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Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition (with Battlefield 3 Multiplayer BETA Access)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (137 reviews)"

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| | See all adambeaumont1994's reviews (1)

One of the worst games I've ever played, including MW2. Unfair, no chance in multiplayer unless you camp and use a sniper, campaign short and terrible gameplay and boring. Don't waste money.

  EA should be embarrassed

| | See all BIGjames1's reviews (2)

1 star is extremely generous. The single player is waaaaay too serious and takes the fun out of it...as for the multiplayer...well let's just say that it's more fun to constantly smsh your face into a solid brick wall. The online is worse than terrible with poor controls, poor weapons, poor aiming, and even worse, spawn killing and camping. Overall, Ea should feel ashamed of themselves...i'm not a huge fan of bad company 2 but it is MILES better than this


| | See all Hardyboy06's reviews (1)

this game is truly amazing, and realistic, the career blows ALL call of dutys out the water!

The online play however is REALLY REALLY good, but personally i prefer COD from the ranking up prospective!

But Over all a really truly amazing game!

I hope you enjoy the game as much as i have done


  Great game but a little short

| | See all richi388's reviews (10)

The story of the game is really good will keep you playing however the story is really short on medium it took me about 4 hours to complete, i feel they focused to much on the multiplayerand could have made the story a little longer or something else to do once you have completed it, as i found myself completing it then putting it back on my self and sat there for awhile till i got my xbox live member ship renewed.
which brings me to my next point, the multiplayer is amazing it is a lot more realistic than black ops as players cant see you and you can see them from a mile away, you really have to creep round staying in buildings and not being in the open to much as it doesnt take much to kill/die, unlike black ops you dont shoot someone a hundred times and then they kill you. the maps are really good with differents paths around the maps a lot of cover and buildings to hide in and if you wanna sniper most the maps i played have places for that or you can have an assult rifle it really does have something for everyone.

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  Better than Black Ops for sure!

| | See all HolyTopper1987's reviews (7)

This is not as good as MW2 - and it is alot like the Battlefield games - but I think its fantastic - the story is pretty sweet - the online is good if not kinda hard to see opposition even with HD telly - but if your waiting for a new MW to come out then buy this in the meantime.

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| | See all RAVENAK47's reviews (1)

This is a brilliant game,better than cod mw?probably not,we all know that,s raised the bar.if i rated both,this would score an 8,out of 10 - cod,9 out of 10.get both,its a good alternative. Cant wait to see the inevitable follow up.well done ea,moh,s back.

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| | See all MrMeldrew's reviews (2)

I loved this game.The campaign is excellent.10/10, would recommend to anyone thinking of buying this game.

  as other say, online is poor but the campain beats cod

| | See all andybgc's reviews (19)

simple reveiew as i dont play games online, just had a look to see what all the fuss was about. The 1 player story is much better than call of duty black ops, but then ive always prefered the infinity ward modern warfare games to these versions. within 30 seconds it just felt more real, I felt like i cared what happened to the characters which i didnt get on black ops. if like me you dont play online and you just want an interesting few hours of gaming then get this over black ops, or you could get battlefield bad company 2 which is also really good.

  online poor, campaign better than black ops

| | See all Toonarmy666's reviews (86)

The campaign for MOH is way better than blackops but as has been said it is very short. Its good to creep through taliban infested towns in afghanistan, sniper militants in the mountains and blow up terrorist strongholds in an apache. The targeting is way better than blackops as are the missions but what lets this down is you could complete this in a day if you're ok at these type of games.
I went online on MOH as was shocked at just how poor it was. I put blackops on straight after and realised the selling point of blackops is the online gameplay, it destroys MOH. What would be good is a blackops online game with a battlefield length storyline with the quality of MOH.


| | See all BertyBassett07's reviews (4)

ANNOYED with Call Of Duty 5,6 (Any of them)...Buy this game!

This is a nice sigh of relief from the painful process of playing a Multiplayer game in COD. Not really anything wrong with the online it is generally a fun experience.
Story mode is slightly short but the missions that you encounter are AMAZING!
Definitely one of the most underrated games of 2010!