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Forza Motorsport 3: Limited Edition

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Better Than GT? I Think So!

| | See all AcedHamSlice's reviews (9)

Wasn't a big fan of FM2 so wasn't sure if I should get this but am glad I made the right choice! Graphics amazing, cars beautiful and tracks stunning. well worth the money for the VIP stuff and a nice handy 2GB pen drive your your saved reply and pictures to show to your mates. Key ring as well is well made and nice and heavy. 10/10 for me! love it!

  Forzing Awesome!!

| | See all wookieturner's reviews (1)

You never think that you favorite racing game can get any better! But it has! Forza 3 is just amazing! With all the different settings to make it user friendly to even the most novice racer, to a realistic hammering from the A. I. apponments for more comminted and expeirienced racers.
The paint shop is among the best I've seen, giving almost limitless designs to make your cars stand out from the rest!
When ever I race, I always use the external, 'rear of the car in you face' camera, but with Forza 3, the internal view is just awsome and adds to the feel as if you were in the cars you just can't afford for real!
Now I did have a problem with the downloads that came with this edition of Forza 3, but it was a simple setting on my xbox that needed on click across to 'everyone' from 'friends only' don'y know which one it was, I'll try to find out asap as my mate came over and saved me from throwing the console out the window.
If you getting a message saying your parental controls are restricting you from using anydownloads for the game, but you don't have any parental settings (I know, I know), then check all your settings, one by one. Process of elimination, starting game and exiting again, but this game is sooooooooo worth it!!

Amazing Graphics, Awesome choice of cars you'll never drive, and online games, not just races, games too. FUN FUN FUN!!
And the flash drive is handy now that it can be used to transport your profile to your mates box instead of a 512 Memory card.
Nice Key ring too.

  Forza 3 LCE - great game, but what about the extras

| | See all desmosome's reviews (1)

I have given a review of the boxed Limited Collectors Edition, as a whole. Firstly, the game itself gets five stars. Outstanding. But, within the limited collectors edition, I received two cards giving codes for joining the VIP club, and the codes could not be redeemed, as there was some sort of error. Turn10 are trying to rectify this, but until they do, I am keeping the rating low, after all, the VIP content was why I bought the game........

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  A nice improvement over FM2

| | See all iang00084's reviews (19)

A very good driving game that should be in anybody's collection of 360 games. The collectors edition pack is well presented and the keyring/USB stick look pretty sturdy and not cheap (I've not taken either of them out the packaging though).

The game itself has some nice touches with the addition of drifting and drag racing. I especially like the storefront as it helps create more of a community feel to the game (just visit the official FM forum to see this). It works well and you can show off your best replays and pictures aswell as making your own tunes, paints and vinyls to sell on. No longer do you need to scour the auction house unless you want to buy full cars.

I just need to get some MS Points now to buy the new car pack that contains the new Nissan Skyline GTR.

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  Same old same old

| | See all SelbyDan's reviews (20)

Pretty much as before, good game a bit to similar to Forza 2, only slightly better, you would have thought they would make it sharper with the time they had to make it.

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  Simply brilliant

| | See all holysmoke's reviews (4)

The best racing game I have ever played and will last for ages as there are so many cars and tweaks a wicked game

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  Same Game different title

| | See all XboxIck's reviews (4)

This Game is not much different to Forza 2

The career mode is boring and you start asking yourself why am I wasting my time doing this, I dont know if this is becuase its so similar to Forza 2 its just fells the same really i dont notice may differeneces (except the career is not as well layed out)

This is a shame as I loved Forza 2 ( I think I totaled well over 100 hours on that )

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  Great game, But why not forza 2?

| | See all RichClio's reviews (21)

I think Forza 2 was amazing, Excellent graphics, hundreds of cars and probably the BEST visual customization ever on a racing game. Forza 3 is basically just an updated forza 2 though, pretty much the same vinyl's and paint. Not many new cars (as far as I can see, just some rubbish American ones) a worse race career in my view (too complicated) and also i find there are less body kits for certain cars. What's that about? Still cant upgrade lights or wing mirrors. The good points on the other hand are; More choice of wheels (inc. chrome and split rims) , Independent wheel sizes (bigger Back than front etc). Tonnes of great new tracks and, the storefront which is excellent. Also another good thing is that you can customise race cars to make ur own vinyls on, Which is pretty good. Althought this is a very good game, I would just get forza 2. It is a lot cheaper, just missing tracks, and some pointless cars. Definitely could have done better with this one.
( This limited edition version is worth payin that little extra for because you get a load of download cars and extra tracks btw)

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  Absolutely Brilliant

| | See all nojnella's reviews (6)

Wow, what a racing game. I was getting bored of all the Grid and Dirt arcade americanisms forcing me to take part in races I have no interest in (trucks!!). Forza 3 is addictive and compelling. The in-car view is sublime, recommended to anyone who loves serious racing (just keep the finger away from the rewind button!)