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Forza Motorsport 3: Limited Edition

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Simply A-mazing

| | See all xxSizzxx's reviews (24)

After playing the demo, my anticipation was raised higher, it was fantastic. It looks good, the cars handle like a dream and there are so many new features. You can upload and download photos, the auction house has been improved and the tracks are wicked. After playing the full game and getting all my bounus cars and tracks with the le, i am really really happy. Awesome game that every 360 owner has to play. Much more than a simulator like shift is. This is so much better. "Its not a simulation , it's an inviation"

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  Simply the Best

| | See all Gerrysboy's reviews (1)

This game has everything that Forza 2 had and then some!!! There are hundreds of cars to drive all rendered in HD detail. You can tune and tweak each car to suit your style and the type of track you are racing on. You can then set up the game difficulty to a level that you are comfortable with - this includes all kinds of driving aids turned on or off and features a manual gearbox option that includes a clutch option or not.
You are awarded driving xp if you play season mode or prefer to race online - as your driving level goes up you are awarded cars which will usually suit the races that you will unlock as you advance in season mode.
The control and sound of the cars are really quite amazing and I really must get back to playing it - instead of writing this review (lol).
The look and feel of the game is a delight - quite simply if you love driving and gaming this is the game for you.

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  Best Racing Game Yet!

| | See all XboxEliteCrew's reviews (13)

Absolutely brilliant demo, have been waiting for months.

Pre-ordered straight away!!

ps. It may only get shipped to UK addresses as the code may only work on the UK's marketplace.As US and UK codes don't work on the other marketplace, so this may not work on European Marketplace.

  i love the demo.. so i ordered the game

| | See all screamyat's reviews (1)

I really love to play the demo.
Wunderfull graphicengine, very nice gameplay.
So I orded this limited edition.. but..
"Important Note! We can only ship this product to United Kingdom addresses. We apologise for any inconvenience. All prices include UK VAT and delivery."

Can anyone tell me why?

  Great Racing Game

| | See all Leonidass's reviews (5)

been a fan of all the others so couldnt wait to try this out. From the demo looks like it will be more amazing then any of the others have been, with better graphics of the cars and back drops. The game play felt great better the NFSshift IMO i know they have done alot more with the tunning side of the game, and the art work people can do to customise your own cars. A real must for the petrol head gamers out there

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  Great Sim - with reservations

| | See all GabethePilot's reviews (3)

I agree with the other guys that is a great looking driving game for the 360 - it really pushes its capabilities to the limit.

The cockpit view is a good addition, if not essential nowadays, but it is a little sterile - little in the way of movement and not much feeling of really being inside a sports car going at 120 mph or more. Also, I don't feel as though I'm actually going 120 mph in the demo cars......maybe it is more realistic......as I've never done 120 mph down a country lane !

So yes, it's a little boring compared to Dirt and Grid...and of course NFS Shift, but, it is more of a sim than those games, which are VERY arcadey...but VERY fast !

So, it's horses for course really. Do you want realism, or high-octane exitement. Personally, I like all of them, except NFS Shift (because it does not allow you to use the sticks for accel/braking).

I will have the best of all worlds.....fast, unrealistic exitement with Grid and Dirt, and a slower-paced, more thoughtful and arguably, skillful, Forza 3.

These games ARE different...arguably not really comparable.

And yes, I too am loking forward to Gran Turismo...it MAY be better....BUT....will we ever get it ? Forza 3 is HERE.....NOW !

The world may end before we ever actually get GT5 ! So, a bird in the hand..........


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  Not the best demo, but

| | See all kevin360uk's reviews (28)

A must have game for any racing/sim gamer! Graphics although not as realistic as GT5/P, they are still top notch for the 360. Engine sounds are reasonable, no real change from Forza 2, same goes for the tyre noise. Cockpit view is a great addition, but hopefully the full version will allow total freedom to look around your cockpit, currently you have to hold up on the R analogue and can only look left/right.
Presentation/user interface looks slick and easy to use. The rewind function is good for those who wish to go back before an error/crash, although i personally feel its defeating the who point of the game.
The price for the LE edition is great for what you are getting! A must have game

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  OK , but not what expected !

| | See all Glyn1994's reviews (3)

Having only played the demo , my hype for this game has dropped , overall i wasn't very impressed . After playing NFS Shift for the last week , this seemed very boring !!.. It does look very polished , graphics are amazing in 60fps but the cockpit views are very dull . If your looking for a fast & decent racer , then i think it's better to head towards SHIFT or Dirt 2 ...
Then again , this is only reviewed from a Demo !

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  A promising masterpiece

| | See all Oshri911's reviews (8)

Having just played the demo for this I can say that this is by far one of the most promising racers on the 360 so far. The graphics are 10/10, the scenery in Montserrat is nothing short of beautiful, and the cars are flawlessly created. Sound effects are solid and never seem out of place. The realism is much higher than in Forza 2 and it takes more to get the cars around the tight hairpin than in last years game. With the addition of realistic tyre wear with handling changes and the option of turning on fuel usage in all game modes make this a definite must-buy for any racing sim fans.

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