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Gears Of War 2: The Complete Collection (Classics)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Great campaign and fun multiplayer

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I am aware that it's not really necessary for me to write this review, as this game is rather old and already has been reviewed by pretty much every single major gaming website there is right now. But I'm bored, and I really enjoyed this game, and I feel like writing out a review.

So, Gears of War 2 is a pretty amazing little game. Whether or not you liked the first game in the series, I'd highly suggest picking this one up. I loved Gears of War, and it was one of the first games I played on an Xbox 360 way back. The story was very well written, I loved how badass everyone were, even though I find it a bit stupid att imes, a bit cliche if you want.

The story pretty much picks up where the last one ended, some time along. Once again you will have to fight the disgusting monsters lurking below, and you'll have to go underground and take on beasts a hundred times your size. The combat system is highly similar to that of the original, with some minor improvements with regards to reaction. Of course, the game is linear, though there are some parts where you can pick from two different paths. It doesn't matter which one you pick as you'll end up in the same spot, and I can almost guarantee you'll play this game twice, so you'll be able to get all the content.

The multiplayer is really fun. Though it's tough to play online for a noobie like me, I think it's absolutely awesome to play with a couple of my buddies. I still get crushed and destroyed, but like most other shooter games, be it 3rd person or 1st person, it just is a lot more fun when y ou can smack talk your buddies. There's a variety of different game modes and the lobbies are highly customizable, so you can really do whatever you want when you play with a couple of buddies.

My only complaint is that the matchmaking system online will place you against people on an entirely different skill level more often than not, and you'll often get crushed or simply destroy the opposing team. The campaign, though amazing and great fun, cuold definitely be longer.

  The GREATEST game of all time (Well... so far)

| | See all popey888's reviews (2)

Firstly the game has a fantastic campaign which can be played single player, local 2 player split screen co-op or online 2 player co-op. There are 4 diffficulty levels available to choose, from casual for beginners, up to Insane for the more experienced and you can select these individually which is great for 2 gamers of different skill levels. With a gripping storyline and excellent characters, the campaign will keep you engaged for hours! Apart from that you have the online multi-player mode which can also be played local split-screen by 2 people (even if the 2nd player doesn't have a Xbox live Gold account!). There are plenty of different games to choose from with plenty of different maps aswell.
All in all the game is outstanding and there is LOADS of reply value with the online side of things.
With this "Game Of The Year Edition" having the extra campaign level and 3 extra map packs already included, this is well worth it if you can get it for a decent price to save paying extra to download these online Xbox live.

  Doesn't get any better than this.

| | See all dustyq's reviews (14)

Xtra campaign level can be played twice for 2 good achievements.Maps bring Horde bang up to date with new content and favourites from the first game.Still loads of people playing this online and plenty newbs like me (lvl 27) lol.not mad about the multiplayer however you rank up playing horde which is even better with friends and randoms alike.

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  Great Game, Bad GOTY Package

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This game has been reviewed countless times before so i will not bore you with the details of the game, this review is for the GOTY package and in all honesty its just plain bad.

This GOTY does indeed include all the map packs and the extra campaign chapter thats on the xbox live marketplace, however the content comes in the form of a code on a piece of card that you scratch off and imput on xbox live, other GOTY editions out there like the new Fable 2 one, the previous Oblivion GOTY and the upcoming Fallout 3 GOTY were smart enough to include the content on the main game disc or on a second disc so you can use it again and again, this game does no such thing so basically once you have used the code it ceases to be a GOTY editon of Gears 2.

In closing, the game is great but is letdown by a sub-par GOTY edition that other games do so much better.

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