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L.A. Noire

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (77 reviews)"

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  Nostalgic brilliance!

| | See all eelslamb's reviews (3)

It took me a while to properly get into this game, but once i did, i was hooked! Cleared up every achievement and loved every second doing it. Brilliant graphix, great score, brilliant feel. Just a little disappointed with the ending but didn't let that put me off in the end. Rockstar do it again. (and team bondi)

  A detectives dream.

| | See all FRIDGE1981's reviews (28)

This game is very good indeed. Its set in the glitz and glamour of 40s Hollywood California. You play a budding young detective eager to become a high profile figure in the LAPD. The game play is very much like a semi sandbox style story, which I very much enjoy. Its all about crime solving, intrigue and mystery. If you are expecting a "gun runner" then expect disappointment. Its a more intellectual approach, and of course some "gat" action thrown in for good measure.

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  "You Can be Beautiful but you need personality too!"

| | See all rossodinho7's reviews (4)

Looks Great, Plays Poor!
The city looks amazing, the cars look great faces blah blah. but its no use when its no fun. The open world is pretty pointless you cant interact with it. Everything you can do it gta has gone. cant even get your gun out, only on missions. Cant save cars. No houses. The car damage is auwful!! Especially to say how good GTA was. The storyline so far is good but a bit repetitve. Most of the game is asking questions and dialogue, with a few chases and lame gun fights thrown in. Dont expect GTA or Red Dead Redemption, its a completly different game to those, and they are in different league. And...its very short!! God knows why they needed 3 CDs!!

  good, but could have been so much better

| | See all bagntag85's reviews (2)

Good graphics, amazing faces, terrible driving sequences, incredibly repetative cases. All aspects of the game are fun at first, interrogations, shoot outs, car chases and clue searches, but pretty soon you are just repeating very similar sequences again and again. The game would have benefited from a better free roam facility and more interesting unlockables. Disappointing.

  Great Game

| | See all WildOne94's reviews (3)

This game is really a Rockstar hit as it is a fun detective game which lets you make your decisions to solve cases and find clues. One thing i was quite disapointed in which did not make it five stars was that it does not have any Multiplayer which was upsetting.

  L.A Noire - 4* amazing

| | See all Metalheadmark's reviews (2)

So far so good, I just made it into vice department I think graphics are immense and fresh game play is awesome! and the music design of property and vehicles are excellent A fresh idea from R* and their going in the right direction A few let downs would be flying does not exist even though a air field is present I know it was not set out to be a old twin of GTA but it could of done with the use of flying free roam Im not sure if it is possible after all missions as I am only a quarter of the way in the game but if it is then roll on more game play missions are so detailed and amazing especially bodies and crime scenes not a game for the weak stomach people I think the next game R* design should be like this again with more freedom and use of airplanes ect also correct me if im wrong but I ain seen a single motor bike yet ? And BTW FAO People searching for that fire truck wise up lol go join the real thing like I did! There is more to LA Noire than a red truck which you people are pretending to be in the game ....want play games with f.trucks .....Go by a game like it derrrrr this is a detective game not a pretend wanna be fire thing.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

After the brilliant "Red Dead Redemption" it was always gonna be hard to emulate what they did with that game but in some respects they have reached a similar level with this game. The graphics are really sharp to the level that you think you are directing a movie. Gameplay is superb even if there is no play back value once the game is completed. Must play. Enjoy

  LA Noire

| | See all northy's reviews (91)

Let me start by saying i agree with a lot of the comments on here. Both positve and negetive. Anyway heres a few of mine..

Best facial graphics i have seen in the game.
Recognisable Actors from shows like Hereos
Great voice acting.
Nice music score.
Interesting Story.

Gameplay can get repetitive.
Street crime missions are lame.
The city dosn't feel 'alive' as GTA's or Red Deads.

Overall defently worth checking out but it wont be to everyones taste.


| | See all butch40plus's reviews (1)

This game is another rockstar gem. Great graphics,storyline and gameplay but to me GTA 4 is the best rockstar game ever,but that`s just my opinion!!!!!

  LA Nah

| | See all bosseye's reviews (62)

Yeah, this really isn't that great a game. Yes, the facial technology is rather impressive, yes it looks nice....but the actual game? Its poorly designed, often incoherent, badly written, sometimes incredibly simple and often quite dull.

To start with - the cases - these are the meat of the game and to be frank they're really not that good. So many of them are often offensively obvious within the solution being clear within first couple of minutes of hitting the crime scene, but you have to trawl through a protracted back and forth to gather the evidence you need and to get all the suspects into the frame and go down all the idiotic red herrings until you can finally, painfully arrive at the outcome you knew was coming all along.

Some of these cases are designed for simpletons (and presumably by simpletons) with zero intrigue and zero mystery with the steps you take to solve the crime following entirely predictable and often utterly daft plot points, all helped along by ridiculously convenient clues and astoundingly good recall from the odd witness. So many of the criminals you chase seem to be actively doing their best to help you out - they leave rare one of a kind guns next to the body, they leave piles of bloodied clothes in their houses, they leave bloodied murder weapons in the nearest bin to the crime scene. A gunshop owner can recite name, address and hours of work for a suspect after being verbally given a gun serial number. Not realistic in any way.

And the interviews! Aside from the facial tech, they're really not that engaging. As above half the time you already know who the bad guy is, but you have to sit down and go through every point of evidence you've drummed up which shows up a fairly glaring issue - namely the facial tech is clever, but not clever enough to be subtle, so characters either stare directly at you to tell the truth or to lie, they start twitching like they're touching a socket with their eyes rolling wildly round the room, all stuttering and unsure. A light might as well come on saying LIE in big neon letters. Which makes things all the more galling when someone is clearly telling the truth but the game claims they're lying - essentially it turns large swathes of the interviewing into a guessing game which, frankly is poor form.

The actual evidence gathering is surprisingly unfun. Simply wander about the crime scene or the suspects house rubbing up against the scenery until the pad rumbles. Collect whatever it is you're able to pick up. Sometimes its something of use sometimes not. Sometimes evidence doesn't correlate correctly to the questions you have to ask in the interview, sometimes you're stuck getting an interview wrong until you find a specific piece of evidence or go to a specific place, which may or may not be accessible yet. Essentially its poorly designed and poorly laid out.

The writing falls fairly flat too. WIthin these dull and lifeless cases, dull and lifeless stereotypes witter idiotic and dull things. Phelps is a deeply unlikeable character who is prone to throwing out all manner of odd reactions to certain things. Suggest doubt with something a suspect says, sometimes you get a normal response, sometimes he goes BESERK and starts shouting in their face. Its inconsistennt and unbelievable.

The city of LA - I'm sure its beautifully recreated, but its utterly dull. Its not even slightly Noire. Driving is bland and pointless, random chases and events are as repetitive as they were in Red Dead - theres no reason to explore the city as you bounce from cut scene to cut scene.

Its a real disappointment and really should have been so much more than this. Worth buying if you're a simpleton or just love dull.

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