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Grand Theft Auto 4 (Classics)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Good game, good price

| | See all LordReserei01's reviews (5)

What can I say?

I've had this game for PC, for some time and my little brother got a Xbox 360 for Christmas which he was over the moon with but wanted this game for his 360 and he hasn't been off of it since.

It isn't the best game of the franchise, I'd still put San Andreas as my #1 but it's definitely a good game. For the price, you won't regret it.


| | See all Tanker2's reviews (2)

One of the worse GTA games yet.... story is too long and to boring! nothing really " exciting " happens so there is nothing to keep you playing... and why spend all that money on San Andreas to perfect the whole " flying " aspect of the game if your just going to leave it out of the next one completely???? i just don't get it and therefor i would not recommend this game

  gta iv- what to expect

| | See all Edonn14's reviews (6)

well youve come to the point in your life when you buy gta 4. the first thing i have to say is that the multilayer is great you and youre friends running around smashing into everything is rather entertaining, the campaign is a decent length and will keep you going for a while. the online consists of game types like free mode, party mode, team deathmatch. and many more! there are some nice easter eggs lying around so have fun finding exploring and blowing up your friends!!

  verry good game, with a few drawbacks

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

i love this game the characters are great and the end is brill but the checkpoints in this game suck, this wouldnt matter so much but when you die you have to go half way accross the huge map. the game also has a lot of swering in it, most of the swering isnt even needed.

great game only dont play it infront of your parents kids.

  What a fantastic game!

| | See all musicnipo's reviews (2)

This game is fantastic!

The storyline is fantastic and lengthy giving hours of entertainment. Even though the story isn't as good as san andreas, it is still extremely good.

Multiplayer is fantastic giving you many choices on how to play with others.

The only downside to this game is lack of character customization, you cant change your hair or body like you can do in san andreas. But its still worth a 5/5

Basically the story in fantastic, the free roam is fantastic and multiplayer is fantastic.


| | See all DEEVOScranium's reviews (52)

Personally i thought San Andreas was better than this as the vehicles were easier too handle and the scenery(not graphics) was better,multiplayer is pretty good though and is worth buying just for that.
Just strip away the great graphics and you are left with a graphically tweaked update of GTA3,rockster need to have something very special planned for the next GTA,they should take a look at JUST CAUSE 2 as the map is MASSIVE and about 5 times the size of Liberty city.

  Grand Theft Awesome

| | See all jakeysnakey's reviews (13)

This game is just amazing. It has plenty of side missions to keep you busy, but the storyline isn`t fantastic in my opinion but the missions keep the game good. The online is great too, and party mode is funny when you are with your mates. For the money, the value is unbeliveable! Get this game.

  Totally Epicly Awesome

| | See all unicornman's reviews (1)

This game has completely changed the way at games, because the games physics are really good i have realised how bad the rest of the games are in that area. Also the story of the game is absolutely incredible, the way that rockstar has made you actually care about the characters in a game is just awesome (which is extremely rare). And the way the city changes from day to night or night to day looks amazing as your helicoptering across the sky, the side missions on the other hand get abit annoying because you keep searching and searching and you can never find any of them. Overall i think it is amazing is definetely worth however they're selling it for when you read this so buy as soon as you can!


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

This game is absolutly amazing, no wonder it's a best seller!

It just awesome in every way, i can't explain it!

Get it if you want to be amazed and want something new to play!

  One of my favourites

| | See all OzzOfBorn's reviews (5)

Awesome game play and shooting engine, driving is really good (However you always use taxis as driving between missions takes too long), great storyline, quite a long game with a lot to do in it. Loved this game. The only downside I can think of is that the free aiming can be dodgy sometimes.

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