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2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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| | See all RJAYJOHNSON's reviews (5)

Top quality! Basically an improved FIFA 10! Enjoy playing with the international teams as i never play with international teams on the annual FIFA games. The World Cup itself is easily the best mode, if you do the full version where you go through official qualifying fixtures with legendary difficulty, nice little touches throughout such as the commentators mentioning the scores from other teams in the group while your playing, also sound effects, celebrations and improved player ratings at the end of the game! Penalties are much better, where u actually need some ability to score them and are even worth playing. 4 Stars simply beacuse its a World Cup game and will not be relavent come August. Must Buy!!!


| | See all KiLLerWaTT's reviews (3)

It's a really good game with stunning graphics and gameplay, I recommend it to all. Yes there are the odd errors but you always expect that from a game. The best feature of the game in my opinion is the penalty shootouts, they made the penalty's harder to score so it's more realistic, to be honest they were easy to score on FIFA 10 so it's good they did this. Captain you're country is really good to, you and your mates can make yourself and play through the whole world cup! Must buy for all Football Fans, bring on the world cup!!!

  Good but overpriced

| | See all northy's reviews (91)

Having fifa 10 i was not going to bother getting this but after playing the demo i loved it so i made a purchase. The graphics are slightly improved with some nice additions such as the cut scenes. There is the world cup mode which is spot on plus you have captain your country etc.
Im really enjoying the game but it loses 1 star because this should be cheaper, say around 30 notes as its similer to Fifa 10 and Fifa 11 will be out later this year.

  An Improved Version Of FIFA10....

| | See all Calvin13's reviews (2)

If you liked FIFA10 then you will love this, improved in many different aspects and feels like the total football game. Passing, shooting, tackling, everything feels so realistic and it feels amazing when you score a goal, even in the qualifying nevermind the final rounds! Definitely must be purchased if you were a FIFA10 fan and hopefully FIFA11 will be the same as this, if its better then you won't have played a football game like it, amazing!

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  Plain Awful!!

| | See all Sharky2010's reviews (1)

What are EA sports doing really? they get some things right and mess up the things that were ok before. The button delay on and offline when passing or shooting or doing anything for that matter is just soooo poor and i have 50mb broadband there shouldnt be any delay but there is! its the same story with fifa 10 now its either the EA servers or something that is making it such a nightmare online why cant you just get it right its 21st century now!....honestly dont waste your money buying this because they have made the game worse than fifa 10 instead of improving it.

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  Fantastic gameplay much improved! With nice extra touches!

| | See all Petebrfc's reviews (1)

By far the best in the series gameplay wise if your good at the game and enjoy fifa! You will notice major improvements in shooting finesse shots curling first touches are excellent particularly when chested you can chest the ball down and away in certain directions! Something what would always screw you on FIFA 10! The shooting/finishing is improved and the game speed can be adjusted to your preference as per! The graphics have improved so much too! Most noticeable when you switch back to FIFA 10! The game is much more fluid with more intelligent goalkeepers and is full of new flicks and tricks! However its a world cup game and not FIFA 11 which is why I can only give it 4/5 due to limited modes etc its possibly not worth 39.99! Although if this is anything to go by FIFA 11 will be the best yet by far! However if i could change something it would be to quit showing the crowd close up on certain cut scenes dancing etc.. As they still do and always will suck! I would also work on the audio although the in game commentary is excellent - the on pitch sounds etc are rubbish get rid of the sound of the ball hitting the side netting which doesnt sound right at all you hardly/never hear that anyway in football instead use realistic sounds for the ball rattling the post or the advertising boards behind like in real football maybe even add in the bang of a crunching tackle! FIFA 11 shouldnt just be pretty options to dive and show dissent should be added but probably wont!

  Bring the World Cup home early!

| | See all Timewar's reviews (15)

This Fifa version may not last as long as Fifa 10 but as far as the World Cup goes then this game has it all, every team in the World Cup and even teams who did not make it and i mean teams you ain't even heard of also all the players and stadiums.

  Stick to fifa 10

| | See all jimthered's reviews (1)

This game (fifa)has gone backwards in my opinion.It seems to be a game of football that consists of bad passes and blocked shots. Save your money and wait for fifa 11 and lets hope thats better than this mess.

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  Wasted too much time on the cinematics and pens!!!

| | See all meryl7's reviews (1)

I do like a good couple of celebrations and graphics but too much time has been put into the cinematics and celebrations than the actual gameplay. If the makers acknowledge these comments please take the comments from all the bad reviews and improve the problems and keep the improvements that have been brought through from this game like the cinematics and close up with managers which is a nice touch.
Problems :- Gameplay can be a bit slow.
turning with the ball even with the best players is poor.
Passing or shooting for the first touch is bad, it takes a touch for no reason
If running with the ball and you pass or shoot the player takes an unwanted touch after the pass or shoot button has been pressed.
if a fast player like villa, torres or messi is through they can be caught way to easy and not just caught up with shrugged off the ball at first challenge especially unrealistic with torres, drogba or ibrahimovic. who are all extremely strong runners with the ball.

other than these simple gameplay problems that were not really present with fifa 10. Why have these problems arrised!
The new pens feature is brilliant and the new online divisions and CYC are really good. Many positives, just annoying simple gameplays problems.
Cant wait for FIFA 11 if these problems are fixed and the same good features are kept from this game.

  Worth the wait!!

| | See all symfoniix's reviews (1)

There is an obvious improvement in this game from fifa 10, in both gameplay and graphics. The captain your country feature is one of the best new additions. If this game is only a preview of fifa 11, i cant wait to see what EA are going to do next. 10/10

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