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Final Fantasy XIII: Limited Collector's Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Best RPG in a while

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I know this game has recieved a lot of negative reviews for its liniarity but I don't agree completely, FFX had the exact same issues but it was just less noticable.

The combat system in this game is fantastic, fast paced and energetic and battles can finish as quickly or slowly as you like.

The storyline is great, however its required that you read all the primers and world history documents in the datalog, its also a good idea to read the Fabula Mythology online as this is very badly portrayed in the game, the game refferences events that are scarcly mentioned previously. The player has no idea quite who 'The Maker' is, or why everyone wants to meet him/her.

The story is solid but told in a very unusual way.

The lack of towns and NPC's is quite a let down but not something too noticable due to the areas you explore.

Once you hit Gran Pulse its side quests everywhere, though these are only Monster hunting missions and don't take too long.

The leveling system is very unusuai, if a character is in your party they gain Crystarium Points, if a character is dead they also gain points, if they aren't in your party they gain points, and even if they're characters that you previousy had on your team but have since left to explore without the main party... they STILL ger Crystarium points, whilst I understand this is for the sake of keeping the party levelled up it also ruins the gameplay a litle, I don't need to use Hope if I don't like him because he can level up in the background anyway.


The soundtrack throws away some of the musical staples of the story but also creates a few new ones, the batle theme is great and so are many other tracks.

This is a final fantasy game thats best played twice, towards the end some things are explained that would have been better explained early in the game ut weren't.

  Good but FF is losing itself every release

| | See all Darkangel321's reviews (2)

In my and any other true Final Fantasy fans opinion. FF7 was the best final fantasy release to date. the ATB system and immense story line lead the franchise to be what it is today.

Starting from FF11 with the real time battle system things are slowly going more and more down hill, where i am loosing faith at all in these games. though 13 is a good game graphicly that means nothing when it comes to the true nature of a Final fantasy game. they really need to go back the old ways of ATB and explorable maps. and for the love of god bring back random battles this battle system sucks.

Even to this day though i play my 360 Live a lot there is a fair amount of nostalgia that arises every time i see something related to the old style final fantasy. to which i feel i have to pay homage by creating a new file and bashing Sephiroth one more time.

All in all a good game.
But it is not a true Final fantasy game

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  A Must Have

| | See all MasterGrax's reviews (8)

First of all I am suprised at the negative reviews this game is getting, mainly people who have not completed the 2nd disc so in my opinion should not be writing a review.
I got this the day it came out, I am still playing it occasionally now trying to complete all the side quest hunts.
First off all I understand a lot of people being disapointed and saying its very linear gameplay. Yes this is true until you get to chapter 11, which is disc 3 you can only progress through the story and you cannot wander too far. Even when you get to Chapter 11 unfortunately there are not too many side hunts you can go on at your experience level, its best to wait until after the story.
The graphics are just mindblowing as SquareEnix live up to their Final Fantasy name with the latest mindblowing graphics. The storyline is expertly written and I just couldn't wait to get to the next cut scene, by the time i got to chapter 11 and could choose to go off and do hunts, I decided to complete the story first as it is very gripping.
The story took me 50-55 hours to complete so the story itself has got a ton of value.
The side hunts however I think is the weak point of the game, they are very repetitive and there are 64 in all.
Yes 64 side missions just telling you to go kill X monster wit it getting harder and harder each time.
Although the battles are fun and testing I am disapointed with the side content no minigames just fighting, although it is fun.

In conclusion I was glued to this game, my addiction I guess i will call it stopped when i completed the story and got to hunt 11, completed that and then got bored. I still occasionally play it now and then still doing the odd hunt but once you have done them all with 5 star rating there is little to no replay value. Although that would take you over hundred hours so you get a lot of value.
Stunning Graphics
Amazing Gameplay
Gripping Story
Over a hundred hours of gameplay
A more advanced skill tree system to final fantasy 10
A very simple to use and excellent battle system
Battle graphics and motions are very good

Very linear taking around 30-35 hours until you can free roam
Lack of activities to do only fighting no side mini games like in previous final fantasys
Very repetitive hunt system
Looks like there will be no DLC although Square Enix are still yet to make a decision about this.

Although the cons this is in my opinion the best xbox 360 game out there, I think its a must have/play for all xbox 360 owners, it is a completely new experience and I and many people I know were completely blown away by this game.

I would also recommend you buy the guide as well, it is very helpful and has some great tips and all the maps to help you get around.

I brought the collectors Edition version of the game, I brought it mainly because I am a collector of Final Fantasy games, if you are a big final fantasy fan or collector I would recommend the collector's edition for the extras, but if you are just looking for a new game I would probably recommend the normal version as the extras with the collectors edition may not be worth the extra money to you.

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  (Almost) A Masterpiece.

| | See all Arlechinno's reviews (2)

as i write this i am currently at the begining of Disk2 and that's nearly seven and a half hours in, so if you don't like long games this isn't for you. Especially if you don't like cut-scene filled games either.

Now that's over with, i must say the first thing that hits you is the visuals. They are outstanding, baring a couple of odd overlays and texture difficulties, this game is visually breathtaking. the combat system itself is an amalgamation of older systems, like the Sphere grid from Final Ten and i find is also alike to the learning system from Final Nine. The difference in the Crystarium system is it is how you level, with varying job classes, which relate to the combat system and how you fight within it. As you battle your way through you use the Paradigm combat system, which offsets your party's abilitys in different combinations, to capitalise on combinations of magic, attack and healing among other things. and without spoiling things the new Eidolons will have you drooling in your seats.

