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Dead Space 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  this game is awesome

| | See all Smithyboy519's reviews (1)

i bought the game as soon as it came out and to be honest i havent stopped playing it i have completed the campaign on various difficultys and im about to play through on my 8th turn the multilayer is great if you are a fan of dead space this is a great addition to the set also a great addition to your game stack i rate it a 5 as it is a great all round game which is still the best horror survival out there cant wait for the next one

  Like Dead space 1? You'll love this.

| | See all BlobsP's reviews (4)

They've taken Dead space 1 and made it better. My major complaint with Dead Space 1 was that after the first few chapters the whole, 'scary music', dark corridor, monster jumps out, routine gets a bit repetitive and so loses the 'scary' feel to the game. It didn't feel like that at all this time round for me.

There are also several new weapons + monsters which definitely adds to the game play and the number of new strategies you can employ, I definitely appreciated that. As well as a compelling storyline without a mute Isaac! Makes this a great game.

Some people complain about the U.I system that Dead Space has used, but I think its been made to complement the feel of the game, a horror game that you can't really pause...... makes sense to me.

Also the new location really helped allowing the creators to really build lots of different environment each with their own creepy/scary feel. Even though DS1 was good, the Ishimura can get a bit dull with its small metal corriders after awhile.

Lastly they've paid a lot of attention to the numerous deaths of Isaac. The first couple of times is great, but after about the fourth same animation you may wish you could skip it as it feels like the game is rubbing it your face about having killed you.

A few issues here but all in all the title says its all, this is a must get if you enjoyed DS1.

  Far better

| | See all Allstar180's reviews (92)

I played dead space 1 and to be honest I didn't like it one bit - I found the movement and animation to be un smooth and stiff when moving around and because of that shooting targets felt awkward . So for that reason I never played it again after 10 minutes of play.

To be honest I bought Dead Space 2 for two reasons; one because it was cheaper and two I am a fan of EA's games. From the moment I slipped into my engineer suit on I became addicted to the game throughout, and the animation on when you slip on the suit is amazing it reminds me of Iron Man, in fact I think they got the idea from that. This time round I found the movement and mechanics a lot more smooth and fluent which makes the gameplay far more enjoyable.

The only bad thing I have to say about DS2 is having to use your telekinesis or stump on a corpse to collect ammo and items. I found this very annoying and tedious at times as I found myself spending most of my time having to stump or use my telekinesis on corpses to get that all important ammo. Nevertheless this wasn't enough to ruin my experience. But it could still do without all that lark of stumping for ammo.

I wouldn't say DS2 is a great game but I would say its a very good game and definitely worth a play. The gameplay is pretty fun but isn't all that original, you cant help but notice its a bit similar to Fear but in 3rd person - tripping out seeing things that aren't there and things jumping out unexpectedly, and at times can be quite predictable, is nothing we haven't seen all before. But the whole concept of the game set in space and the fact its a 3rd person shooter is what makes this game worth every penny.


| | See all DarkDragonEye7's reviews (3)

After playing Dead Space 1 I really wanted some more action, as the first game was thrilling and overall a very good game. Having high expectations for Dead Space 2 I was really exited to play this one. Well Im very happy to say that Dead Space 2 is one of my favorite games of all time with a very good story, graphics and mostly AMAZING gameplay. You don't have a lot of guns to chose from personaly my favorite gun was the ripper. Although there are not many guns you can upgrade them to give them more damage. In general this is a game you need to have on your shelf.

  They're all going to burn for what they did to him...

| | See all 83Dave83's reviews (26)

I love the first game, but I have to say 'Dead Space 2' has improved on everything...

+ Great story
+ Improved animations and graphics
+ Main character talks and you see his face this time!
+ Very believable voice actors
+ Scripted action sequences are awesome
+ Zero-G is amazing, especially in space. Instead of jumping from A to B you use thrusters to control your movement
+ More weapons and previous ones are included
+ Interesting characters
+ Really like the way all levels flow into one
+ more monster variety
+ They amped up the blood, gore and guts!
+ Will make you jump and freak you out as much as the first
+ No annoying/hard shooting cannons at the monster/asteroids

- Power Nodes are far too expensive and rare for the amount of weapons and equipment you need to upgrade.

* For best experience play this game in the dark, with no lights on while wearing headphones!

