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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  nier-ly a great game

| | See all damienredwood's reviews (4)

simple gameplay but has some interesting story revials. completed but havent felt compelled to go through it again.

  Vastly underrated

| | See all Spartan20's reviews (24)

Far too few people have bothered to pick up this gem, which for me, outdid FFXIII last year. It's not perfect, the visuals are not quite cutting-edge, and the side quests are of the basic 'go there, fetch that' mould, most of the time (but there ARE brilliant exceptions). But it's still an incredible game, because with each and every moment, it exudes this ethereal sense of grace and implication, enhanced by its heartfelt story and its frankly phenomenal soundtrack; Nier had virtually the greatest music in 2010. Imagine a Zelda title pitched primarily at adults, you'll approach this game with the appropriate mentality. It tells a tale with much greater sophistication than FFXIII, and evokes at turns, amusement, excitement, compassion; and its world, whilst much more fragmentary than Zelda's and smaller in scope, is brimming with atmosphere than only deepens the longer you stick with it. Your attributes increase as you play, like a traditional RPG, you get all manner of new weapons and accessories, and the combat system is reminiscent of Fable II's, not quite deep, but you marry magic with physical attacks--but you get party members, too, each possessing a remarkable story all their own. Also, without spoiling much, once you've completed the game for the first time, you gain the opportunity to play new events with different characters, which, whilst not as deep or extensive as the main game, enrich Nier as a whole.

Square Enix have had inconsistent output since the merger, but Nier is very much evocative of the heyday of the action-adventure title, though you have to look past the most apparent cliches (said fetch-quests, unambitious combat etc) to appreciate that--something a lot of critics didn't bother to do. As if to exemplify this throwback, Nier switches perspectives and styles with abandon, harking back to the aforementioned Zelda, then the sidescrolling platformer--even Resident Evil, before returning to the free-camera third-person style that is its default. Any gamer seeking a potent reminder of the spirit of yesteryear, when FFVII was king, Resident Evil was making people dread door animations and when we first took Link out onto the fields of Hyrule in Zelda, really can't afford to pass Nier up, especially at this price. It may not be cutting-edge, but it's got a serious amount of heart and substance, with a memorable story and haunting soundtrack.

  Not perfect, but very good.

| | See all okristian1's reviews (1)

This is an exellent RPG with a sometimes confusing but at the same time compelling story. Good fighting mechanics and a wide assortment of stuff to collect and do. It now has a low price so if you like RPGs you should just get it.

  Nier, Far, Wherever you are!

| | See all Pompey71's reviews (28)

I got this game quite cheap. Expected nothing of it... and it delivered SO much more! You will care about the characters even if the titular man looks like a fat mop handle. The voice acting is awesome, the big bosses actually feel BIG and the music should be nominated for awards. I have tried learning to play the music it's so good. For anyone who thought FFXIII sucked, trade in for this. You wont be sorry.

  A different RPG

| | See all bloodysin's reviews (1)

Nier is an RPG that is different in that I actually enjoyed the storyline. Too many games of late have had trite and boring stories with predictable plots. Nier however comes from the people at Cavia and it shows in the story. The combat in the game is quite uncomplicated so if you are looking for Devil may cry style combat you will be disappointed. However the main storyline is very good and can be original and fairly surprising. There are four endings in this game and the second playthrough and the end of the first shows a different perspective that may leave you not knowing how to feel about the protagonist and his enemies. Fair warning though, New game+ starts around the middle of the game and one of the endings erases all your save data. You are given several warnings about this before it takes place so make back-ups of your save beforehand if you can. Overall this has decent gameplay and a strong story although a little short for an RPG but worth buying if you enjoy a game that chooses to entertain through the story.

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  best rpg ever

| | See all bluemindy's reviews (1)

well?where can i start in the praising of this game?it really is a pleasure to play afrer all the rubbish thats come out lately,everything you'd expect in an rpg is here,the graphics are really great as is the fighting,plenty of hack and slash and the bosses are at times quite daunting,a game not to be missed .... think i'll carry on with it right now lol,by the way watch out for the boss fight in the scrap yard and make sure you've got your full quota of lives ,you'll need them .

  This game is a definate surprise to play and a must buy.

| | See all snowycole's reviews (1)

What can i say, i bought this being an rpg fan and had not heard too much about it. Starting playing and thought graphics are ok but once got into the game my opinion about it has changed. Fighting is great fun with the bloody sword play and magic and the levels, light and dark and bosses are awsome. Since i started playing this game i am completely addicted. This game is a must buy for gamers looking for an mature rpg.

  This game is AWESOME!

| | See all Sirkova's reviews (9)

So if your looking for an awesome RPG/Hack and slash this is the game for you! Its game-play lasts between 15-25 hours and definitely has replay value! My best buy of 2010 I must say!

There is not only a great story but also a great variety of awesome looking weapons. All different kinds. This game is quite similar to Zelda in some aspects but allot more adult.

I recommend this game to all RPG and Adventure fans ;)

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