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Batman: Arkham City

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  Very good.

| | See all MattD1983's reviews (11)

following on from the previous Batman Arkham game, Arkham city continues to impress.
the gam looks smooth and the vdeo interludes are dark, moody and well produced, giving the game a great graohic novel feel.
the gameplay is improved with fighting, running and grappling all seeming improved.
the missions are difficult enough to keep it interesting without becoming frustrating.
the game also has free DLC for a catwoman mission once you start it up, bonus.

  fantastic game all round!

| | See all coldplay1992's reviews (1)

easily the best superhero game i've ever played, probably a strong contender for my favourite game of 2011 and just hours and hours of fun. although the main story could be called short, the side missions, riddler trophies and challenge maps provide hours and hours of fun. a must buy for any batman fan.


| | See all murray212's reviews (2)

I have played many different super hero games. However I have never enjoyed one more than this. I bought and enjoyed Arkham Asylum and this is much better by far

buy now!!!


| | See all Kingsly619's reviews (21)

I don't know how any one can complain about this game, it took all the best features out of the first game and rolled it into this one and improved on it.
This game is awesome, and Gotham is huge and you can go wherever you want, there are plenty of side missions that will keep you busy, the graphics and the acting by the characters are faultless, I have played this game for hours and still not even dented it.
overall well worth a play if you like strategy mixed with violence then this is the game for you!


| | See all MrNoble's reviews (11)

I am a huge batman fan and will say that this will not dissapoint anyone. For people who are not so much as fans but admirerers of the character it is a well written and well thorough third person adventure with lots of fighty bits too :) this is a very entertaining treat that will be enjoyed by many.

  Good...But missing something.

| | See all Jol2007's reviews (11)

After absolutely loving the last game, I had high hopes for the sequel. This is still a brilliant game, but unfortunately like another reviewer mentioned, you are forced into large scale fights to get through the game. The stealth options are still there, but on many occasions 7 ore more enemies stand guarding the entrance to the next section. Part of the appeal of the last game was sneaking around and the satisfaction of being unseen. Although the city is very impressive, it lacks some of the claustrophobic feel of the Asylum. There are various side quests and the like, but the actual campaign mode is over very quickly. Also, bear in mind that if you buy this game second hand, you won't be able to play as catwoman - which the game reminds you about constantly if you haven't got. You feel punished for not buying the game new on a regular occasion, the DLC is 800 points extra from memory. Still a good game, but I'd suggest waiting until the cost of the new game drops to around the 15-20 mark.

  good but i think i prefered the first

| | See all finchy421's reviews (19)

This is a great game by any standards but i think it's not as fun to play as the first which i thought was amazing.
I found with the first i was not wanting to go out as i wanted to play it to the end and collect everything, with this one i have needed to false myself to play it, once im playing i can't put it down but something about it seems more of a chore.
Don't get me wrong it is a must buy for anyone as the graphics great (yet so much time spent in detective mode can make you miss these) the gameplay is great and i love the fact there are loads of bad guys with guns so you have to think about how to attack rather then just jumping down and laying the smacketh down on all there candy arses!
Like the cat women addition to as it add's a little something extra to the game.

As a whole i would give this 4.5 out of five as there just seems to be about it preventing the 5/5

  Excellent but frustrating in places

| | See all oooohBetty's reviews (7)

Just finished! Wanted it because 1st game was awesome! Scenery is amazing, but to crack this game alot of time is spent in detective mode, which maybe takes away from this a bit. Great fun jumping about the rooftops & plenty of action! Great storyline & side missions. Some of the riddler trophies are quite tricky to get & didn't enjoy having to use the remote controlled batarang to bash switches! Argh! Particularly the one's that require going through electric fields 1st!! Mr Freeze chasing me freaked me out! LOL! Would have given it 5 if not for some of the frustrating bits that take too long to perfect.

  Top 10 of 2011 by far

| | See all suarez4lfc's reviews (1)

Batman Arkham City, is probably one of the most outstanding games of 2011. This is because of the improved graphics, the extra gameplay as Catwoman, more villians than Arkham Asylum such as Joker returning, Riddler back but you can actually see him than listening to him, Harley Quinn is back at Jokers side, Bane but as a side mission, Killer Croc, as a easter egg, Poison Ivy (Boss but when you play as Catwoman), Zsasz as a side mission and new characters such as, Mr Freeze, Hugo Strange, Clayface, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing (DLC), Two-Face, Calender Man, Hush, Azrael, The Penguin, The Abromivichi Twins, Deadshot, Talia Al Ghul. Ra's Al Ghul, Mad Hatter, Black Mask, Solomun Grundy, and Alfred. Also the map is way more bigger than Asylum, as you've got the whole of Arkham City to explore, plus more riddles to find, new mode called New Game Plus this makes the game more harder. But the best bit is that you get to play is the Batman experience of a lifetime in one of the best games of 2011 and probably the best Batman games of a lifetime.