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History Channel: Great Battles - Medieval

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  how very very VERY POOR can a game be?

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i brought this game with the thought that it may actually be quite good looks good in clips i have watched. Well actually it turns out being possibly the worst game i have actually ever had the bad fortune to buy and play. when you get to parts of the game its not down to skill or little tricks you pick up its not even down to luck its all down to if the game will let you i have been stuck of the same mission on both the french and english parts of the game for ages and when the game puts 30 units against you and your only allowed 10 thats poor really REALLY poor. For thoses people that are considering buying this game i will say one thing DON'T do it to yourself the game is completely PANTS.

  Definately worth the money, but has its downsides

| | See all LSwaby's reviews (1)

Basically, if your a history enthusiast and/or appreciate medieval warfare then this is definitely a worth while purchase. However, given that this is a game and not a documentary I found it hard to get into the game itself. The best feature for me was the customisation of the units, although this is fun the points required for upgrading do take an awfully long time to gain, and if like me you enjoy this feature you will find yourself completing the same battle over and over again as 'side quests' to achieve these upgrades.
The main drawback to this game is the difficulty, and how even on the easiest setting the inconsistencies can overwhelm even the most competent gamers. One battle you may find takes a few minutes to complete, where the next battle seems practically impossible; given that you will have spent some time upgrading your army this comes as a shock and can deflate whatever morale you had for the game play. Not saying that I don't like a hard game, but when you put the effort into upgrading your troops you would expect a fair battle, here even on easy you can find yourself unable to progress. Its at these stages where you find yourself unable to complete the storyline battle or the side quests that you begin to question where you went wrong, or whether the game is just badly made.
Overall I would give the game a 7/10 maybe even an 8.
The graphics are pretty impressive at times and the fluidity of the gameplay makes it much more enjoyable. I cannot say that it is not worth 14.99 because it is.

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  O Dear!

| | See all markoos008's reviews (1)

Really bad game, the people giving this game 5 stars must work for the game company!

In the campain some of the time your objective is to kill all the ememy which is fine but the game never tells you what the objectives are so when the objective is to get your troops to a certain point on the map marked with a "V" it doesn't tell you, then you've got levels where your objective is to kill the enemy but there is a "V" on the map so you confused then wiped out by the computer

If that didn't make sense its because im struggling to explain how bad it is and my best advice is to look at peoples videos on yotube and make your mind up from that, i wish id done it before buying

  What were they thinking?

| | See all CravenCottager's reviews (9)

After about a month of trying to convince myself that this game will get better it failed in all departments . . . . . The gameplay is pathetic and you need to pause the game to issue commands and your army can only turn at 90 degree angle's (no diagonal movement) . . . . . What a let down. If this was on Xbox arcade I wouldn't even pay 800 points for it !!!! I'm guessing the 5 star comments are from people who created the game ????

  More Please!!

| | See all Lovelessranger's reviews (2)

Got this game today and just finished the Tutorial.Initially confusing but when you get the hang of it you realise how good it is.As a fan of the Total War series on the PC i was hoping that one day something similar would appear on the xbox360 and this is it! Nice graphics and atmospheric background music(which you can turn off if you wish).If Total War never appears on the xbox360 then i hope Great Battles release more games.Would love to see Shogun,Napolean and Rome.Fingers crossed.Great game.

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  medieval history great battles

| | See all ebonyive's reviews (1)

this game is a must have in your collection if like me u luv stragedy and medieval games then this is by far the most spectacular game its just brilliant a MUST buy ;)

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  Buy it

| | See all Frontlinedave's reviews (1)

If you love strategy games this is a must have do the tutorial first before you try the campaign well worth getting :-))))) add me frontlinedave

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  Best realistic strategy game I've ever played!!!

| | See all RobsWicks's reviews (5)

This is a must buy for any strategy gamer. Takes a while to get the hang of but after the first half an hour or so it gets really good! The detail is also pretty amazing! And for a new game 29.99 is very good!

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