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Divinity II: Ego Draconis (2)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Very underated

| | See all bramto's reviews (2)

This is probably one of the most underated games ive played. a game that has seemingly slipped under the radar, divinity II is a hiden gem in the rpg/action genre. The game starts off very easy, sending you through a training camp to learn of different abilities and give you a choice on which path you will lead (ie warrior, ranger or mage). After this you get thrown into the mix learning all about the land you are to protect and about its rich history. The initial fights are ok when you square up against 1-2 foes at a time but when you hit large numbers you can feel under strength and at this point is where many throw the teddy out of the cot and think its too hard. i say perserver as you rise in rank and ability the monsters are easier and you can create beasts to fight by your side.

The one thing that is wrong with this game is that the level logic of the enemy monsters is static. this means they stay at the same level and have the same strength regardless of your own level, which means at the begining of the game you are level 7 and face monsters at level 8 and die but when you go back at level 10 they are easy to kill. this makes the begining hard but later you can find areas to level up before going into harder areas.
There are plenty of side quests to do aswell on this game making it very enjoyable too.

Id suggest playing this game at least once and perservering until you have your little monster fighting by your side. id also say SAVE very ofton. i went through some caves andf had to save after every fight i had just so i didnt have to redo it all from the begining.

  A very very good game !

| | See all stevietom1966's reviews (2)

The graphics look very nice. Good Gameplay ! Good skills and the barter is very easy to get the hang off. Great Voice acting Aswell.

overall a very good game !

  Very enjoyable RPG

| | See all JohnJackson's reviews (18)

This game is very easy to pick up and play from the get go and does not take long for you to be completely engrossed in the game for quite a long time. It plays similar to two worlds in where you can walk about the world at your leisure and kill any enemies you may come accross. There are a lot of characters to interact with with various dialogue options all superbly voice acted in my opinion.

The Good
this game world takes ages to explore every nook and cranny and really does pay off for the people willing to look in every bit of the map.
the skills are neatly laid out into catagories so you can easily decide what sort of character you want to develop into. The stats are also neatly laid out and has text next to them showing how good that stat relates to into the game. For example when you first start and have low strength it will describe your character being weaker than a granny in an amwrestle which i quite liked.
There are many side quests to do in the game all are interesting and varied which makes a nice change in an RPG.
After a certain point in the game your character can transform into a dragon which is cool and the aerial battles are quite challenging and rewarding.

The Bad
When you recieve the dragon form the game world seems very very small. Almost as if they have missed out a couple of areas, altho the areas are rich with exploration and hidden caves for you to explore there doesnt appear to be many areas.
The difficulty is increadibly frustrating!!!! not because the game is hard but because of the dodgy mechanics in the game. let me explain, for instance if you are fighting enemies a few levels higher than you, you can easily die in 2 hits for some reason, but if you fight enemies that are 4 levels lower than you then they simply cannot hurt you... even if your a wizard with no armour amd little hit points it just doesnt matter. This scaling can cause quite a few problems as i found the earlier parts of the game 10x harder than the end...
Not really a bad point but the enemies dont respawn in this game so once they are dead thats it. You could litterally kill all enemies in the game and have nothing left to do because the land would be bare lol

All in all this is a great game and i fully enjoyed playing it. Aside from the varied difficulty of enemies this game is fairly polished with pretty good graphics and a good amount of character customisation as well as a decent amount of exploration to be done, I just wish there was a few more hours i could put into it. The game lasted me just over 30hours to complete and that involved completing most of the side quests. Now thats its done though i dont think i would enjoy a second playthrough

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  Got a lot of hours spare?

| | See all MikeeA's reviews (6)

First of all i would like to point out that this is a fantastic game for RPG fans! all the usual levelling systems, items, side quests are set out in fairly standard RPG without being too complicated which is likely to appeal to people who do not like the prospect of meticulous levelling and careful planning! That said, this game is ridiculously difficult...the very first real battle saw me being killed over and over again until i used different items and weapon combinations, even on the lowest difficulty setting. One of the main flaws which stops this from getting 5 stars is the poor game balancing. even if your character is a low level, the enemies do not adapt and stay at a fixed level, making the early stages of the game difficult and even frustrating. There is always a way around these problems such as completing easier quests first and then trying again at a higher level, which i found after a while to be somewhat of a necessity. Also, it takes a LONG time to do most things in this game, which is why i stipulate that it will appeal almost exclusively to RPG nuts. And now the good stuff, this game, for its size, is beautiful to look at, it is frustrating but never boring, and when you finally do complete those harder quests, thouroughly rewarding! definitely worth a look :)

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| | See all ErebusRed's reviews (15)

I decided to give this a try, as I will most RPGs... and unlike several of this years RPG offerings this is well worth a purchase. A free-roaming rpg adventure with very nice combat moves, character development customisation, and lots of secrets areas to discover...! It's good and I have a feeling it's going to be pretty serious in terms of potential hours exploring.

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