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L.A. Noire

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (77 reviews)"

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  Game of the year :D

| | See all xxSizzxx's reviews (24)

I am totally in love with this game, it is SO worth all the hype. the game-play is very unique, clever and fun. It sucks you in from the first five minutes, and you find yourself totally immersed in completing cases and arresting the bad guys! The controls are sooo easy which is a huge relief as I thought they would be fiddly; you only have to run up to a fence to jump it, for example. And yes it does lag a little on the 360 version, but if you install it works fine( not that the lag is huge, only a few seconds towards the start) So overall I love this and it's a game everyone should play. I can not praise it enough. An amazing achievement once again from Rockstar :DDD

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| | See all RAINBOWSIXVAGAS's reviews (2)

The game is amazing, i have experiences no frame rate issues, all game play has been smooth and no glitches at all, the facial expressions, i mean, wow they are something else and the work put into the cases..is a new level. Team Bondi and Rockstar have outdone themselves this time. a truly remarkable game.

  Questioning People Of Interest

| | See all KBiffo's reviews (12)

Ok so I have read the reviews for the X-box and PS3 and the same common theme pops out when some people are being negative about this game - having to reload the case as you get a few questions wrong.
Let me say that picking the wrong option does not mean that you will not solve the case, it just probably means that it will take you a while. Getting the option right helps you with experience points and to unlock some secret achievements as well as giving you a STAR rating for each case.
At the end of each case it give you some clues to what you could have done.
Do not worry about reloading a case unless you want to play it again to get a better rating. This does not effect the gameplay at all.

This is an excellent game and I would recommend it to everyone.


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  Another break through achieved with the help of Rockstar!

| | See all bovster's reviews (2)

Most believe this is a Rockstar game. It is produced by them but it is done by Team Bondi! You see the touches from Rockstar through out the game and yes it does have a feel of your GTA 4 and Red Dead in it however this is much more slicker and smoother and the facial animation is awesome all captured with 32 cameras i may add and a cast that tops 400!! This game moves around like a movie and the story develops around you so if you miss a clue in one room it is moved into your path so that you do so you cant not miss it. It evolves around your game play which is a fantastic touch. Massive map massive game with 24hrs worth of game play not including all side missions which will make you play this till MW3 is out in November!!! Its easy pick up play like all Rockstar games is what will make this a massive hit. Bigger than GTA 4?? Watch this space!


| | See all bawson's reviews (2)

An incredible game but if you are a perfectionist like me, you'll find yourself restarting the chapter constantly because you get 1 interrogation a bit wrong. Which takes forever :(

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| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

i bought this the day it came out. Its immense... You start off as an LAPD officer searching crime scenes for clues and evidence etc and the more you progress the more you rank up, detective etc. But the crime scenes is only one part of the game. Having to tell victims loved ones that there husband, wife child etc is dead kinda ropes you in and some reactions they give is interesting. I love the whole idea of searching crime scenes for clues and evidence etc, and this game just takes that to a whole new level. The game is very unique, i don't think i've seen or played any other game like this, the CSI games were fun but you couldn't control much in them. As one comment stated below the lip sync to each character is perfect aswel, there mouth moves spot on to each word there saying which in gaming can be very satisfying knowin that its only a game. When interrogating witness's you have to select wether you think the witness is telling the truth or lying and you gain XP for getting correct answers etc. Its nothing like GTA though, theres the odd part where you have to shoot robbers in a bank etc and have car chases but if you thinking of buying this because you like GTA then its a completely different game. Still....i love it, highly recommend this game to anybody.

  Rockstar's Finest Hour

| | See all plasmabob's reviews (18)

Unbelievably good. Without doubt the finest looking game out on Xbox360 to date. Yet again Rockstar have come up trumps. Buy it now.

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  What a amazing game don't delay buy today

| | See all tecguyally's reviews (9)

Forget gta 4 or mafia 2 this boy,s in blue game is the only one for you the face movement is top notch and when your near a clue your joypad starts to vibrate you also climb and run with no trouble at all and when you jump in your car you feel as if your in total control of what your driving plus the whole game is spread over 3 wonderful disc,s so press the buy button now you won't be let down with this game enjoy folks

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  Ground breaking game

| | See all weeman247's reviews (28)

This game is absolutely stunning in every way. The facial construction of characters is best I have ever seen in a game, their expressions and the mouth moves exactly the way it should when they talk.

Basics of this game are you are a cop and you have to solve crimes. Sounds basic but it's not. You have to search for clues around the crime scenes. You also have to question suspects and witnesses and say whether you think they are telling the truth, lying etc. If you guess wrong you lose points and have to start the questioning again.
I am not sure if this game will appeal to the gun totting COD gamers but I love it.

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