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Race Driver: Grid (Classics)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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| | See all harrisonh's reviews (2)

the 3rd game i ever bought for my xbox and it has been amazing to play through and have all achievements for it. SIMPLY AMAZING DRIVING GAME FOR ITS TIME


| | See all zacsmith's reviews (12)

in my opinion the best racing game ive played for playablility, brilliant online game a must for 10 quid!!

  The definition of fun...

| | See all TheRys4's reviews (12)

This game is fun as simple as. I had Forza 3 and loved that until races were heading for the 30 mins mark and i just got bored i'd start a race and b e bored half way through...and with a racing game thats just not acceptable...so i went out for grid after hearing great stuff by it and wow i was impressed.

Visually i compared this game to forza and at the very least i believe it to be on par if not slightly better.

The sound is of course amazing with the purr of then engine at the start of the race to the revving and roaring of a mid race engine. It's just fantastic.

I kept this review short and snappy and the one word that describes this is fun. Where as Forza is serious and goes by the book - so to speak - Grid just comes straight out, reads the title and thinks "**** that" and rips out up. It's just like that.

In short if you want a racing sim look o Forza, if you want fun and true epic moments Grid is the game.



| | See all Hedgy77's reviews (7)

I bought this game after a mate kept banging on about it and im so glad i did. after hammering forza 3 and need for speed shift(best racing game out there in my opinion!) i wanted something else and i got it! the handling is so much more sensitive and the fact you dont get a race line puts your driving skill to the test especially on pro mode with no flashbacks! good game overall very addictive worth a punt at 10 quid

  WOW !!! I was so suprised its this good for just £9.99

| | See all hancey's reviews (5)

One of the best games ever made. I love the physics, graphics and the flashback feature.
Hours and hours of fun to be had with a large variety of race types and cars.
Great customisable colour scheme on all cars.
Amazing online with up to 12 players.


| | See all gixxer's reviews (24)

I first thought i had made a mistake buying this game as i found it had such a different feel to other top racers like pgr and forza but grid is an absolute giveaway at this price. The graphics are brilliant, the handling is excellent (once you get used to it you will apreciate what a good ballance of arcade and sim it is.)
I set this game to extreme from the word go and found the developers have really thought about getting the difficulty and rewarding feeling just perfect.
Drifting is also huge amounts of fun, once you get used to the throttle response you can get huge combo's.
Flashbacks are a suprisingly welcome addition to racing, you will be suprised how often you use it in this game and how glad you are it's there! ( forza 3 has copied this idea, which shows you what a good idea it is.)
This is also one of the first games where i am close to getting all achievments online and off, normally i can't be bothered to repeat certain parts of a game in order to obtain these but this is just so much fun to play i actually enjoyed completing the tasks.
Codemasters are an absolute 1st class developer and you can be confident a huge amount of effort has gone into this game.
The damage is also the best in any racing game ever and you get to watch crashes etc in slow motion....forwards or in reverse you are in controll of playbacks.
Please give this game a chance and invest a good few hours into it. I'd be shocked if you were dissapointed.

  A great allround gaming experience

| | See all PaulvFinch's reviews (9)

If like me you long for a replacement for the Grand Tirismo games you enjoyed as a child, then this (as far as the Xbox is concerned) is the answer.

The format of the game is excellent and fun, graphics are stunning and the game play is challenging and fun.

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  You must have it in your collection

| | See all Shukamera's reviews (2)

This is a GREAT game .... it means, we enjoy playing it, which is the most important. The gameplay is good ... between simulation and arcade. Graphics are just ... superb. I have several games of this style ... this one is maybe the best. Online you'll find a lot of people, even if it's often a lil violent with jerks only trying to hit you, it's still a great experience .... as for the career mode, long and immerssive as you can create your team, logo and find a lot of different types of games like ( drift, stockcar etc etc ) .... The interface is amazing too ... you can buy it without a second of hesitation.


| | See all cookieboy300's reviews (44)

This is what pro street was trying to be but got nowhere near, the graphics of this game are great, the crashes are amazing and the game is not to serious but challenging at the same time that makes it the perfect racing game, lots of trophies to win big selection of cars, they could have done more designs to put on your car or made it like carbon where you can completly do a design your self apart from that this game is great.