of the best games i have ever played! its so realistic and is also great fun!
it is hard to get used to at first due to having to use both analog sticks, but once you get used to it, it comes naturally!

on the supercross, the blocks are spaced very close together so if you go off the track its really hard to get back on.

the attention to detail is excellent and i love all the gear varieties there is, and customizing your ride is awesome.

would be great if there was a 'make your own track' feature and if you could change the weather conditions, but all in all its an absolutely incredible game and is worth every penny in my opinion!

  Real MX Game!

| | See all Lamby085's reviews (1)

The game is hard to initially get used to with the dual analogue control - compared to untamed. But once you do the game and Multiplayer is amazing! competition is tough so its all about setting your bike up right!

Whips are sick
Watch out for the toughblocks as they are really annoying and not widely spaced out!

Definitely worth a buy!