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Supreme Commander 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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  Very Good RTS Adapted for Console and PC

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There are many instances where console RTS's just don't work. Especially considering that many console gamers just don't do the micro management which is required for RTS games. Supreme Commander 2 is one of the rare occurances whereby the RTS genre is given a fair chance on a console market filled with FPS and Fighting games.
The game makes things as easy for the player as possible with most games being able to be won by maxing out ones army and sending them across the map with orders to crush everything in their path. However the diversity of the units and structures is what really sold Supreme Commander for me. There are many different types of land, sea and air units with which the player can use to demolish their opponant, with most skirmish maps on the game supporting each class in a unique fashion, I.E. while Naval units are quite effective on one map, on another they may be completely useless compared to air support.
Structures are not just a means for gathering resources, or creating more units to add to your increasingly large army. They are now activly used in the support of large scale assaults on the enemy, with such buildings as the Long Range Artillery or Nuke Silo being able to dispense punishment at a long range without sacrificing some of your first units and can often soften up enemies for a devastating assault. Defenses can be improved aswell with more than just simple land and air turrets, Sheilding can be set up to defend from the enemies attacks while some structures are able to activly repair other damaged structures.

The controls make things as easy as they can for the player with the main two buttons being RB and X (select all units on screen and attack respectivly) Other options are available for the more experienced RTS players such as: Patrol, defend, repair and Salvage. The game itself is relativly simple as are most RTS games. What sets this apart from something such as Halo Wars is that the micro management for large scale attacks option is there. The population cap for this is 200-250 and players will sometimes find it difficult filling it with the units they want. Micro management, while the option is there, is not essential for a mission sucess however. Only maybe once or twice in the capaign is the player forced to divide their forces to conquer a larger enemy, but in skirmishes it is often a large concentrated force of units which prevails.
The campaign missions are short and sweet with players being able to play across three factions of this universe, the UEF, Illuminate and Cybran. Each faction feels unique with their vehicles and tactics but in the end will all do the same thing i.e destroy. Although each faction feels better at something i.e The Illuminate feel better at construction while Cybran seem more bent on Destruction. In the end it all comes down to who's army is bigger and if not bigger then who has the more explody bullets.

Overall I can say Supreme Commander 2 is a very good RTS adapted well for console use. For RTS fans it may feel too easy and for console gamers who prefer fighting games and FPS' it may feel too slow compared to COD or Mortal Kombat. But for gamers who want to try something different or who were fans of the first game i'd definitly suggest you trying this game.

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