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Turtle Beach Wireless Headset Ear Force X31

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Customer Reviews

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  Almost unusable. Constant Crackling. DO NOT BUY.

| | See all TheWaggle's reviews (1)

Relatively easy to set up, but there is constant crackling/interference that comes through the headphones. I have tried sitting different distances away from the receiver with little or no change. Crackling sound remains the same volume regardless how much the headset is turned up/down. Replaced batteries with a variety of brand new ones with no effect on crackling.

After around an hour of gameplay, the crackling becomes headache-inducing. Games become almost unplayable, with more crackling sounds than game audio. Do not buy this headset.

  Great Headset with a couple minor issues

| | See all benat43's reviews (1)

For the price i payed this is a great headset. Sound is great and they are comfortable over a long period of time. I do have a couple of issues with them. They go through batteries very quickly so I would recommend getting some rechargeable batteries as well. Also, people I play with tell me that they can hear allot of echo coming from them. I cant hear it but if you play with the same people regularly then they may get a bit annoyed after a while.

  RCA Doesn't work when using HDMI (Sony Bravia)

| | See all AudiA5Dude's reviews (1)

I thought the build quality was good, did the intial setup & found my sony TV has lots of RCA audio outputs but the transmittter didn't get a signal, I got round the issue by using a 3.5mm double ended stereo jack from the TV headphone socket into the transmitter. The sound is very clear. I gave 4 stars for 2 reasons, 1] cable for the mic from the earcup to the controller & 2] should have supplied a secondary cable 3.5mm stereo cable.


| | See all KaiserOrion's reviews (1)

these are increadible for anyone who thinks sound enhances gameplay. you can hear every little sound in solo or multiplayer, the one problem is if your buying them so you can turn the tv sound off and play quietly the headset gives out sound if you turn it up, so other people around you can hear it also (especially gunshots). so if you want a sneaky gaming session at 2 in the morning without your parents knowing it might not work. but you have to have it pretty loud in your ear for that. otherwize absolutly amazing a must buy for anyone with hearing problems as it can be very loud.

  Truly Amazing

| | See all lewismckinley's reviews (1)

Got these a couple of days ago and all I can say is that they are fantastic. If you play COD these are a must, you can hear the direction of gun fire, footsteps and reloads giving you a huge advantage over other players. I had heard that if you use wireless internet that this would cause interference, this has not been the case with mine, the receiver is about a foot away and works perfectly. The only problem I had was using the HDMI cable, just make sure you buy the RCA audio adapter and you will have no problems.

  superb, and no wires....

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

Game sound effects directly into your ears is superb, you really can here things you can't through your TV sound system. Can't say how it performs agianst surrond sound systems. But in the COD series you here foot steps earlier, clearer and with left or right direction. This does help with multiplayer games.

Dead Space or Allan Wake with the lights turned off and head ohones on with sound up high, I guarentee the hairs on your neck will stand up. Sound makes the difference to the atmosphere of the game.

Voice control again is excellent. Talk to your mates, turn up thier volume independantly or better still turn off the idiots and concentrate on the game play.

Can plug directly into you TV (slight hiss can be heard, think it's my TV) you can here your TV, video, cd, blueray etc that is plugged into the TV.

The wireless is excellent, I sit between 6 and 10 feet away and move around and they work without and issue.

I now have in my house 2 pairs, one for my son (x11's) and now I personally have x31's.

Gamer? Buy a pair....

  These Are Great But..

| | See all zancrode's reviews (1)

These are a great headset a must have for xbox players. There is just one problem is batteries they go threw them so fast :(

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| | See all yorkshire40's reviews (5)

I bought these to upgrade from the X1 and i have not been disappointed,these headphones are superb!!.The sound quality is excellcent,the headphones are light and very comfortable.The major fact for me was the absence of the "cables" that came with the X1,wireless is superb!!.The fact that 2 pencil batteries are needed is a minor concern but for sound,convenicence and just sheer quality these i highly recommend!!.Best thing is if you have the chat pad for your controller you can connect your headphones to it,where you could not with the X1s.They are simple to set up and are a total joy to have.
Whats all so impressive for me it that you can connect them to a PS3 as well as a XBOX and you get fantastic sound quality,all though the mircophone seems "not to respond",but if you just to game on your own they are brilliant:).If you can strech to the price which is very reasonable for a great piece of kit,get them do not bother with the X1 and just get these!! sheer excellcence in design and thought,for XBOX/PS3 gaming these are superb!!.For the battries just get 2 rechargable pencil batteries,they last about 25 hours,brilliant!! brilliant!! brilliant!!.On-line chat as well is supeb!! you will find its other players have the problem now who still use the old mircosoft headset.
I bought mine through PLAY.com and received them within 2 days,set them up in 2 mins and was away!!.Thank you Turtle beach for giving us gamers something acutally worth paying for!! money very well spent!!.Also they feel and look "quality" and "sturdy" rather than some that are cheap and flimsy.Go on treat yourself!!.

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  very good

| | See all jayjay088's reviews (7)

very good product, was abit hard to setup but like anything else, very good sound, ;) worth the money

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| | See all andarah's reviews (1)

Sound is amazing. Easy to set up takes 2 - 3 mins. Used on games - music & watching TV. Very good design, only 1 small thing. your ears do get a bit warm when wearing them for a long time!! However worth EVERY PENNY. Guess if you cam afford the next model up will be even better, hard to imagine that tho.