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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (120 reviews)"

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  Don't expect much.

| | See all Philozi's reviews (2)

I bought this game quite awhile back for 6.99, as I mentioned don't expect a lot from this game the campaign mode short and not really anything special. The graphics are quite impressive and the game handles well I just think it could of been a lot better if they spent more time on it.

The online multilayer is dead no one plays it, I have managed to play a match and again nothing special the maps are small and the weapons are unbalanced.

  not great

| | See all dave512's reviews (8)

Its prety bad if im honest poor graphics insanley long loading times and the campagin i completed in about 2houurs minus 1 hr loading xD Shame really cause the storyline was acctually quite good
oh well

  Pretty good, but way too short.

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

BlackSite was a pretty decent game wth decent graphics and decent gameplay. This game is so short, It will only take you about 4-5 hours to complete. It is a fun game, with a very good story that is filled with twists and turns. Overall, a decent game. If you're looking for a mind blowing FPS game go with BioShock but if you're looking for a quick and easy game to play, BlackSite is your game.

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  When You Buy Cheap....You Get Cheap.

| | See all BiasOpinion's reviews (11)

Im a sucker for a bargain game, mainly for the cheap Thrill, but this game provided no such Thrill. This Game had the potential to rival other A-Class Shooters, but it was let down by shoddy designing, a story-line full of black-holes and above all else - unimaginative Gameplay; Let Me Explain....

Let's start with Storyline: It appears the developers had the wise idea of using Blacksite as a method to Bash the Iraq War, alot of the dialogue and set-pieces have a certain 'I Hate Bush About It'.

This political story masking, doesn't hide the fact that the story-line is garbage, you get a 20-second brief at the start of Game, and the rest of story is basically your colleagues discussing 'Conspiracy Theories', honestly when i finished the Story i just said 'Huh?!?'

The Gameplay Earned The Extra Star in My Review, Primarily because the M4 Assault Rifle you get looks Cool, its your simple run-around; "If It Shouts - Shoot It, If it Shouts In Alien - Shoot It Again', there is no inquisitive gameplay moments, driving the Humvee is like driving a Shopping Trolley full of Badgers. :)

Now The 'Unborn' Enemies, all of whom seem to have a Chesty Cough; are in my opinion the most useless soldiers in the Gaming World, Worst then Grunts in Halo - They Are Useless. They seem to distaste Cover and prefer to stay in the open looking for some Bullets, it became unchallenging after the first level when you realised that This Is What The game offers - mindless drones, now the 'Aliens' are slightly more challenging mainly cause there more well-armoured and come in waves of 20 at a time in my experience.

Lastly The Levels is where this game has its high points and low points some of the opening levels are great, in american suburbs running through Backyards chasing People, and Iraq Primarily because its a refreshing re-design from the 'Standard War Games' you encounter nowadays.

Now i could talk about the Multiplayer, but i seeing as its non existent, i have better things to do; Like Watching Dave.........

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  Insert H into the name to reveal true title...

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

Blacksite feels like a weak attempt to piece together the best bits from other shooters. It fails miserably. Awful story adds to the awful graphics which is where you expect the gameplay to save it. It doesn't. The online is throwaway, with weak matchmaking and hardly any players. The story is too boring to follow with any real conviction and the generic squad members fell like they were pinched from Epics bins. This is one of the worst games on 360, it's lucky that some of the real chaff out there prevents this from taking the title. Avoid.

  An alright story, poor weapons, and worse gameplay.

| | See all Cerberus990's reviews (1)

Where did it all go wrong? With an interesting storyline this looked like a contender to the PS3 Resistance series. But the story is let down by the characters, poor dialogue, poor level construction and limited weaponry.

The squad control feels jerky and unresponsive, with a limited variety of responses from your teammates which will annoy the hell out of you, coupled with the fact that often your teammates are either less than useless, or a hinderence to you.
Most of the weapons give a sense that there isn't really anything coming out the barrel, and certainly very little hitting the target. And with only 3-4 main weapons throughout the game, there isn't really much choice or way to play using your own style.

With patience the game's story may redeem itself, and there is a good variety of enemies throughout the game. However the game is very monotonous, some sections taking 5 minutes of running, driving, or just sitting around waiting, before any action occurs. There seems to be no real structure to the game except level after level of "Go from here, to here, and kill everything in-between"

With a good opening level it starts off well, but rapidly sinks down to the depths as you face level after level of goons and creatures with limited AI. Apart from the number of shots it takes to kill them, theres no real element of difficulty, just monotony as you constantly cover and wait for a reload to return fire. The ending picks up again with a good final action scene and a nice bit of storyline that the rest of the game lacks.

In my oppinion though, maybe worth a tenner, but better to rent and save yourself from the dissapointment of owning a game that allways looked, and sounded; better than it turned out to be.

  alright i supose

| | See all jackjordan's reviews (7)

its not a bad game, but i must say its a very typical first person shooter, has nothing particularly special about it, story line is bad, but at the same time it isn't exactly great. I'd recommend this game to people who just want something cheap to kill some time, and hell you may even like it more than me.

  Great Bargain

| | See all cookieboy300's reviews (44)

I liked this game there a few reasons why i did not give it five stars one it has a few annoying glitches, two there are not many guns to choose from and finaly the game is short, its well worth a tenna thoughas it is a good old fashioned into the action shooter and it has a good storyline to go with it,would recommened to anyone who like's basic first person shooters.

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  Not bad for a tenner

| | See all b0b753's reviews (5)

I didn't really know about his game until I saw it in the shop I thought I would buy it because its only a tenner. It has a good story line to it but most people don't really care about that. The action is good but you could do with a more wide variety of weapons, I found that I was going through the hole game with the same weapons but it didn't really bother me. Probably could also do without the long drive to Rachel aswell because I found myself driving for about 10 mins with only 1 or 2 stops.

If you've got a tenner and a couple of hours to kill i would advise you buy this.


| | See all mikeb20's reviews (29)

Brilliant game overall. Storyline is brill, graphics and gameplay is thrilling. Shocked with couple of the other reviews on here.. But they are truly wrong. Buy it if you love fps!!! You'll enjoy it!