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Super Street Fighter IV

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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| | See all NotouriousGhost's reviews (8)

Best beat'em up around, lots of fun also as the bonus stages breaking the car and barrel levels from the old skool street fighter.


| | See all SEANSY's reviews (1)

Just like an upgrade to the original street fighter. Loads of different fighters and great graphics. You also have a training mode to get used to all the combo's. The game is for 12yr olds but my 8yr old loves it.

  Super Good

| | See all northy's reviews (91)

I have never been a massive Street fighter fan but i decided to get this and its fantastic. Lovely graphics, Interesting characters and some great fighting online.
At the price this retails for it is defently worth a look!

  Awesome, and not just an upgrade

| | See all Jeccius's reviews (15)

If you have played Street Fighter 4 please do not dismiss this as Capcom have created and balanced out so much new content on this release that it would be foolish to turn it away.

EVERYTHING has been improved from the previous version; gone is the insanely cheap difficulty of the last boss (Seth), gone are any of the bugs in the background and over-powerful characters. Everything is now right, and it is well worth playing through.

Yes the signle player arcade stories are cheesey, but to be honest they always have been. This is still the best SF out there, you would do yourself an injustice if you liked any of the prequels and ignored this.

  excellent game!

| | See all NEONDVD's reviews (45)

this is the best fighting game ever created !
it improved a lot from sf4. now it is balanced and the graphics & sounds are improved. many hours of gaming !

  nostalgia + Live = win!

| | See all franki23's reviews (1)

having first played SFII on the snes, this is taking me all the way back. a fantastic version of the game with every character i've ever seen plus some new ones. great for Live battles with groups of friends or take on the rest of the world but practice first, competition is fierce!

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| | See all AkaiShikari's reviews (1)

I've personally played many fighters, there one of my favourite type of games, This basically tops everything, Including Blazblue by far!


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  Awesome game

| | See all anj024's reviews (7)

I was worried at first that this would only just be a short update with a few extra characters, but after a few hours this game really shines for nostalgic fans of the true classic SFII. New features include ability to upload recent fights instantly & to able to watch some of the best go at it in a style similar to youtube hits. Definately worth every penny at such a bargain price

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| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

Super street fighter4 wot can i say new charcters nu balance system 2nd ultra combo its more then a update its a revamp all characters av extra moves the best fighter jus got better 10/10 buy it u kick@55 8)

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  brilliant game!!!

| | See all jsbdajoka88's reviews (1)

it is one of my favourite street fighter games so far... juri is very powerful for a new character and glad to finally see classic characters like dee jay, adon, cody and t-hawk in the game as well. love the fact that there's 2 ultras for each character instead of 1 in the original street fighter IV and also like that the classic car and barrell bonus stages have been brought back into the game.

but my only problem is there are some main characters like guile, m.bison, dhalsim, sagat, c.viper, gouken and akuma which i believe have been neglected in order to focus more on ryu, ken and juri!

apart the drawback, it's still worth ordering for 24.99GBP!

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