To me, this is a small side note, the game itself is highly linear. with little or nothing to do except focus singly on the plot itselt, but that to me is no bad thing as the plot is epic in scale, and fantastic in it's execution.

i myself bought the collectors edition: while it isn't what i thought it'd be, it's still well worth the addition monies. due largely because i collect the Final Fantasy games and have no intention of getting rid of them ever.

If your a fan of the series, Invest in it. if not, It's possibly better to stay away from this game as a starting point the getting into them.

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  a bit of a letdown

| | See all stephengbell's reviews (1)

To start with this game is the most beautiful ever! the first disc is an immense joy which leaves you marvelling. Then it starts to drag. Far to linear, far too repetitve, every battle is dull from disc 2 onwards. the game is far too in love with itself. All style very little substance. The cut scenes are the equivilant of watching a bad channel 5 film. Loved FF7 and this is the first one I have played since. More than a little disappointed for 40 quid.

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| | See all BoldMikeCool26's reviews (7)

Hi guys and gals I just have to say what a game I have never touched the Final fantasy games before but i was brought in by my mates.

This game is awesome I have read the other reviews and I totally agree with all of them Square Enix want to make films not games they know how to keep the story going.

The graphics are stunning and they have tried to capture all the little apects of detail which makes it ever more real I.E hair blowing in the wind a tear drop etc.

This game has an awesome soundtrack as well I'm not a fan of leona lewis but her contribution is well deserving of an applaud not too much but not too little either but a massive appluad to Masashi Hamauzu he has done another wonder with the sound for this game he knows how each scene should sound with gentle melodies to some heavy almost dynasty warriors music stuff which i'm into.

The one shock I got was this game is on THREE DISCs thats the most I have ever had before. I still managed to download them all to the hard drive on my 360 though.

The characters are really good they all have their own distinguishing features and they have been well thought about my only beef with the characters are the names I almost feel like they gave up on thinking about the names but I'm sure you aint bothered.

The battle seqence wasn't that hard to get the hold of which was nice to hear because by reading how the battle is going to work in this game made it out to be more complicated than it is but it is easy to get used to.

The enemies are good as well there is a wide variety of enemies and to my biggest point you see them on the map now they don't just appear out of thin air which i have seen on FF10 etc you have to run in to them to start a battle now which is more realistic.

I should wrap this up to anyone reading this buy buy buy you won't be disappointed its almost real life.


| | See all solanumus's reviews (9)

Very rarely have i come across a game where i can fall in love with the characters and almost bond with them, like halo players to master chief or MGS to snake, FFXIII has most definately delivered a game where you get to bond with the characters and get into the game the way it should be played, the cutscenes are just as interesting and epic as the gameplay and over all an incredible buy, i cant wait to see how much is left of the game for me and considering there are three disks, there must be a damn lot of it.

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  Epic gaming.

| | See all Hardboiledcop's reviews (10)

I've been a huge fan of the games since Final Fantasy 7, a game that had what most hollywood movies craved. Great visual and a top story. A dozen years later and we are here with FF XIII. This entry in the series brings back everything you loved, but also adds new elements that expand the gameplay greatly. I'm not finished just yet, but the game has sucked me in from the beginning. The visuals are superb, the cut scenes rival most CG animated movies, Square have finally been forgiven for FF: The Spirits Within (A film I actually enjoyed though).
The only flaws in this game is the linear gameplay and a certain annoying character, but the flaws aren't bad enough to lower from a 5 star rating.
Buy it, play it, love it and then play it again. A good years gaming will be well spent.

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  I think Square Enix are wanting to become movie producers!?

| | See all Yiazamat's reviews (5)

Awesome graphics, cleverly scripted storyline which makes MGS4 look even shorter with cutscenes included and a cleverly designed battle system.

One Issue though... Extremely linear! This game is composed of 13 chapters and the first 11 feel like you are playing the whole section of Midgar in FFVII. There is only one major area to explore (Gran Pulse) with is an oversized area like the Calm Lands of FFX and thats where the majority of the missions take place (thats if youre a completionist) but the 99% of the maps are just a straight line running from A to B.

The Crystalium leveling system is alot more basic than you may think its designed like a Talent Point System from WoW and by the time you find areas where you can powerlevel. But Square have decided to penalise people for that since you can only increase attributes to a level Cap and it will not increase till you defeat the chapter boss. This is a clever approach which makes every boss battle challenging and you actually need strategy to beat them (no more insane ULTIMA Weapons or Celestial Blitzballs to 1 hit overkill your enemy).

From my experience from completing the JP version which I own. There is no exclusive EU superbosses either (with the exception to a special Adamantoise) The game is story driven and beats the purpose of exploration. But I think making a game at this calibur for the PS3 and 360 would probably take 10+ years to develop.

To evaluate this. Think of this game as a MGS4 version of the RPGS.

To those who are Persona and other Hardcore JRPG fans you will feel dissappointed with your purchace.

But we still have FFXIII Versus (PS3 Excl.) and FFXIII Agito for the PSP to come out.

I dont see how they are anywhere near related to original however.

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