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Saints Row 2 (Classics)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Amazing Game, Even More Amazing price!!!

| | See all krisjones360's reviews (5)

I know the third is out now but number 2 is the one I'm still more interested in, things are pretty crazy but not hoverbike crazy like number 3! And Co-op is a blast! I had this game years ago but never completed due to never having a co-op partner ( I prefer Co-op but can be done in single player) I love this game :D

  Entertaining but horrible to play

| | See all HitmanN's reviews (9)

Fun story and dialogue, and plenty of activities to do. The main story is worth playing at least. Ok radio stations and music.

Everything else is rubbish. Controls are often irresponsive, sensitivity scaling makes no sense, Framerates crawl to a slideshow at busiest times, vehicles and people disappear to thin air when you're not looking at them (like chasing down a specific type of car to hijack, you look away from it for a split second and it's vanished. This happened to me like 90% of the time in such situations.) Checkpoints in missions are placed non-sensibly, forcing you to replay boring long sections again just to reach the point that actually offers any challenge (like driving through half the city, then facing enemies at a stronghold. If you die at the stronghold, you might need to drive through the city again, even though no enemies or challenges or anything provide any reason why the player needs to replay the driving section again.) Many of the activities' features are poorly explained, some features not at all.

I could go on with the bad sides, but I'll just summarize that this is the worst open world game I've played on the 360, mechanics and controls wise. However, if you can forgive the outrageous and frustrating parts of the gameplay, this game can be fun too. The dialogue is delightfully cheesy, the radio station commercials occasionally funny and so forth. Overall still a disappointment though.

  So good!

| | See all IainMassie's reviews (6)

Recently bought this game and i have got to say it really is a top notch game. Forget about the "realistic" GTA IV when playing this game. Im fed up of hearing about games not being realistic enough! After all, they are just video games! The story line is along the lines of mafia ii, THAT GOOD! BUY BUY BUY!

  Plain fun

| | See all Stathis35's reviews (1)

I have played this game for a while and i could easily discribe it as plain fun for me ,nothing to complex and boring ,just guns ,gangs and mayhem .Strongly recomended .Looking forward for Saints Row :The Third..

  good game...minor mistakes

| | See all MrJiinxx's reviews (3)

The game play is much more entertaining that GTA...although you do get minor glicthes where you can freeze and have to dashboard it.
The game and storyline is excellent...worth buying it you love RPG games

  A guilty pleasure.

| | See all SimianWonder's reviews (15)

Technically SR2 was never going to win any awards. It's certainly competent, but in some aspects it still feels a little like a tarted up Xbox/PS2 game visually.

Not that you'll care about any of that.

SR2 is all about messing about and it gives you all the tools to do just that. It takes itself far less seriously than the likes of GTA4 and is a better game for it. The story is also pretty good, (if a little cliched in some parts) there's a lot of content and the multiplayer modes are equally diverse and entertaining.

While it's definitely not a game for the kids, SR2 remains one of the best sandbox games this generation, a game with its tongue very firmly in its cheek. With SR3 on the horizon, there's never been a better time to surrender to the charms of Saints Row.

  Compared to GTA IV

| | See all oeyvind's reviews (3)

I have been playing through the GTA IV story and a lot of the extra content. I then switched to SR2 and got disappointed, but after playing it a while I really love it. GTA feels a bit more realistic than SR2 and that's just what makes SR2 fun. The game is not in any way trying to be realistic and therefore it's non-stop action with killing vast numbers. The handling of the cars is really arcade, making it much easier to not destroy your vehicles compared to GTA IV.

Some noteworthy stuff that's not GTA IV:
- SR2 saves your cars (up to 160) if you start a misson or just leave it. You can also customize/style every car, even Police cars.
- Customize your character totally, and change it during gameplay if wanted (also with clothes, bling in every colour you want)
- Great Co-op feature if you like playing with a friend.

Great value and a no brainer if you like sandbox games like this.


| | See all rivaldo27's reviews (6)

Great game! Don't think this is GTA because it is so much different. It's just as good as GTA but more fun and not too serous. Only just got it and can't wait to play again. Gamplay good,graphics ok and crazy story in a city called stillwater. Pure genius! Buy this game and then wait for saints row 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Awesome game

| | See all MaximumMaiden's reviews (43)

This is infinitely more fun on single-player than GTA. The missions are fun and more varied, the customisation options are vast (cars, clothes, appearance, cribs etc), and the weapons are great fun to use. Different vehicles such as cars, bikes, helicopters, planes, buses, trucks and boats are available, although only the driving vehicles can be customised.

Appearance options are superb, with socks, shoes, trousers, belts, undershirts, overshirts, coats, gloves, necklaces, wrist options, hats and eyewear. Astronaut anyone?!

The real magic of this game does not lie in the multiplayer, in fact it is quite a weak multiplayer when compared to GTA4. The magic of this game is that anything you do in the single-player can also be done in co-op mode. For example, if you have to steal cars on a list, you can drive to one end of the city to find the vehicle while your friend drives to the opposite end of the city to find a different vehicle! All of the missions can be completed alone or in co-op.

You can also buy music tracks and customer playlists. You can use the mobile phone to call in ambulances or even have one of your customised vehicles delivered to you by one of your gang members.

There really are too many things to talk about, the vast array of options is incredible. The downsides are that the graphics are not as good as GTA (although they are still good, just a bit more cartoony) and the multiplayer does not entertain for long. Without a doubt, worth buying if you like the older GTA games like San Andreas.

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  I Love This Game

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

This game is just crazily awesome, i love it. I love GTA IV but i'm afraid i gotta like this better, the graphics aren't as good, but the storyline is just as good, the missions are fun, great activitys, like spraying houses with maneoure (spelling) to decrease the value of the neighbourhood, and just things like been able to spray walls with your tags around the neighbourhood. I also love the music shops, you can buy single track records for $20 which you can then listen to in your car, and theres some pretty good music on there aswel, Hands up by Lloyd banks, final countdown, some Kelis music, this really is a superb game. I just wish i had have bought it much earlier. Must have.