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Xbox 360 Elite Console with 120GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Hotrod's reviews (24)

This is the best 360 I've had upto now, the white one I had 4 times in 2 years, this one I've had now for 1 year and I've hammered mine some days running 10hrs or more and it's never crashed etc touch wood. Mine is the 120GB model but didn't use the hdmi cable it came with I fitted a ixos hdmi instead as the picture on my 40" sony was much sharper and it looked better than the 360 one.

  Its The Best But....

| | See all ConnorC's reviews (10)

don't get me wrong this is the best console out there.
but I would make sure that your getting one the new shipments otherwise it will fry its own brains
they have fixed this now but if you get one that's from 2008 or below it has a big chance of getting broken with in a short amount of time

  reliability is important microsoft.

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

im giving xbox 360 4 stars which covers elites,standards,arcades & all the rest.
software is really good for xbox 360,it has plenty of games most run well on xbox live with the exception of ea server run games which i dont rate online at all.
im not keen on paying 40 a year either for the privelege even though when its running good,live is cool.
i like the controller,its my favorite controller of this current generation and one of my favorites ever but what stops me giving it a 5 is the main hardware which is pretty bulky looking with its hideous oversized power supply,most consoles are pretty loud and sound ill most of the time lol & most of all RRODs etc etc and high return rate will never be forgiven in my books.
im on xbox no.4 since it launched which is truly unacceptable.

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  Just go for it!

| | See all bawbaguz's reviews (1)

The Xbox 360 is a smashing console.
Ridiculously good value for money and no matter what anyone says, xbox live is fantastic and well worth the mere 39.99 a YEAR!
Many people say they break down a lot etc which just isn't the case, mine has broken down once in three years, and I had it returned for repair and sent back to me in a matter of 4 days which is nothing. If you're thinking about buying this console, DO IT, you won't regret it :) It's a remarkably good purchase, no wait - INVESTMENT!

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  The best console but it WILL go wrong.

| | See all mjalls's reviews (33)

I was an avvid Sega fan, then turned Playstation fan after Sega stopped producing consoles. I saved up some money in late 2007 and it was a quick decider between PS3 and 360. It turned out that Xbox was the wise decision due to the fact that PS3 was about 100 more expensive and that EVERYONE had an Xbox.

Elite was perfect as it was the first (and only at the time) 360 console to feature HDMI connection, so a simple 1 cable connection to my TV.. Also, I had heard that the cooling system had been improved so no more Red Lights of DEATH!. Also, the Elite is no more or less noisey than the other Xbox consoles. They are all pretty noisey, with harsh fans and a very clunky sounding CD drive, but that isn't too much of an issue.

All was good for about 2 years. My Xbox was laying dorment for 2 months or so due to me making the mistake of starting World of Warcraft again but I soon quit that and in January 2010, I purchased a new headset to replace the original that I'd stepped on and also purchased 3 months of Xbox live.

Then, literally the next day, my Xbox graphics started breaking up and upon restarting my console, I just get 'display mode not compatible' or 'no input detected' messages from my TV and the screen stays blank. My Xbox still signs me into live but I get no response from the graphics side of things.

After researchng for a while and phoning Microsoft, I found out that it is a GPU error. The graphics card had basically fried itself and because the console had NO Red Lights of Death, Microsoft DO NOT provide a free repair or replacement.

So be warned. It's a mint console and definately the better choice in the PS3 competition but you will not own the Xbox for more than 2 years before it will die on you. I have so many friends who had the same problem too.

Microsoft cover your console for free replacement up to 1 year. Then they have a 3 year guarantee that covers the console against red lights of death. If you console dies of anything other than red lights though, then they want 84 to have a look at it and will send your console back unrepaired if they can't fix it.

It's a bit of a con in that sense because after paying out 30 for headset+live, I'm left with nothing and as i'm a Uni Student I can't afford the to have the console repaired either.

So be warned. Save some money aside incase it does break down outside of the warranty period.

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| | See all gameseller234's reviews (1)

i must of had my elite for 3 months now and i think its amazing, i love the hd graphics, the contollers, xbox live and especially the huge variety of games. but everyone cant stop thinking that when they get round to buying one it will get the rrod, but can i just say this as a little tip, do not stand it on carpet otherwise air will not be able to circulate well and it will over heat, i put mine on a hard back book and it shows no sign of getting to hot (and i do play on it a lot aswell). also they have a loose disc tray so when the disc is in and running,do not lift it up or tilt the console because there is a high chance that you will get a big circular gash right around the disc, i had to find that out the hard way. so anyway i gave it five stars because when it is treated properly and is not one that is built improperly i think it is the best console out there! thankyou very much, hope i helped.

