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2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  Silly, even worse than fifa 10.

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I didn't think you could get a football game that's even worse than fifa 10. I absolutely love football games and I've been playing fifa since 97. They have got this wrong. The only decent thing about it is the build up and cinematics they've added..which is a nice touch. But the gameplay is terrible. Same problem with the keepers, where they just don't bother picking up the ball if it accidently comes off your defender which leaves the opponent to score ALL the time.

Second thing is that it's rather biased towards the better teams. I play as Sweden as I don't really want jump into the "i'm only going to be the best teams" boat. I don't care too much about winning and losing, hence I'm being Sweden. Every shot they take inside the box will go in. It's annoying as much as fifa 10 still is. I still play both as I'm a big lover of football games, it's just a letdown.

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  Good game but should only be £30 max!!

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Excellent game with nearly 200 teams and plays even better than fifa 10 but even though it states you can do full qualifying, Its a lie as teams such as cambodia, vietnam, etc you cant play as in road to world cup mode as they got knocked out before round 2 of prelimanary qualifying and it seems that any team that got knocked out before that stage is not playable in the proper road to world cup mode, You can do it in custom mode but you have to replace teams to put them in. Also the price is wayyyyyy to high for a world cup game that will be over within a month and another seasonal update from EA will be out for 40 quid in a few more months. Shame they cant just incorporate all these modes into fifa 2011!! Great game though!!

  Great all around experience

| | See all nobby66's reviews (2)

I have been playing football games since the ZX81. This is definitely the best one I have ever played, Atmospheric, engrosing and very playable. It really is the total World Cup experience and I am very glad that I purchased it. You will not be disappointed.
Analogue penalty system takes some getting used to however.
Just lost to Germany on penalties - gutted !

  Better than Fifa 10, just a stop-gap before Fifa 11?

| | See all lukey868's reviews (1)

Win soccer's ultimate prize in front of the world. Just don't tell anyone that you used two buttons to do it.
With soccer's greatest tournament headed our way in June, EA Sports is ready with a virtual recreation of the event, 2010 FIFA World Cup, on store shelves this week. Sure, it arrived six weeks early, but that will help get soccer enthusiasts excited for the real games to come. And, like FIFA 10, it's a faithful recreation of the real thing.

The game features 199 national teams to choose from, each with their own specific playing style, coaches and star players. Before each match, you meet starting line-ups and coaches, while catching a glimpse of fans amidst a showering of tickertape.
EA Sports spared no expense when it comes to the game's presentation. Like FIFA 10, it resembles realistic soccer, from players sliding across the fresh grass (and gaining a yellow or red card as a result) to dynamic camera angles that let you feel every kick and goalie grab. We're big fans of the replays, as you can see just what went wrong or right and prepare your defense accordingly. Even with the stadium-side view, it's easy to keep tabs on where the ball is, and which of your highlighted players is close to it.
Likewise, the game has splendid audio. You'll hear a variety of chants from the fans, and plenty of cheers and/or boos. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend also provide energetic commentary throughout each match, calling out players for their performances and not falling behind that often. The soundtrack is also great, with K'naan's "Wavin' Flag" opening the proceedings and other tracks provided by artists throughout the world, including Italy's Last Rhythm and Sergio Mendes from Brazil.
2010 FIFA World Cup performs just as admirably on the field, with plenty of fast-paced soccer at your fingertips. Performing lob and short passes is a snap, and setting up shots feels great, as long as you don't get the ball stolen. In addition, the game features balanced artificial intelligence, so you won't see players making stupid decisions to earn costly penalties, nor will goalies attempt suicide grabs, rushing out to meet you and thus leaving the goal wide open.
However, there are times when automatic player selection left us confused. The game automatically shifts to the person closest to the ball. If you're going for a sliding tackle and switch to someone on the fly, you may not see it effectively. It's a minor complaint.
On the flip side, EA deserves praise for the two-button control scheme option, with pass and shoot functions. This is a wonderful addition for newcomers.
Along with exhibition matches and the World Cup tournament, the game also lets you play against others online, earning points and trying to bump yourself up in the virtual soccer world. This adds a terrific competitive angle to the game.
If you're looking for solo content, there's plenty available. Captain Your Country allows you to guide a team to soccer glory in a specific part of the tournament, and even lets you port over your player from FIFA 10 to lead the charge. This is a solid mode, but it's a bit lengthier than exhibition matches, so make sure you have time to invest before jumping in. Story of Qualifying is equally good, where you play through one of 55 scenarios from past World Cup tournaments, giving you the chance to see how things would go if you were in charge.If you love soccer and can't wait to get your kicks in, 2010 FIFA World Cup will give you your money's worth. The online and offline competition, gameplay enhancements and presentation will make you feel like you're in an actual tournament, and Story of Qualifying will put your skills to the test.

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  world cup 2010 cant wait

| | See all acesjay's reviews (3)

played the demo and loved it graphics look great and gameplay is great.cant wait to buy it.a game for me to beat my mate kelv at.

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  They think its all over.... it is now!

| | See all moosehead79's reviews (29)

Downloaded the demo & I must say that this is the most polished FIFA title yet. EA have improved on FIFA 10 & once you play this you won't go back.
Graphically the players look a lot more realistic & the pitch actually has good texture to it. Also the sound is completly different to FIFA 10 & you sense there's a more carnival atmosphere.
AI is also improved, so no more keeper running off there line giving you an easy chip.
Can't wait for this game to come out!!!!

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  awesome demo!!

| | See all JordoTickler's reviews (3)

I buy all the fifa games apart from the wrold cup or euro ones (i always find them really boring), but due the awesomeness of the demo and fantastic graphics, i may have to make an exception for the fifa world cup 2010!!

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  Great Game!

| | See all CHarbison's reviews (5)

The demo is Great to play cant wait to purchase this! Football fan its a must trust!!!!!!

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