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Fable III

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (56 reviews)"

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  Nice -if shallow- budget game

| | See all EukalyptusNow's reviews (4)

Fable 3 feels even more dumbed-down than fable 2 at some times.

The social system is even more simple and ridiculous. You can just choose from one default good, bad and terrifying social action each. This looks more than a bit ..um... gay when the only action available to present a guard is DANCE - with a male character who wants to improve relations to a male guard.

Combat is chaotic but fun, the athmosphere is great and a little bit steam-punky, and the single-console two player co-op is very nice.

A good game for a tenner. I would have been annoyed if I had spent 30 or more Euros on it.

  fable 3

| | See all baronvonsmitchman's reviews (2)

Game is extremely dull
the vieriety of spells is limited compared to first game
combat is repedative same old same old
for 3 rd person game better off buying assassins creed
for RPG game better of buying elder scrolls games

  You get out what you put in to it

| | See all ImpulseBuyer1's reviews (1)

I think it is a very, very good and clever game. Its certainly one of them that you can really get involved with, and the more you do so, the more you get out of it.

Sure, you could complete it in 6 hours, but I'd guess that just going through the main storyline and nothing much more. There are so many little side missions, so much humour, its fantastic.

In terms of how good or evil you are, there's ample opportunity to do evil missions. Also, the level at which you personally interact with all of the people will heavily determine this - not just charging the highest rent and bumping a few people off in the missions, you really need to do all of the personal interactions.

If you're looking for a fun, less intense RPG that you can get a good 50 hours or more out of, then buy it, and put the full effort in to it.

If you're only going to bez through the main story and then rate it negatively because its not that good - then you deserve to be disappointed. These games are fantastic because it makes you put the effort in. I want a long game that last me for weekends on end, and then i'll get distracted by another game for a few weeks, and then go back to it a few months later to finish it off.

You get out of this game the effort that you put in to it. Its not all handed on a plate for you

Excellent game

There's also a really good twist at 'the end' of the game which I certainly wasnt expecting.


| | See all Techkit's reviews (6)

This is the worst game i have ever played through the whole game you are bored out of your mind and it only takes 3-4 hrs to complete do not buy this even at 1p you will be wasting that money.

  Was that it?

| | See all HartlandGames's reviews (38)

Ok I'll make this simple.
Good points - Swords change to suit your evilness or goodness, also you get good or evil wings. Graphics arn't bad and you can upgrade your dog to a five star one by spending only 80 ms points. Also online mode isnt all on one screen. Dyeable outfits and more of them then fable 2.

Bad points..(Many): Main storyline is WAY too short, I completed it within 11 hours. The holding hands thing is too overrated and boring. Interacting and digging is slower. There is NO ITEM MENU?! WHAT KIND OF RPG HAS NO ITEM MENU? Online requires you to have you to have same dlc as your friend, which means alot of people cant play unless they are forced to buy DLC their friend has. When you choose the fate of albion you either dont have enough cash left, or make the place look horrible. 2/5 dont pay much for this, felt like DLC for fable 2.

  Repetitive and unimaginative

| | See all IPainful's reviews (1)

Not much has changed from Fable 2
The navigation system is awful and at times you end up lost and at times you rely entirely on it.
People are dull and mostly the same, the relationship system is repetitive, the combat system is repetitive.
The Key buying features of the Fable series are that you can be evil or good and that this doesn't affect the game, however at the end of this game one side is so much better off.
The other is that you can play on after the storyline ends. I will not be playing on.
Otherwise this game is alright and will keep you occupied while you explore all the features. Not bad but very sloppy.
I would recommend that you buy the first two and play them fully and stay away from this one, even if its just over a tenner.

  Fable 2

| | See all alm1989's reviews (4)

This game has better graphic detail than the 2nd but the gameplay, quest and extras on fable 2 make it one of the best games ive played, such a huge fable fan, felt let down by the 3rd game feels like a quest off the 2nd one insted of an actual game.


| | See all technojinx's reviews (2)

Five minutes in, and I was completely addicted to it. Awesome game, should be played by anyone who likes RPG and being in control of everything.

  Great game

| | See all josephw's reviews (6)

okay, first let me just say almost everybody says this games too similar to fable 2. Well yeah i suppose they're pretty similar but what do you expect an entirly new game (it's the same trilogy for goodness sake!) if it started with people i didnt know I wouldnt buy it. So the game, well pretty gd you didnt have the same amount of expressions but i wouldnt let that put you off. Its still really good and realistic, gd combat and graphics. A really good game (you should get fable 2 first though.) buy it!

  Just get Fable 2 instead...

| | See all burnzi2's reviews (4)

Fable 2 is superior to this game in almost every way. The story is more engaging and allows you to shape the game more. The customisation in terms of weaponry, hair and clothes is more fun, and i prefer the graphics also. Further more, the lip syncing is much better, and graphics and the envirnoments are better. All around, i see no reason to buy this game, rent it, and buy fable 2.