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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Gorefest for the Nostalgic

| | See all Deadpool013's reviews (4)

If you loved the old games from the first arcade game to the sequels that came out for the Megadrive then put on your best hockey mask and grab your controller, not only does this game have tons of extras and gore, it also has the original 3 Splatterhouse games which you can unlock. Jim Cummings will have you rolling in laughter as The Mask with his dark humour, its alot of fun, has good old school bosses (heres looking at you Biggy Man) and even side scrolling levels with music which will remind you of some old 80's horror franchises, only drawback I can see with this game is the same flaws most action adventure games including the best have, it gets repetitive... but dont let that stop you, Highly recommended for Old School horror fans and fans of the classic games!

  what fun.....

| | See all dcighunt's reviews (9)

what can i say i loved the old arcade games and then found out about the reboot. i bought i played i loved it. so much so that i am playing through again. what can i say apart from serious fun u nedd to buy this plus it has the 3 orginal arcade games hidden and unlockable. it has gore it has sex it has nudity it has metal music. give it a go u know u wanna.....


| | See all Neekolarse's reviews (3)

I'm about an hour or two into the game and loving it!
The gore is so over the top that it's beautiful (i'm not weird honest)

My only downfall is the lack of finishing moves. Sure you can't have an unlimited variation, but more than 1-2 per enemy would be nice..

  Good Good Fun :)

| | See all SurprisesInStore4U's reviews (7)

This game is seriously cool, it has alot of blood and alot of gore and a hefty amouth of guts !
It is repetative ! Runing round area after area ripping things to shreds ! But its so fun !
Am playing easiest setting, for a game like this with no real gameplay, and it just makes you feel like an Ultimate Killing Machine !
=) How its meant to be played IMHO !

Oh P.S ! The story is good too :) Like really good ! Peace

  blood and gore :) nice

| | See all hadesX's reviews (1)

bad reviews!! rubbish, just try the game for yourself and the fans for the game when it was on the mega drive will love it . as for me i love it , it ticks all my boxes haha .no game is perfect loading screens are the down falls but did anyone say about the pics you can unlock hehe nice .

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  good but

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Decent enough if you are prepared to shelve your brain for the evening.

Long loading times, at the end of annoying checkpoints... oops I died during a boss battle cos I did not react to a button prompt press in under 2 seconds. Never mind, I'll just go through the extended loading time, cut-scene and boss weakening fight, just to die in the same way again.... and repeat.

Good game, but just needs some game design to go with it.

Didn't finish it due to loading times and having to re-do everything when killed cos i failed to react in under 2 seconds.

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  Revamped nostalgia!!!

| | See all cedric77's reviews (8)

This game is getting pretty bad reviews across the board, and their probably justified. It a bit rough around the edges, the camera can be awful, the instant kills can be really annoying, the controls are a bit lumpy....... BUT - I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is what it is, and if you were playing arcade games in the late 80's, this is one game that stuck out. It does justice to the original, and unlocking them is pure nostalgic bliss, and playing them is a reminder of how hard video games used to be. BRILLIANT!!

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  very pleasantly surprised. i love this game.

| | See all ZombieRob's reviews (2)

this game is surprisingly well made.

i didn't expect much from this title, but the fighting system is really enjoyable and satisfying, and the presentation and graphics are really cool.
Its fun, fun, fun.

the game is not perfect though. it is a little rough around the edges.

if you are interested in this game or think its your cup of tea, then buy it, because it is awesome.

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