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Blazblue: Calamity Trigger - Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

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  The best fighter i've ever played, and i've played ALOT

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For a long while i actually gave up on 2d fighters. It just didn't seem as though they were developing the same depth or tactical thinking that Soul Calibur, Tekken or Virtua fighter had. Street Fighter and King of Fighters seemed kind of mundane in the range of options of things that i could do within a fight, they were faster but that seemed to be the only difference. Smash bros became the only 2d fighter that i played for a while, not because it was especially deep but because it brought because it was innovative and had a 4 player option. I first heard about Blazblue because it's known as the only fighting game that has no lag in online fights which is what fist attracted me to it. It completely changed my opinion of 2D fighters in that its focus on speed, aerial combos and projectile attacks really fitted with the 2 dimensional format. On top of that, it's cast are the most varied that i have ever encountered in a fighting game. Every character has a drive attack which implements a special ability unique to them ranging from controlling wind, a puppet, magnetising your opponent or stealing their health, the list goes on. The sotory is also surprisingly decent for fighter, it's quite JRPG or final fantasyesque but without any massive production values, so it is limited to alot of text and still backgrounds. It's not ideal, but it actually provides more substance to the characters and can actually influence the decision of you try to master first. The only bad thing that i have to say about the game is that it does have a bit of a steep learning curve but that can't be avoided with a fighting system this deep i suppose. the game does try to combat this though by mapping special moves to the right stick, which helps if you are having mates round who want to just pick up and play the game. Blazblue is a sleeper hit and doesn't have the funding of a massive advertising campaign to let people know about how good it is but if you are into fighters then this game is a must.

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  Extra's are pretty good but game is really poor

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Well I ordered this not really knowing what to expect. The art book and DVD are pretty good and get 4 stars, but the actual game is poor. There is little variety in the moves, the story progression is irratating to say the least, with some reading and some speaking. Also, the character's are some of the most irratating I have ever come across. So the game gets half a start, but the graphics (at points) are beautiful so get's 4 star's on that.
All in all, I was that disappointed with the gameplay and story it's brought it all down to 2 star's.
Unless you a real hardcore fan of this series, AVOID at all costs.

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  Best 2-D Fighter I've Played.

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Title says it all, this game has blown me away in so many respects, the 2 years patience waiting whilst its been out elsewhere has been rewarded ten-fold. This game is something so fresh to the other fighters I've played recently that I was suprised when I turned the arcade mode onto hard immediately after getting to grips with the game so quickly. After the initial start-up of learning the tricks and traits of the game it was easy to pick a character and start learning their specific play style and combos.

My main concern was the fact that the legendary Arc System was behind this game, I expected hardcore fighters only to be the requirement, but this game really is beginner friendly, with easy to pick up controls and a wide range of game modes to hone your skills in.

The artwork and endless style this game oozes from the very beginning, the opening cinematic deserves its own paragraph. Any fans of dark anime or manga will instantly be drawn to this game as was I. The backgrounds alone are beautifully done, ranging from the gloomy gardens of the Alucard castle to the overly cute Kaka town level.

Then, most impressively, are the well created and varied characters introduced as superbly as the game itself. Ranging from the lethargic and slightly pervy Taokaka the cat girl to Bang Shishigami: Freedom fighting ninja!, the 'Street Fighter Dan' of BlazBlue :-). Each character plays completely different, with many having there own special gauges that fuel there attacks or specials. For example Rachel the goth vampires ability to control the weather.

Each character also has their own story mode detailing their own history and motives, which branches at many points creating a varied outcome to the story and massive amounts of replayability. It's hard not to start to feel empathy for some characters as it is hard not to dislike some characters for their actions throughout the story, I'm looking at you Jin! :P.

The majority of fighter gamers will be more concerned with the online rather then the offline, but I feel it is important to promote how good the offline modes are regardless, for those who do care about uncovering the story aswell as laying down some hurt on their friends.

The online mode is much like any other impressive fighter. A nice touch is the ability to name the room created on player matches, flag whether it is a beginner friendly room or one for pro's and whether easy specials are enabled. A puzzling feature missing however was the lack of being able to turn the round time to infinite. Online, unsuprisingly, is where this game truly shines, playing against friends is thoroughly enjoyable with almost as promised lag-free matches that can be saved and viewed from the menu.

Seeings as this is the special edition of the game the extra contents should be reviewed. The tutorial dvd is rather helpful with every characters intended techniques brought to the attention of the viewer aswell as example combos shown with button inputs, this really helped me better myself personally. The artbook is also a nice touch with design pictures of each character and poster-worthy pictures of character groupings.

In summary any fighting game fan should most definately give this game the attention it so thoroughly deserves aswell as any aspiring fighters and anime loving gamers.

Rebel One, Start!!

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  Top Fighter from Arc System Works

| | See all kleckerei's reviews (4)

The colours of the characters and backgrounds are amazing. The detail is stunning. Online play is a dream. But obviously best to get yourself sorted with a favourite character first (and build up some moves, which is pretty easy). Mine is Hakumen, thought it is most fun playing Taokaka with all her bad taste taunts.

Once you get up and running the fighting is as hard as you want it to be. Thankfully there is a Beginner setting for learners like me. Though after only a short time you will be moving onto more advanced settings. I am a long way from the Hell setting. Though I make long enough combos, my best so far is 23. The COM is a pretty good opponent. But playing your mates in Versus mode is best for me.

And one of the best parts I like about the game is that each characters fights really differently. The way it works is that you might hit upon a really cool combo strategy as Noel to floor Bang time and time again. But next up, when you play Litchi the same thing does not seem to have hardly any effect and you have to find a new route in. That stops it quickly becoming repetitive and really does make it a lot of fun


  The greatest fighting game this generation

| | See all Dakana's reviews (4)

Arc system works really knows how to make a fighting series. Guilty Gear set a very high standard for mechanics and unique character designs and skillsets, and with BlazBlue they havent let us down. Each character plays differently with their own mechanics, even allowing different ways to play with individual characters. Sure there are some overpowered characters here and infinite combo loops that can be taken advantage of, but even with these features (features that are also prevalent in other fighting games), it is still a brilliant game, and watching two very skilled players fighting against eachother (a skill level which I still have yet to attain to) can be considered a form of art watching the countering, blocking, and high level chains. This is a game that will take many many hours upon hours to master, and you will enjoy every single one of them. If you love fast paced fighting games, then give this a try. Sure the UK artwork may not be that great, and the UK limited edition is nothing compared to the american and even the other european versions, but it's the game we came here to see and its worth every penny.

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  A next gen game for all generations

| | See all SliderK's reviews (1)

Until I played Blazblue I thought I'd had enough of fighting games. They all look the same and are normally so difficult that its no fun what so ever after the initial half hour of playing with each character.

Blazblue has two different control modes for the beginner and the advanced - even my 7 year old nephew has had a go and found it easy enough - yes I kicked his butt!

The story mode is great and actually gives you a reason to fight for for a change - a rare thing now-a-days!!!

While I enjoy the 3D beat-em-ups I really don't like the motion sickness and confusion that comes with it - maybe its just me!? Because its 2D I can play Blazblue for hours, and the difference in the graphics background and the characters themselves makes it really easy to concentrate on the fighting even though it so fast.

I love this game!!!!! Thank you whoever made this!!!

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