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TRON Evolution

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Hard but enjoyable

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Tron Evolution take place just before the new movie. you play a security program created by Flynn traveling though the Tron Universe to stop a corrupt program change the grid forever.

You will die a lot in this game and it is easy to get disheartend but stick with it as the story makes up for that. Its not the best looking game out there with the setting in black and white and the graphics are not out of this world but its a good game to work though. You get to use lightcycles and tanks and you can upgrade your performance and abilities with disc mods.

It has Multiplayer that works well for a game like this.

Over all I do enjoy this game but it one that I play every once in a while, as I do tend to shout at the screen if I die one to many times

  TRON Evolution

| | See all ajhockham's reviews (20)

I loved this game. The graphics are brilliant as is the gameplay. Its got decent plot to it witch is set before the Tron Legacy Movie. I totally recomend this!

  mixed opinionns

| | See all Tinkerbell66's reviews (40)

I think this game is ok. The jumping is so frustrating your character misses everthing you jump for. The combat is good. The light cycle feels very stiff to control as does the tank. The camera keeps zooming in and out all the time. The multiplayer is fun but it does not run on a good system. You get move upgrades so you could just punch and throw your disc. But the guy your facing could do groundpounds and stuff but its great fun mostly the team based game types i think its worth a rent. Also the constant neon blue enviroment starts getting boring to look at after about 10 minutes. If you are a fan of the tron universe you carnt go wrong with this game.

  Tron is like Prince of Persion in neon

| | See all Monkeybrain's reviews (17)

The game plays out a lot like the good prince of persia games so if you like them you'll like this. The controls are great and are not complicated. You actually have to think about what you are doing and how to traverse the environments rather than it be on rails, again much like Prince of persia. If I have fallen off and died its my own fault for not doing what I should have and no fault of the games design. The combat has been deliberately designed to make sure you keep moving and not just stand there and button mash. To be more powerful you need to use acrobatics and disc moves to dominate your opponents. The lightcycles require getting used to as you need to memorise the level. It's very easy to fall off and die. These sections can be tricky but they are a lot of fun. The game also supports Playstation Move for the lightcycle sections (PS3 version only) for added immersion.The tank levels are fun as you feel very overpowered compared to the competition.

I haven't tried the online yet as I have been focusing on the singleplayer but it does look very impressive. Any experience points and upgrades you unlock online can also be used in the single player mode.

The graphics in the game are great and despite a limited colour scope (black and neon colours). The lighting and reflections make things seem real in a unreal world. Speaking of Unreal it uses the Unreal engine and holds up very well. The backgrounds make the scope of the environments look epic. The cinematics can look brilliant at times but sometimes it looks worse than the ingame graphics. This is mainly because the game looks so sharp and vibrant that the cutscenes look soft by comparrison. The game can also be played in 3D on compatable televisions (PS3 version only).

Sound design is top notch and the voiceovers are very accurate. Not all the cast from the new film lent their voice to the game but the stand ins fit perfectly. The music matches the mood of the game and sounds a bit retro (like the 80's film). The game also supports DTS audio (PS3 version only) which is better than the standard Dolby Digital.

The story is quite essential if you like the Tron universe. It is basically the second part of a trilogy. It links directly into the new film, and the film does reference events that happen in the game, and believe me there are big events that happen in this game. The Tron universe is represented very well.

So for fans of the film it is essential. It plays great, looks great and has an essential story. For non fans it is a great game that you will enjoy. It also serves are a good introduction to the new enhanced Tron universe that will be in cinemas in December 2010.


This review only applies to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The versions on other platforms are not the same and I have not played them. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are exactly the same with the exception of 3D graphics, Motion control and DTS sound which are exclusive to the PS3 version.

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