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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Wheres the Resident Evil gameplay of old?

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This game severely dissapointed me in several ways, with the general reason being what have Capcom done to what was once a great Survival Horror game?

What happened to the resident evil gameplay of old, with lots of puzzles to solve, picking up items few and far between, from pheasable places and not only this, it just isnt scary any more

Now you go room to room fighting off hordes of what can only be described as a clone of the rage virus from the 28 days later movie, only to be rewarded by the bodies turning into extra boxes of bullets, or maybe a semi-interesting cutscene

Dont get me wrong fans of 3rd person adventure/shooter games will probably love this but if your looking for old school gameplay of the old resident evils, i highly recommend you steer clear. What i can see is a great game, but it wasnt what i was looking for as an old resi fan, and expecting survival horror i couldnt have been more dissapointed

If, however you want a modern take on old resident evil gameplay i highly recommend Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS


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Resident Evil 5 has overall lost it's horror factor from the previous games in the series, and can only really be considered as a action/adventure game. You basically have to go through levels completing puzzles and killing zombies, which is a good combination, although sometimes the puzzles can be considered tricky for the more unexperienced. The good thing is there isn't many of them. You also can collect loads of guns and other wepons and upgrade them, when fully upgraded the gun will have unlimited ammo so you can attempt time trials, if unlimited ammo isn't your thing you can turn it off. There's also a bunch of collectables which give the game an amazing replay value, making it a worthy purchase. Now the "gold edition" comes with extra levels and extra achievements, so honestly at the price why not give it a purchase as you can't go wrong with it!

  Great Game

| | See all Somebodi14's reviews (1)

It says in the techinical details on that you need to be have an internet connection to download the free stuff

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  Superb Edition of a Great Game

| | See all NotoriousTom's reviews (1)

SuperRobster you really should have read this line;

Please Note: Internet connection required to access in-game unlockables

So the only thing wrong with the game was that you didn't read about it.

Excellent game, and at that price, i suggest buying.


| | See all Ace781's reviews (9)

I've been playing the resident evil games since the 1st release on the old PS1, and regardless of some niggling issues with each of them they each kept me far more entertained to be a loyal fan of teh series... with that said, resident evil 5... is by far no resident evil 1-Code veronica... having moved away from the zombie story like RE4 but don't let that put you off, as 5 is awesomely done and with a co-op mode and other features it will keep you coming back for more time and time again... both me and my friend have played this amazing adaptation on co-op mode approximately 30 times on easy, normal and hard, we're currently going thru the pro mode...
but with the extra additions of the gold edition i've decided that as soon as can get the cash im gona buy that version also :D

the other thing i like about 5 tho is the shear ease in being able to play straight away... aiming is more responsive, although playing on a controller never does a game justice but 5 seems to have ignored that issue...

highly recommend....

  One of the best games on xbox

| | See all Airwalk's reviews (2)

Resident Evil 5 is an amazing game. Even though it's been out for a few years now, it still looks and plays better than a lot of the new stuff coming out now.

The gold edition is great value for money. It contains resident evil 5 game plus ALL the DLC (downloadable content) all for around 13pounds. It would cost more than that to download the 2 extra levels included in the gold edition. That's before you take into account, versus mode, extra costumes and other content. So great value. I sold my original res evil 5 game for 8pounds to a friend and brought this for 13pounds, so for just over a fiver, i've got what would have cost me over 20pounds if i'd d/loaded it all from xbox live.

Now here's the snag, and the only reason i didnt give this a 5 * rating. Although you do get ALL the extras with this game. You get them in the form of a code which allows you to d/load it all for free. I know the PS3 blu rays hold more data so can easily have all the extra content on 1 disc, but it wouldn't have hurt to make the gold edition a 2disc game. I don't have broadband where i live but luckily my brother does, so i just pop round his and update and d/load everything i need. I know most people have broadband now but not everyone does. I think it is a bit misleading when you read all the "extras" that the gold edition offers and then find out you have to download it all. As i said, not a problem for most, but a real issue for some of us. Broadband is definatly taken for granted by those who can get it.

Other than that, can't fault it.

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  one of the best games ive ever played

| | See all andybgc's reviews (19)

i love all the resi games and although this is a little more combat and a lot less puzzles and scares its still up there with the best. ive owned this on both 360 and ps3 and this pack with the downloadable content is a bargin. for those new to the game. you should get this over the original release hands down, i love playing the levels over and over getting lots of cash to buy and upgrade weapons. the co op is better on the xbox but for those of you without xbox live you cant use the extra content as you have to download it. Where as on the ps3 its all on this disc so you dont have to worry about being connected to the internet to enjoy the extra levels.(obviously as a blu ray disc can hold more info) all in all a wicked game.


| | See all mystery95's reviews (1)

i bought this game for only 12 pounds and it is amazing, i have played past resident evils and loved them. i have completed it on professional mode and i am still playing it again. if you haven't already, buy it!


| | See all SuperRobster's reviews (1)

I bought this for my dad for his birthday cause he is a real hardcore resident evil fan. He heard this verson had extra content already and my dad loves having any special features and unlockables. Little did he know upon completing the game he saw there was no unlockables which the game said was included which is also written on the box, little did we know you need to be connected to x box live, which is misleading because I could of just bought the original. So I don't see a difference apart from a code on the back of the manual which entitles you to have the content.

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  5 stars!!

| | See all rickgdavies's reviews (1)

I've always been a big fan of Resident evil but I was cautious about 5 when it came along as it was so different to the previous entries but my worries were soon washed away. The controls are fantastic. The level design is great. The enemies are well designed and new ones are introduced as you get further on into the game adding more variety and challenge. there's even plenty of extra modes with multiplayer and the mercenaries mode. The only bad points are is the AI for your second character Shiva can be pretty bad on the harder settings but apart from that a terrific game. And it's even better in co-op. 18 quid is a bargain for this.

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