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Alan Wake: Limited Collector's Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  come into the light

| | See all jackandaaron's reviews (13)

Been gaming for a long time and have never, and never will again play a game like this , not only a gaming masterpiece but a cinematic masterpiece and would make a incredible movie. Simply stunning!!!!!!!.

  Incredible production values

| | See all gerg861's reviews (3)

The collectors edition of this game is the perfect showcase for a game that has quite frankly the highest production values that I've ever encountered.

While somewhat lacking in originality of control and trailing behind the likes of Bioshock in terms of immersion, the story that is told is well polished reminding me of an episode of Supernatural. Additionally every facet has clearly benefited from careful playtesting and balancing to deliver constant challenge without ever feeling unfair. I have yet to find a single glitch in this game after two playthroughs.

I would thoroughly recommend this game, and in particular the collectors edition as this gets you the soundtrack which features some truly excellent original songs.

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| | See all Eythan's reviews (4)

This game is amazing, it has a great storyline and great characters, the graphics are awesome and the gameplay is perfect, the light combat system is amazing and its new, its not like a repeat of any old game such as an ordinary FPS, this game is definatly worth buying! i recommend it to anyone and everyone!


| | See all bazzaffc's reviews (2)

What a brilliant game cant recommend it enough the story has to be the best Ive every seen from a game just like watching a great TV show.
Just buy it you wont be disappointed!

  Pure Genius!!

| | See all GreenDayMarvelFan's reviews (233)

i picked this up not exception much what so ever . The first few minutes you can tell that this game will be amazing graphics all the way through and it was from the mountains , lakes , the shades of light and dark (perhaps this why i took so long to be completed to get every detail just right). Now the game play is basic nothing new here apart from what you are fighting , a torch and a gun (pistol , shotgun , flare gun ,rifle and shotgun) is your main weapons to fight of these things that die due to light and bullets , you also have flares and flash bangs at your use. yeah i agree with other reviews that it does get a bit repetitive but its fun repetitive i enjoy these dark creatures popping up and me shooting them down , the rock stage was by far the best bit in the game. Now the storyline i think most agree that this is what makes this game and it is , i mean from the start go you just want to find out what happens and your gripped by it , you get confused but as the story progressed you find out what is going on. I saw a review saying that the ending is just wow well its not i was like NOOO!! what happens next , so i have to wait for the DLC to be released to see what does happen but i am sure that i will be the same when i finish that , cause i herd there is going to be another DLC after that but it will be worth the wait as this game is in my top 5 games of all time . The limited edition is worth the extra few quid , also the game has its moments were it will make you jump and wanting the lights on lol

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  Alan wake you will fear the dark!

| | See all kallamazoo71's reviews (11)

Alan wake was a long time coming and it was certainly worth the wait the graphics are beautiful but some of the animations could of been a little better but apart from a few minor glitches it is a real contender for best looking Xbox 360 game. The game play is solid and the mechanics of fighting the darkness work very well.

The story is superb the characters are well rounded and the game feels like a way out episode of the X Files or the outer limits. The collectors edition is the best value for money set I have purchased so far and well worth the 49.99 especially with the added bonus of a free DLC episode later in the year.

Pros great atmospheric story gorgeous graphics thoughtful characters and nice touches such as the radio or TV spots find them all I recommend it.

Cons too short with a few weak animations especially in the cut scenes.

  Great Limited Collector Edition

| | See all Delboy2002's reviews (3)

The main draw for me about this game was the different game mechanics, using light for defense, not knowing what would come and get you and what was just a standard object, the story line is engrossing and the split into chapters works very well, the graphic in this game are stunning, some little refresh rate issues at time but some great ideas to make it feel more like a film then a game,
on a second point the collectors edition is a stunning addition to the standard a lot of work has gone into the packaging and the extras on the disks, if you like collectors editions this is one of the best around,
all in all a great and involving game, the only problem would be the length of the standard game, but there is a lot of replay value here to get the achievements and extra's that are around.


| | See all paulrb's reviews (1)

More atmosphere than a lot of Hollywood horror movies combined .
The attention to detail is out of this world.


| | See all Mjcrooksey's reviews (11)

Not much more to say really, normally i go through games very quick but with Alan Wake i watched every cut scene and got really stuck into the story line! Can't wait for the DLC to be announced :)

Great Game!

  Too Good

| | See all Mike8691's reviews (3)

This game is so good im actually struggling to put the controller down, the graphics are very good indeed, the music is out of this world, the story is very well thought out and really brings the game to life, the characters in the game is also excellent.
I could go on about how good this game is...
All i can say is, buy this now because you wont regret it