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Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition (with Battlefield 3 Multiplayer BETA Access)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (137 reviews)"

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  A Let Down..

| | See all northy's reviews (91)

Wow what a big let down this game was. I remember reading about it early this year and everything sounding so promising. Maybe even a COD Killer. Well that turned out to be false!
The single player was pretty enjoyable but too short. But this was ment to be about the MP but that was a major let down! A glitchy, laggy snipe fest! Defently one to buy at a reduced price if your thinking about it.

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  Good but not quite good enough

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Great idea adding this view on the war. But didnt add up to much, good graphics but gameplay and story very weak Completed it in 5 hours then really didnt want to go back and play any other levels. EA will have to try harder to keep up with other games in this genre

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  Too Short and full of glitches!

| | See all acollantine's reviews (5)

I don't play a lot of 1st person shooters, but I completed this on its middle setting in about 5 hours! Would have been much quicker if it wasn't for all of the games glitches! I spent ages trying to get out of the warehouse to the control tower, but because one of the characters had vanished - it just would not continue. There were other glitches and that's just not good enough. Mostly though I just couldn't believe how short the game was - I was genuinely shocked when I got to the end of a mission and suddenly the credits started rolling. It's outrageous for 40 pounds. It's only saving grace, is that when you're in it and it's working correctly (!), it's actually a very good game.


| | See all darren0973's reviews (4)

Reading some of these people who say it is the best game ever must be very naive when it comes to gaming? This game is average for graphics, story - well not much imagination, the time frame from start to finish 4 hours - I feel cheated, especially for 40 pounds. To be honest worth a play when there is nothing else out, pick it up second hand in 6 months for a tenner.

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  Should have been better.

| | See all imkillbill's reviews (13)

The campaign is excellent if a bit short, that's the good news over, character movement and target aquisition are essential in an FPS, this game sets that back 5 years, Cod 4 was the benchmark in that area, online game play is chaotic at best, snipers and campers are abundant, some degree of realism is nice to have, but when I shoot someone with a 7.62 calibre rifle I expect them to drop in one or two rounds not five or fifteen, its the little things that count!

  Competed in 5 hours

| | See all hulllad's reviews (3)

I got this because i couldnt wait for COD B.ops so i thought this would pass the time untill then i was sadley wrong i competed this game on the hardest setting in 5 hours! im not a mad gamer before you think i spend hours playing games every day 5 hours a week max. The graphics were good to be fair but the game just didnt do anything for me. After i competed the game i tried it online massive FAIL! its rubbish! so its now on the shelf ready to trade in for COD! If i new now what it was like i wouldnt buy it, if your still intrested get it second hand other wise you will fell slightly ripped off.

  Two stars for the apache mission alone.....

| | See all dustyq's reviews (14)

Gave this game too many chances.single player 4 - 5 hours on hard (which is not by any means hard) multiplayer - snipers spawn killing you time after time.I dont like snipinq/camping so that was the end of multiplayer.Also tried it on psn and its slightly better online although the usual ps3 lag spoils the fun.Very disappointed and within 4 weeks of release they re set to con you for DLC !!! wait till its peanuts n enjoy the short single player.

  Medal od Honor- should change it's name

| | See all DocKB1974's reviews (2)

I think this is becoming a trend with new games as of late. The campaign is incredibly detailed. The graphics are great, however I didn't get too far into the game as it froze up on me sort of. The first disc I had got stuck at the end of a mission and wouldn't progress to the next area of the level. I could still run around, shoot walls and such.After puttting the game in another XBox, using two different hard drives...etc I took it back. Got a new disc...and it happened again. So this game was pretty much dead in the water campaign wise right there.
I tried the online multiplayer- well The spawning system SUCKS!! If there is a sniper in thegame who knows where everyone is spawning at, you have had it. You will have no chance.I picked up on this myself, and in my 3rd game went 25-2. I was lucky...cause after that I couldn't leave the spawn. The missions go on forever too. Not much in the way of customization of your own charachter either. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.


| | See all ashg1974's reviews (1)

for 40 pounds the game play is far too short, the graphics are average if comparing it to the call of duty games,the online multiplayer is way behind the times come on this is 2010. hats of to the marketing department the convinced me into buying this game !
save your money buy it pre owned.


| | See all alfienerk's reviews (27)

far far far too short, took me about 4 hours, maybe even less! not good at all for 40 pounds. The campaign is stunningly beautiful and has some really nice features, for example leaning round cover and rolling which even COD could do well to adapt. Unfortunately the multiplayer doesnt use these and cant decide between battlefield or Cod. potential to be brilliant but like so many games these days maximum profits get in the way of making a descent game

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