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2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  2010 Fifa World Cup SA

| | See all krisedwards1988's reviews (1)

This is totally amazing. The graphics and content is out of this world. I am normally not a real football game fan, but cannot stop praising this game well done to the developers.

  Best Fifa game out there

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

i give this game 5 stars, simply because of the graphics, the gameplay and the animations. I've played every FIFA there is to play, as im a Leeds Utd fan and like there new updated rosters etc, the gameplay in them have always been a bit......stiff, if you like, but this FIFA world cup game, the gameplay is just so much more realistic. The feel of the players, and the ball just feels 10 x better than the other FIFAs. And showing the managements reactions on the touchline is a great little touch. The only thing i'm not too impressed about is when you score....your players always run to/through the corner flag, then it shows like a clip of them celebrating, and there in front or behind the goal, or in the middle of the pitch...when they've just been running towards the corner flag, they could have improved on this a lot, but apart from that, this is probably the best FIFA and the best football game i've ever played. Graphics are immense.

  nearly man of the match

| | See all blanchman's reviews (22)

the newest addition to fifa irons out one or two of the problems with the previous game (that niggly chipping system) but the goalkeeper ai still needs some attention. adding in the crowd and manager cutscenes is a good idea aswell, but slightly overused in some points. I like the new game modes and online play is healthy but being in a qualifying group with argentina spain and brazil was unrealistic, despite ea's efforts with the low star teams online acheivements im still playing against the same teams. but overall definetly worth buying if your a fifa fan.

  Good improvments from the last FIFA, still some flaws though

| | See all Jimroot182's reviews (1)

The new addition to the FIFA family has good improvments, the play seems more realistic with the pace of gameplay finally being able to be controlled properly, the passing is a lot better as it seems to flow more naturally and not ping about like in the last FIFA, chipped shots arent as cheap as they were before, the player animations seem amazing without faltering when it comes to crispness or feeling arcady. The coaches and fans are a brilliant touch, however they are shown too much, more subtle would be better, the goalkeepers still make silly mistakes leaving you wondering what was going on at the back, their AI still needs a lot of work.
And I'm still undecided as to whether I like the new penalty system, It takes more time to master and seems better, making the shootouts more exciting, but at the same time, it's easy to fluff up and jsut blaim it on the new system.
But overall i really enjoy this update and look forward to FIFA 11, hopefully with some new goalkeeper AI.

  improves FIFA 10 in some areas but worsens in others

| | See all DanyJr's reviews (3)

The Good
* No more cheap chipping
* No more goalie out.
* Less ping-pong passing
* Graphics, sound and overall presentation
* Penalties
* More variety in scoring

The Bad
* Ping-pong passing still exists
* Virtually no one plays a 3 or lower star team online
* Manual player selection (right analogue stick) doesn't seem to always work
* Goalkeeper bugs (pass back bug and other annoying bugs such as letting easy goals in)

The Ugly
* Defensive play is far worse than FIFA 10. In every match you get 1on1 with GK dozens of times. This is not realistic.
* Referee is an absolute joke, 1 out of 3 times you charge your goalie out the ref shows the penalty spot no matter how clean your tackle or catch is. Same applies to sliding tackles from defenders. Worse is when you're show red cards for that as well!

Verdict: Overall, a good game, but not worth the full price imo unless you are a die-hard fan. I would stick with FIFA 10 until FIFA 11 comes out.

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  Excellent stop-gap

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

Whilst Fifa may be accused of over saturating the market, once you've played this excellent game you'll agree that it is worth the price. The game gives a fantastic representation of the tournament itself, steeped in atmosphere and well presented. Whilst the in game options are slim, theres the obvious, full campaigns and online. Whilst this may seem a stopgap between 10 and 11, there's a lot of improvements in the gameplay. A good game and great to play with friends.

  Almost perfect

| | See all Healy360's reviews (28)

This is a dramatic improvement from previous run of the mill tournament games such as FIFA World Cup 06 and Euro 2008, it only improves slightly on FIFA 10, but it was enough of an improvement to buy it because for me personally, I wasn't a fan of the changes to FIFA 10 from FIFA 09.
The best thing about this game is the options available such as Online FIFA World Cup mode which allows you to play as your favourite nation against others online, resulting in an overall table depending on how successful fans are of each country (at the moment Mexico top it by a long way, somehow). This gives you a sense of pride in playing your home country against another players home country online, making victory all the more sweeter if you're English and beat a German player.

Graphics are generally the same, and play has been slightly changed, only slightly, to make life easier for beginners - which is a good call by EA as they clearly knew that casual gamers would be buying this for the World Cup hype.

Penalties have changed whereas you can hesitate as you run up to the ball, confusing the goalkeeper, but this has generally been made too difficult, it's a lot harder to score a penalty than previous FIFA's.
The only gripe I have is in reference to the non existant Online co-op - unfortunatley it's only 2-player vs. - it would have been SO much better if a 4-player co-op etc could have been incorporated, whereas 2 mates online could play England, and 2 other mates online could play Germany - for example.

Overall though, quality game, it'll keep you going until FIFA 11, sure the price could of been a tenner of at least, but the game in it's own right is packed full of options for it not to run stale.

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  Really Great

| | See all ElNino93's reviews (1)

I Bought this game a couple of days after it was released and all i can say is it is amazing. The atomosphere on the game is a big change from the normal Fifa games and i cannot wait to play it during the real world cup as well! I rate this game 5/5 also the online world cup is genius! Thanks for reading.

  A great game apart from the cheating

| | See all alexadorjan's reviews (2)

Overall I think this is a great game. I can't say I'm that much into football but I enjoy the games especially fifa as they seem the most realistic compared to say PES. As other reviewers have said EA seem have spent all their time and recources looking into goal celebrations rather than the lead up to the goal and this is where I think the game falls short. Players are shrugged off the ball too easily and don't put up any fight, you don't have any real say of where you're passing the ball. My main beef with the game is the CYC. I have become a fan favourite off fifa's create a character as you see your own player develop over time. In this game, however, I find that the game itself is against me and doesn't want me to develop. Where man of the match is concerned I find myself being cheated, if say Wayne Rooney scores a goal he gets a match rating of about 9.9 and is substituted off and keeps his match rating even though he was only on the pitch for 10 minutes and you are left struggling to obtain a higher rating even though you've scored about 10 goals yourself and running around the pitch for 90 minutes. The best thing about the game is the world cup season going through all the qualifiers and eventually the finals if you get that far and seeing your country to the win. Graphically the game is as good as other next gen football games on the market and overall the game creates a great atmosphere for the player and you acheive true patriotism in your living room/bedroom.


| | See all wilkomachine's reviews (3)

exellent game with much improved graphics and gameplay from fifa 10. i think the cut scenes and the images of players and managers are really accurate. i dont even play fifa 10 anymore as its such a stepdown from this game. i just hope EA make fifa 11 just like this