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Skate 3

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Love it!

| | See all Stan75's reviews (9)

Really big fan of skate, and this is definately the best in the series! There are no limits to what you do, such a fun game!

  Better than 1st and 2nd!

| | See all MaidenPhanTom's reviews (11)

After playing skate 1 and 2 and being addicted I could not wait for this to come out. I have loved every single second of playing this game. The controls are easy and you can understand them. If you liked skate 1 and 2 then you will love this and if you did'nt the dont waste your money. And if you havent tried any other skate game...have a go, you might like it!

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  Good game but quite short

| | See all jaaames95's reviews (21)

This game looks great the surroundings are really great and there is miles of virtual world to skate around in. First thing I noticed were the controls, they are different from other skateboarding games such as tony hamk games. The controls are great slick and each move flows from one to the other . There is a lot of satisfaction with the controls once you get the hang of the controls its great. However this game is quite short and at times repetative. One great feature on this game is the hall of meat challenges where you have to jump of buildings and preform aerial moves before plumeting into the ground great fun and addictive. Overall I would recommend that anyone should buy this game but be aware when you buy it that this game is quite short.

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| | See all AllyM89's reviews (1)

i dont know how long ago this epic game was relesed but i keep goin back to it becaus ADDICTIVE if you Skate Snowboard or Surf buy this it is a mega bargin at this price am quite gutted i didnt wait till it was cheap but not bothered about it!!!!


| | See all Palace1fan's reviews (13)

well... after falling in love with skate 2.. when i heard this was coming out i was so excited! but... then my xbox broke haha.. finally got it fixed and got this straight away! and at first.... it was amazing!
then i realised.. it is quite short... which is quite disapointing! and the freeskate is ok.. but nowhere near the level of skate 2. in terms of career and replayability.. this is a step down from skate 2.
but the create a park is awesome!! good way to pass time! and... you really can create anything.. the level of detail on the create a park is awesome! but.. its just a shame about the career... still worth the money though!

  Good game

| | See all LiamH11's reviews (2)

I've never played a skate game until Skate 3. i thought it was a silly game which took minimal skill, i was wrong its a great game and its really challenging. i really do love this game. its not like Skate 2 (which i bougt after skate 3) it is much brighter and light hearted and much easier to control. all you have to do is complete a series of challenges which range from grinding roftops to jumping of buildings to break your bones, great fun. the online is great in freeskate with your freinds or when your mashing the stick to do a variety of moves you didnt even know were in the game just to beat a 15 year old who can get 2000 points of a small bench.

Its great fun but certain bits do get tedious and the online does seem to crash quite often. also instead of the 1 big island of skate 2 Skate 3 has 3 smaller islands which means you can cruise for long before you get stopped by nature (Dam nature)

This game is a must buy, its great fun and theres plenty of hours of playtime. if you want to complete every challenge get ready to bite some nails because some of the requirements will drive you crazy. when you do them though you are so thankful for the fluke :)

  good game

| | See all rubbleuk's reviews (3)

i gave it a 4 star because its a great game but could be longer it took me no time at all to complete i was just glad the online is good e.g sharing your made skate parks and making up teams with freinds. so single player too short but online and free roam makes up for it

  A backwards step?

| | See all PublicDisturbance's reviews (33)

I did enjoy Skate 3 but there's a lot of things I felt were slightly off with this game. First off well I completed it in an evening on hardcore mode. It took an hour to get used to not having the subtle help of being moved onto ledged for grinds and not getting as much air from your tricks but this was somethign I preferred, it made me realize how much Skate was like tony hawks in that it really does help you alot in lining up grinds automatically.

The new camera guy following you around is somehow more annoying than the guy in Skate 2. Maybe it's because I just am not a fan of the US male accent (do they ever reach puberty?)

Bails...now when its done slowly I like how you can control his stumbling movement, but as soon as you build momentum i.e. for hall of meat challenges it makes it too easy I feel compared to Skate 2. You get too much momentum and the bails just end up being ridiculous, for instance hold forwards and keep rolling and rolling at high speed, then yank the analogue backwards and you take off...I mean come on, physics people?

The soundtrack is more hideous than the previous one, a few choice tracks which floated my boat, the track change feature is good but I still could only stomach it for an hour before switching back to my music on my Xbox HDD.

The graphics are the same, infact I see more tearing and glitchyness in this game than Skate 2, especially in terms of the park editor.

The park editor itself is very similar to THPS and was the selling point for me for this game, but it's not enough.

But the big issue, where is split screen multiplayer? Because I think there is NONE. My net connection makes Live unplayable thus this might be a biased review, however all in all I still prefer skate 2.


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  No BlackBox Park with Pre Order

| | See all DaGooN's reviews (1)

the game in itself is great, there is some patch comming soon to fix all the stuff that is wrong with it, oh and there is alot wrong with it online. other then that the game is really good. for me OG is the best skate of the series. but skate 3 is really close to OG (Skate 1) then skate 2 was ever! but i do feel they are taking the wrong route in the series, the Route of the Tony Hawk series with its Oversized map/objects. anyway w/e the game is still good.