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Metro 2033

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (70 reviews)"

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  Great concept but ultimately flawed

| | See all Beefylips's reviews (8)

Upon starting this game up, it looks and feels very original with a strong sense of non duplication of previous titles. Yes, the genre is familiar and as the game progresses monsters, mutants and winged demons come to the fore similar to those found in Resident Evil, Silent Hill, etc. However, this really is a game of pros and cons which are easily dissected, so here we go.

Firstly, the good. The graphics, atmosphere, lighting effects and subterranean design elements are second to none. There is a gently falling dust in the topside air to emphasise the nuclear fallout that would exist. Below ground, there are strange mist effects and some extremely unnerving shadow play, especially around camp fires and in bulb-lit tunnels (you can shoot out light bulbs, by the way, a great touch). I did not experience the playability glitches which seem to have been the bane of previous reviewers and the default inventory made good sense to me. I played this on Ranger Hardcore setting and, yes, there were some hard sections, but some time and effort gets you through with your achievements intact (for example, complete Frontline without killing anyone). Monster audio effects are great with a distinct growling coming from somewhere off-screen at the creepiest moments. Enemy AI is very good with some crouched approaches failing as soon as you step on broken glass or knock over a can. Weapon usage is also satisfying. My favourite was the Tihar pneumatic rifle which you could use to snipe victims in almost complete silence at some distance. Sniping during the topside missions during heavy crosswinds was also great and added extra challenge to the situation. I also liked the strategic pauses that have to be made to either pump up the air weapons or to charge the torch or night vision goggles.

Okay, now the bad. This is a very short game. Just as I was in full flow, with about 25 achievements down but with stacks still left to go, that was it! And to say the ending and the concept explanations are vague is an understatement. Essentially, the role of The Dark Ones is an unnecessary part of the game. The nuclear holocaust would have been explanation enough for the future situation. Instead, the dream-sequence ending and Artyoms part in the story just do not provide a satisfactory conclusion.

What was also missing greatly was the ability as a player to interact with the established elements of society, specifically, to barter or deal with the small handful of people that run small underground shops and businesses. Considering several achievements revolve around these, this is a great cause of frustration. I was extremely dismayed once having saved the 500 military grade ammo for the achievement to then realise I had passed my last chance to spend them, which was another achievement altogether! Further achievements require you to play the Frontline level three times in three different ways. All too repetitive for me. I also am confused that I have completed the game on Ranger Hardcore level but did not get the achievement which is odd.

So, to endorse other reviewers opinions, there are as many good things as bad things about Metro 2033 but, on game play and on game concept alone, this is a highly original title and certainly worth a punt for the shy side of 10 pounds this game can be now purchased for.

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| | See all Pr3ssPlay's reviews (1)

Metro 2033 was not as I expected, judging by the above trailer, I thought it would be more of a squadbased game, instead you are on your own for 85% of the game, killing hoards of people.

Instead of fighting aliens, mutants and ghosts as you are led to believe you fight against people for the vast majority of the game. I give the graphics 6/10, they are ok but far from perfect.

The game is a lot shorter than I expected and after you you have completed it there is nothing to do other than start all over again. After the last mission you are also left wondering what happened as the game doesn't show or tell you.

Poor show, not even worth the 9.99 I paid for it.

  the best

| | See all EmpowerdPick's reviews (1)

metro 2033 is the best first person game Ive played on xbox 360.
the graphics are amazing and the game play is very intense and exiting. A MUST BUY !!!!!!

  The Best Single player experience on XBox 360.

| | See all joedredd's reviews (2)

Yes, it's linear. Yes, it's hard but very satisfying.. Persevere, to the amazing climax, and experience probably the best (so far) single player experience on this console. After this you can play anything and win!

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  A fantastic fps/survival horror hybrid

| | See all DChaundy's reviews (7)

Metro 2033 is one of the most unique and compelling shooters I've played on the Xbox 360. The visuals are strong, the shooting is solid, the story is captivating and the monster designs are original. It's more streamlined and dare I say linear than the open world setting of Fallout 3 but don't let that put you off. If you are a horror/shooter fan this may well be the game to tide you over this Summer.

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  Not bad, but disapointing

| | See all Barbaroja's reviews (6)

Having read the book I basically bought the game after readings all sorts of reviews... because I couldn't help diving in the atmosphere. Wich, by the way, is really well recreated. So the idea is good but the development not so much. The game is too glitchy, it keeps you all the time under the impression of not being on complete control. I'm not talking about the weapons or their accuracy here... I'm talking about sometimes hitting with the weapon and sometimes shooting when you're in the dark without you not really controlling it, or picking items without having to press the button... The gameplay is extremely annoying and the controls don't help. It is also very hard, I mean, very hard sometimes, and ridiculously easy other times. I'm stuck in a fight with some guys you could technically avoid by crawling and beling stealthy but that's virtually impossible. Many times the feeling is you simply don't know what's going on. So... this would be a challenge for some, but in general I think it's a vastly improvable game, and the glithes can get really really annoying... specially when you're "saved" in a checkpoint in the middle of a fight when you're getting shot.

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  Broken game

| | See all burgstar's reviews (39)

I can see why this game has attracted so many positive reviews. The setting is excellent, the graphics are good and the gameplay introduces survival horror to the first -person shooter: crawling around in a darkened subway tunnel between human and inhuman monsters with only a hand cranked torch and a few precious bullets brought back some great memories of resident evil. Unfortunately the game is totally and completely ruined by bugs. The graphics are glitchy and often seem to be about 1-2 seconds behind real time with lots of tearing when anything good happens. The worst bugs concern your inventory. A great point of this game is needing to find air filters to survive - a real shame then if you have a bug that stops you picking them up. There are a lot of other serious bugs too - you can easily google them so you don't have to take my word for it. All in all a great chance absolutely ruined by rushing the product.

PS - One issue anyone can fault is the posters and copies everywhere for the book the game is based on - it detracts from the realism a lot. Also the dialogue is English. The the game is set in Russia but is for a western audience so - fair enough - the characters speak English ... but why hilariously broken English?

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  metro 2033

| | See all billybaxter's reviews (3)

Awesome game short but if you want all achivements you will need to complete 3-4 times if you have the ranger add on which i would highly recomend you get. this game was the biggest surprise all year 10/10 loved every second!

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  not what i was expecting

| | See all panathinaikos's reviews (5)

it has great graphics..the game is very good..the storyline about the future is common with other games..i was expecting more fear and spooky things..25 euro for a new game is a great price..

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  What a Story, But It has it's Glitches

| | See all MrTjgale's reviews (4)

Firstly, this game has an excellent story, world disaster, mistrust in your fellow humans and other beings... all along with unique and scary monsters. The graphics are good, nothing to complain about... HOWEVER... the game does have its glitches, and unfortunatly they are noticable unlike some other games. Some of these include;

Characters standing and moving, however their gun is frozen in place

Story characters stuck in place (only happened at 1 stage for me)

At busy points in the game, (full of action), monsters sometimes glitch and get stuck in walls or on debris.

But don't let that put you off! It is well worth buying and playing! You'll be hooked!

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