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  Not worth it!

| | See all Baggy87's reviews (1)

Basicly im abit of a gamer geek who loves XBOX 360. To be honest the Elite is louder than your standard Xbox 360 only slightly but if you live with your parents they will notice! Also more prone to go wrong as i have figured out with my 2 previous Elites. i am now looking for a standard Xbox 360 with HDMI ports as i feel more safe with the standard Xbox 360.

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  Great Console

| | See all Visall's reviews (10)

Got a Xbox 360 for Christmas, and I'm loving it. Been majorly playing Assassin's Creed II, and the graphics capabilities of the Xbox 360 is awesome. If your deciding to buy a Xbox 360, let me just point out some things that could help you come to a decision.

- The Xbox 360 is up to standards price wise as the Wii (10-30 quid?) and has a lot of great exclusive games (Halo, Gears of War, Fable etc) to play.
- Looks appealing.
- Has a pretty large hard drive for saving progresses in games.
- This console has the new Jasper chipset, which is said to lessen the chances of getting RRoD. Plus, it's in dark black.

Some bad points here, that I personally think is holding down this package's potential:

- No HDMI cables supplied to play in HD, despite previously having it in older packages.
- Still a possibility of RRoD, even with Jasper chipset and still makes a rather large noise.
- Need to buy a charge set for controllers, or change batteries when the power is dead, rather than supplying a USB lead or something to do so.
- Disc tray problems are still unfixed, so it could scratch your disc or just not open properly. Think laser!

Some key points, but hey still 4/5 because it's overall a great console, good price for gaining loads more than expected, and using the extra money to just buy the essential accessories not included.

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  Amazing. Just a bit of friendly advice though.

| | See all thedarkknight666's reviews (25)

I own both PS3 and Xbox 360, and lets get this straight. I love them both. But this review is for the 360 not the PS3. I love this machine, the way everything is setup and the service. I've just got to mention a few things to buyers though that should help you.
I've only had this console a week so its one of the newer models, so the power brick is smaller so hopefully this should help prevent rrod, or better yet stop it altogether. But i'm a bit of a skeptic about certain things, so what i've done with mine is saved my games to my hard drive. Being a 120gb its possible to do this, then just delete games you dont play anymore to make more room if you need it. The reason i do this, is because the machine runs a lot quieter, and a lot cooler. I played modern warfare 2 the other day for about 4 hours straight, and the disc came out as cool as it was when i inserted it 4 hours before. So doing this, plus the smaller power brick should make the 360 last a long long time. If rrod still happens, then microsoft really have to sort that.
Now another point you should know is, when i opened the box, it came with the power lead obviously, but it only supplied me with the standard av cables (red, white and yellow) no component cables at all. Now luckily i had this lead from my old 360 console so i'm using that, but had i not of had that, i'd have been really annoyed. So thats just a heads up to those of you out there who maybe purchasing their very first xbox 360 console and will be wanting it in HD. Well you will need to buy the component lead separately. The xbox consoles last year and years before it used to supply this lead, why they don't anymore i do not know. So hope this helps any of you out there thinking of buying an xbox.
I'll just close buy saying one thing, i don't agree with the whole console war nonsense. They are all great in their own way. As i own both an xbox and a ps3 i will say this. Ok xbox live is 40 pound a year, but its a lot better. The playstation network is very good don't get me wrong but it seems that only ps3 exclusive games work really well online ie no lag, and headset doesn't cut out while talking. But games that you can get for both consoles, work so much better on xbox live.
So there you go. Hope this review has helped any of you out.

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  Second 360

| | See all Kurupt39's reviews (1)

I initially had an xbox core system back in November 2005. Bought as soon as they launched in anticipation of the up and coming Halo 3. Being a die hard Halo 1 and 2 fan on the xbox after seeing the power and graphics the xbox had over the playstation 2 I was hooked and in wait for the new and improved 360.

Unfortuanatly I was one of the poor souls to experience the ring of fire and was unable to replace my xbox as it was two years plus of having the 360.

I vowed to wait till the elite cam out and with lack of funds was unable to obtain one till now. Im at work now however can not wait to unpack halo 3, dust the dust of and put it alongside my Crystal edition Xbox classic.

I dont know why they still sell playstation 2 games when the Xbox is superior in everyway. Graphics, playability, hard drive and DVD and Xbox live. In comparrison the Xbox is leaps ahead of the PS2. No wander Playstation needed a blue ray player. and hard drive.

Thanks Microsoft and Play.com for early delivery and prompt delivery

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