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Transformers: War For Cybertron

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Autobot or Decepticon, hmmmmmmm

| | See all DurgaDurga's reviews (9)

Nice game, very nice. The graphics are absolutely top drawer, eye meltingly good. The game play is fast and furious and the shooting is frenetic. The game has a surprisingly good storyline and all the cut scenes are pure quality. Like the fact it's a standalone game and not some film tie in - totally original. Oh.......deffo the Autobots for me!

  Quality game

| | See all dazzyboy34's reviews (1)

If you've played other shooters Transformers can be hard to get into (mainy due to transforming and replenshing health). Once you get into it though it's a cracking game, helping other teammates, transforming and the general gamplay is cool. 2 things that did my head in; when the host leaves the game ends, and if you don't get the mappack add-ons getting into a game can be a nightmare

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  average meets my eye

| | See all Promessa's reviews (4)

an average game really, it has some moments in it that warm my G1 loving heart, and it doesn't particularly look bad, and the voice acting is as hammer as William shatner, but thats how transformers should be.

but its very short, but at the same time some levels feel stretched out, and the lack of variety means you probably won't keep it long or replay it much.

  Great Game

| | See all Gwyn04's reviews (2)

I was cautious about playing this game as all the reviews are from die-hard TF fans. Not that theres anything wrong with that, I just thought they would be a bit biast because of the characters and story, rather than the actual gameplay.
I rented the game and got sucked straight into the campaign. 10 levels doesnt seem like much, but each one takes about an hour-ish to complete and with the Decepticon and Autobot stories working in a time-line, rather than just picking which side you want to be on, I found it to be a great game. The only thing I wasnt completely satisfied with was the Multiplayer. To me it seemed a bit rushed, but the more I play it the more i enjoy it so its not even too much of a big thing to complain about.
Likeing Transformers to some degree would help you fully enjoy the game and some of the homages, but even if your not a fan of the G1 series or any other form of TF, but your looking for a good sci-fi/action/adventure game, this is definetly worth a go.

  gamers....roll out

| | See all shoey85's reviews (4)

I am a transformers fan, I love the G1 series, the rest of the cartoons I never watched because they were not true transformers.

I liked both the movies, they were not bad, but not great either.

This game is great if you are a transformers g1 fan, but dont mind a little few twists in the characters, and also if you are a game fan, as it is fun, and easy to pick up, get the hang of and play.

I will start with what is missing, which isnt much.

It could do with a longer single player campaign, but compared with most games now the campaign is a good length.

Lol I would have liked the 90's movie sound track added and the 90's character voices added, optimus is on the money but the rest come from the movies, or sound like they do, but its not a big thing, just a fan thing. Would have been awesome.

I would have liked more playable characters or more in the game, single player that is.


Well everything.

Gameplay is fantastic, gfx awesome, voice acting great, tight story, fantastic multiplayer, authentic transformers action that feels true to the original g1 story, which is the big plus, it takes you too that world again.

It took me a while to purchase this as I didnt want to be let down by it, and I have to say as a transformers fan I have not been in anyway, I wish the movies were done like this.

Escalation mode is a blast, multiplayer is addictive and the lvl up system keeps you going back.

This is the best game, best anything form of media produced for g1 transformers since the g1 series ended.

Trust, buy it


| | See all jh230377's reviews (139)

Wow, great game this. Growing up in the 80s, I was a HUGE Transformers fan. I loved the cartoons & over the past few years the recent films. The only problem has been waiting for a TRUE Transformers game that fans have been waiting for. Well, rest assured it is finally here, The gameplay is fantastic, and it's great having some of the original voices such as the original Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen). It's kind of like a Transformers Gears of War type game. Also the Xbox Live gameplay is also brilliant & in some ways extends the games lifespan which leads me onto the only negative of the game, it's a bit too easy to complete, even on hard. The levels are quite large but once you have completed them you probably wouldn't want to go back. That's why I have only given this 4 Stars instead of 5. Apart from that I would still recommend buying this & am pleased as a Transformers fan to finally have a game to be proud of.

  Transform!! Then drive off and buy it....

| | See all plodo123's reviews (3)

Great game on many levels. First and foremost it is a solid, enjoyable and well made game which is very nice to look at.
It's easy to pick up and play, absorbing and the diffuculty is about right with around 6-8 hours game play to finish it providing good value for money.
Secondly and most importantly this game is transformers through and through!!
It's abundantly clear the designers are massive transformers fans and it is a fans wet dream. the graphics are great, the story is brilliant and the characters, weapons and transformations are spot on.
There are references to the comics and the 1984 film and it leaves you wanting more.
Buy it!

  Best Console Game Ever

| | See all Gatman's reviews (2)

This game is by far the best game iv ever played on my xbox. I love the Transformers franchise ever since i was a kid so for me this game is a dream come true! Its highly polished and looks stunning. The online multi player is fun and the 3 player coop campaign + escalation is fun!

Really awesome game BUY IT! although its really weird how its not been advertised verry much in game shops and stuff 0-O

  Very Good Game

| | See all ermmmbeans's reviews (11)

The game is a solid third person shooter and after having completed it, which took about 7 hours or so, i can say that the story is great too. Some missions involve flying around in jet form to battling transformers that make you look like an ant. There are some graphical problems, once or twice it took about 30 seconds for textures to load correctly. But overall it looks great, the transformations look brilliant and you can tell the developers like transformers. There are a few moments in the game that will annoy people because it is a hard game, lost track of how many times i died on hard. Online is ok not alot of players on there atm but is fun, just expect to die alot if your a jet

  A Transformers game to finally be proud of.

| | See all Healy360's reviews (28)

Transformers: War for Cybertron is a huge improvement upon previous Transformers games, as most know only 2 previous Transformers were somewhat decent.

Anyway, It's pretty much a prequel to the classic 1980's series, focusing first on Megatron's rise to power, and afterward focuses on Optimus Prime becoming the leader of the Autobots. I know that was subtle but I don't wanna spoil it too much.

Now onto the gameplay which is utterly fantastic. The game reminds me a lot of Gears of War, just imagine playing Gears of War using Optimus Prime, that's how good this is. Though instead of cover, most of the combat is actually in open areas. Since this is a Transformers game, you can Transform, and it's not just a gimic, it can actually help in a good bit of situations, especially when you're low on health/ammo or need to get away from incoming missiles. The game is also surprisingly pretty difficult, don't expect a cake walk like the previous Transformers games, I did die quite a fair bit, and this was on Normal.

The graphics are fantastic, not to the standards of Gears of War in that respect but it uses the Unreal Engine to great effect. The character designs in particular are fantastic. The sound is very good too, the music and effects all properly fitting with good voice acting, Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime being the obvious stand out. The multiplayer is also very good, and it can very well keep you hooked.

Considering that almost every other reviewer and player are saying that this game is superb says it all, it revitalises the Transformers like they've never been done in computer game form before, no rushed movie tie in, this has been lovngly created.

This isn't just a good Transformers game, it's a good game period and it's pretty much this year's Batman: Arkham Asylum and is by far the best licensed game since then.