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Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition (with Battlefield 3 Multiplayer BETA Access)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (137 reviews)"

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| | See all Colesyyy's reviews (2)

I must admit, although the campaign was quite short I did thoroughly enjoy it.
If it's a great single player game you're interested in, this is definitely a good option for the price tag.
However, as a frequent player of 'Call of Duty' and 'Battlefield Bad Company' I didn't like the multiplayer game mode that much. It felt like an updated version of Battlefield, but without all the vehicles which I love so much!
It is true that the gameplay seems very fluent, but I just didn't get the amusement from this game as I do from CoD and Bad Company!

  Underrated much?

| | See all gorton20's reviews (1)

All I've seen are complaints about bugs, graphics and the multiplayer.

I will plainly admit that the offline single player is good, not great, but far far too short.
However, only neanderthaal buys a game for its offline content nowadays as far as i'm concerned. The online for this game is superb. I can't help but get the feeling that those who seem dead set against it are just hyped up COD fans, whod prefer to run around some frankly terrible maps firing what seem to me to be murray mints at each other. This multiplayer feels real - the sound as the bullet slams into the wall next to you etc, far more thought and a tenfold improved engine on COD.

Can't go wrong at 15 quid either.

  Expect to be disappointed

| | See all banjoquint's reviews (2)

Blink and the single player game is over. This game is a kick in the teeth for fans of the franchise. Aside from being too short, it's fractured and gives you no chance to get invested in the story (such as it is). And the tortuous death scene at the end, just an insult to anyone who serves. If it's meant to be multiplayer only, then make it multiplayer only. If it isn't, put the effort in. Extremely disappointing.

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  online is superb

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

got to say I like this game and for the price it's a real bargain.

Single player is average at best and I have got bored with it.

But online is very very good. I play all CODS and currently I am playing Black Ops. I thought I would give this a go because it's cheap, really cheap.

The game engine is the same as the Bad Company series, but to be honest it plays much better. Movement is fluid, maps are range from small to large. There are various game types all of which are fun.

I live to snipe and lots of people do, in this game you can. But if you don't want to you can run around like in the CODs.

Under rated, so cheap, so get yourself a bargain

  A very nice surprise and very under-rated game

| | See all sneedjoker's reviews (19)

If you can imagine a much more mature battlefield game mixed with call of duty controls and that modern feel then you have medal of honour which in my opinion is a fantastic achievement and they have really pulled one out of the bag with this game.

The level designs are beautiful and a lot of love went in to making the textures and maps feel as realistic as possible. The guns have an almighty kick and when you shoot an enemy a head shot will literally mean head shot as the head explodes and leaves messy stump this is the same for arms and legs. The story is pretty bland but i feel this game tries to portray what life is like day in day out for our soldiers abroad and it does a damn good job of doing that without an over the top plot.

All in all i think many people will be very surprised when they play this just how good of a game this title actually is and at least we now how a true contender to go toe to toe against call of duty.

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  Multiplay better

| | See all Trojan72's reviews (11)

THE GOOD: Multiplayer very tactical,unlike MW2 or Black ops
Good audio/grahics
Price cheap
Battlefield 3 demo when released
THE BAD :Off-line only average
Spawn points on a weak team annoying
Not enough maps/players on-line
Overall worth a purchase for a different experience to Black Ops


| | See all ThePaleOne's reviews (12)

NOTE::: MY REVIEW IS FOR THE ONLINE SECTION OF GAME ONLY 5/5 :) As soon as I heard that the battlefield boys would be making the online for this I was interested...And online does not disappoint .Even though I had only rented and was not using the vip pass its still got lots of online maps and features..I have now purchased and can not wait to get into the whole multilayer experience as it has already blown my socks off . Single player is a bit disappointing though and feels very different to online which is AMAZING . The whole single player feels like a totally different game just slapped on the side of an ONLINE BEAST . All the people who moan about getting shot to much by snipers .Have u every heard of cover . Since gaming online has become more common we now have many many noobs trying to run and gun on all shooters thinking that they are playing that very arcadey modern shooter [not mentioning any names ] . But don't get me wrong , you can run and gun on this game taking out 3 to 4 enemy's easy . Its just all about timing and using cover and flanking . A GREAT ONLINE SHOOTER THAT FEELS SO REAL . I got mine at &17.99 and to think you get all the new DLC for free with vip code just like BFBC2 with the viatnam pack [WOW] Its a no brainer :) . This game online is basically battlefield 2 but a bit quicker and lots more action and shooting . With great levels that start to feel like home after a while with your own special hiding areas and a new perk system giving bomb strikes etc . Just bare with it practice and like me u will be coming out of games with 30 kills and 4 deaths HA HA

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  Average Shoot em up

| | See all nooshmoo's reviews (4)

I'll admit that I was expecting competition to Modern Warfare 2, but I was very disappointed when I got this home and played on it. I find that it is a chore to do anything in the single player and multiplayer is extremely glitchy. I don't think the graphics are as clear as other shooters and I generally think this is an average game.

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  a big let down

| | See all galagoogoo1's reviews (1)

I am not new to shooters, but i am not great at it. I put this game in to play and i managed to run through the whole story in less then 4 hours with relative ease.I was playing at the hardest level! the graphics and vids where good as was the sound, but game play was a let down. i wish i had waited for it to come down in price before buying and i wouldnt feel so robbed. the 2 stars are for graphics and sound effects only

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  after all the hype...I was left a little disapointed

| | See all Kingsly619's reviews (21)

I bought this game on launch day not because I wanted it so much more to the fact I wanted a stop gap before black ops came out, to be fair its not a totally disapointing game, The story line is by far one of the best in a FPS as it is based on actual events.....but again like most other games it is just way too short and I went through it on the hardest setting in record time, just too easy.
The online play again I was let down as it was the exact same as battlefield 2, which is good but been there done that and it gets old quickly..because of one thing snipers.....I like using a sniper rifle but on this game it is redonkulas! you can't run anywhere without getting picked off!
I am a massive COD fan and this falls short, as it's all about online play these days and COD has got it down to a treat!
These games can't go on the story mode alone because lets face it you will only go through a game a couple of times on a medium setting then a harder one then thats it!

Thats just what I think of it, some minor tweaks and this game would be fantastic!

My opinion is this game might have been rushed to come out before COD!

Story mode 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Online 5/10

I have since traded this in as playing it abit more it is very poor online you get shot from campers sitting in about every corner of the map, I am not comparing this to COD but your money will be better spent on that instead!

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