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  New favourite franchise...

| | See all mitch692's reviews (2)

After playing the first Dead Space just over 6 months ago and loving that, and then finding out that Dead Space 2 was also out naturally I just had to buy it.........

after about 6 full playthroughs I can easily say that I love this series and I can say it again and again, despite personally feeling that it's no where near as challenging as the first one ( I got absolutely mullered in Dead Space 1 first time round ) it's on a whole different level to the first one it's more fluid and the actions scenes are amazing and really intense and has kept me playing through it again and again, as I said I personally don't find it any where near as challenging as the first even after finishing it on Zealot but that could be down to the new game +, I haven't yet started my Hardcore playthrough but that's down to lack of time and only having 3 saves and not able to do new game +, but it's just as thrilling and gripping as the first if not more the story is a vast improvement and the artwork is incredible the best I have seen in a game for years.

The multiplayer is a different story........it's marmite so your either going to love it or hate it, I was sceptical of it at first but then mates got it and then that's when it really shines for me, seeing as teamwork is a HUUUUUUGE! factor if you don't work together or if you get annoying kids shooting you in the back because they can't aim you will hate it, despite the humans having a huge strength advantage you can and will be easily torn down if you are "lone wolfing" it.

but all in all it's an amazing game with stunning visual with easy to grasp controls with intense action scenes, a brilliant step up to the first Dead Space

Story: 10/10
Multiplayer: 8/10

A must buy for any gamer!!

  My favourite game of this generation.

| | See all fantastico1's reviews (3)

if you haven't got round to this one yet, at this price you have no excuse.
My favourite game of this generation so far. The great but simple story provides ample motivation for this gore fest. The gameplay is perfectly tuned and the weapons are satisfying and provide a lot variety.

The atmosphere / sound design and art is superb throughout, truly terrifying at times.
Check it out.

  One Hell of a rollercoaster ride!

| | See all ninjalovergirl's reviews (6)

Dead Space has now become one of my favourite game franchises ever. If you like action horror, this game is for you. It is deliciously creepy. And like the first game, the unique way you kill the necromorphs is back. I would suggest playing Dead Space 1 first though, that is also a great game (it did horror better than DS2, but DS2 has done action better), and you will understand the story for Dead Space 2.

I find this franchise seriously underrated. It's just amazing. And it's funny, people think it is so scary, but I find Silent Hill a lot more terrifying than this. This game is more gory than anything.

In DS2, I feel that the character development of Isaac makes this game even better than the first. You get to see his face a lot, they have made him look so handsome and now he actually talks! His suits look so cool too. I always get excited when I find new suit schematics. I can't wait to try them lol!

The game makes you feel for all that poor Isaac has gone through. It has some great psychological aspects to it. Because of Isaac's character development, he has become one of my favourite characters ever.

There are some very touching moments in this game. The action sequences are amazing and the horror can leave you on the edge of your seat. I especially like the start of the game. It puts you right into the action and leaves you feeling vulnerable, it reminds me of the start of the first game. Brilliant!

The only thing I think is lacking is the amount of horror. It can get a little boring at times. The scariness of the necromorphs goes down once you get use to them.

I think it would of been better if they tried to get you feeling tense throughout the whole game, not knowing what may happen and doing more things to scare you when you are feeling safe and least expecting it.

Apart from that, I adore this game. I just hope EA doesn't screw up DS3.

  No Help, No Comfort, Bring it on.

| | See all WadeySix's reviews (1)

In Dead Space 1, you were meant to feel alone, helpless and outnumbered, and you felt that way on many occasions. The same applies on Dead Space 2. Even though Isaac Clarke has survived a previous Necromorph infestation, by no means is this one any easier to deal with. There are more shadows for them to lurk in, more places for ambush, for places for the to swarm you, and bigger and smarter enemies who keep you on edge throughout, and just to spice it up a bit, Isaac now has Dementia and he has 'visions' through out the game which are put in VERY well and certainly were creepy to me. The 'visions' are not cut scenes, they happen as you play, and sometimes you are threatened. If you loved Dead space 1, you will LOVE this one, I personally would advise playing Dead Space 1 before this game, just so it all makes a bit more sense, but either way this game is FANTASTIC, the graphics, the tension, the animations, the voice actors, all amazing, really draws you in!.
5* gaming