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Metro 2033

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (70 reviews)"

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  very good horror game

| | See all Pigeon21's reviews (2)

For the price i would say this is a good horror game, although i would not pay 40 pounds for this.
I would advise to research about this because the game can be very hard for beginners.

  best FPS/horror game ever.

| | See all Reviewer350's reviews (3)

this game is exellent. the missions are extremely creepy, and one of the missions actually made me turn off the consolebecause it was so scary. the tension when you are creeping through an abandoned station or tunnel will make you peer over your own shoulder in real life. its so fun when you find a stash or hideout filled with throwing knives and ammunition.

you have to consider your rescources carefully. should i buy a couple of gasmask filthers with my meager 20 bullets? or should i buy a few mags for my gun?.

a great game with few flaws.

  very good game

| | See all middlemanclayton's reviews (1)

would definately recommend this game to anyone who likes survival/horror or apocalyptic games, like fallout or stalker, the game has a nice blend of horror and action so if ur a little scaredy cat the game isnt so bad :) although some bits are a bit jumpy : /

the only reason this is a four and not a five is because of the storyline and main charecter, the charecter you play as says literally nothing at all, some speech options would be nice too (like fallout); also the storyline doesnt go into too much detail, so you are kind of kept in the dark, literally and figuratively :P

all in all a very good game though.

  stands out from the crowd!

| | See all gamerater1's reviews (6)

A Game definately worth buying, at a low price its a must buy for all FPS Fans, but this isnt your average Shooter, it takes thought and effort and some parts are jumpy! 9/10

  Great game, Better Book

| | See all Morrisnewcastle's reviews (14)

Giving the game a 4 star as it could of been alot better if it held true to the book and had a few more scenarios from the book.

Still a great game though :)


| | See all Morkai999's reviews (1)

One of the best games I have played and I have played a lot. I played it on pc but Im betting it's just as good on 360

  Beautifully Crafted Game.

| | See all dvandyke's reviews (1)

Metro 2033 provides a rich, engrossing experience to be savoured, very much a game is for those who like to be drawn in to the plot. Game mechanics compel you to explore the environment and think before pulling the trigger.
The game follows a linear path rather than open world, fans of fast paced of all action shooters may be disappointed and there is no multiplayer.
It appears developers have solely focused on providing a compelling beautifully crafted campaign without diluting the product it by trying to please all.
I can therefore understand the mixed reviews even though I love it.

  Great Value.

| | See all ArchieMorganHutt's reviews (3)

I Thought That This Was Going To Be A Regular Budget Title From THQ. But After Completing The Game, I Can Definitely Say That This Is One Rollercoaster Ride You Won't Forget.
The Story Is So Deep And Compelling And I Enjoyed From Start To Finish. The Gameplay Is Great, With A Fluid Combat System And The Sense That Your Always In The Heart Of The Action.
The Developers Obviously Put A Lot Of Hard Work Into The Games Graphics And Environments Too, With The Game Running On The Fantastic 'Path Engine' The Same Game Engine Used To Make Just Cause 2 (Which Is Also Brilliant).
Overall A Brilliant Title With Plenty Of Depth.


| | See all SHAMPS14's reviews (6)

This game made me feel extremely low! The graphics are good no the best but good enough to look at. The gameplay is smooth and all guns have a unique feel with alot of recoil. COD fans will be shocked by how hard core it is (with the lack of ammo etc). So if you want a game to glide through dont get this but if you want a challenge and get enveloped into a post apotiliciptic setting (excuse spelling) then get this for the price.


| | See all johngarcia's reviews (5)

I bought this game as I was looking for a descent first person shooter, and this is probably one of the best games i have played in a long time. The graphics are brilliant, so is the voice acting and the cut-scenes. I'm now looking for another descent first person shooter to match Metro 2033, and frankly I think I am going to be searching for a long time!