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Fable II: Game Of The Year Edition (Classics)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Nice game, game breaking bugs

| | See all scatterhead's reviews (1)

I got the GOTY edition and sank a few hours into the game. Then while loading my save game, my XBOX locked. Started a new game twice, same thing happened again and again. Installed the game on the hard drive, which allowed for me to load my latest save, but with the minuscule detail that everything was messed up, NPCs not interacting, quests not working, the map altered etc. Just wasted time and money.

To cut this short: one star because of the atrocious glitches which ruined the whole thing for me. Can't comment on the game itself as I never had a chance to go through it properly.

  Good but it could be better

| | See all Britanga's reviews (18)

I was sceptical about this game really but once I got to grips with it I found it to be quite charming but missing that special something that makes it brilliant.
You start as a child (male or female) then grow up to fight the evil the plagues the land of Albion. It's open world yet linear, you don't create your character but you let the limited choices define your appearance and you find loot to improve upon the items you already hold.
The whole game is very whimsical with its mostly british cast attempting to make you laugh and it throws in some rudimentary property buying and family life situations as well.
It sounds like I'm praising the game and putting it down at the same time and I am! This game is good that it gives you so many choices and things to do but once you've done them the only thing left is to do them again either evil or good.
I did like it though and it is worth a play as it's very simple but with some deep rewards thrown in for deep exploration and thinking outside the box.
The DLC is nothing to brag about though but Knothole Island is great only because it allows you to gain a tool that lets you remove enchantments from weapons so you can re-use them!
To summarise: A nice try by xbox in trying to get their own kind of Legend Of Zelda game but it will never be as good (even though it has a lot more choices and customisation than Zelda) but that said, it is a lot of fun and very playable.

  An okay title...

| | See all BrandonScott's reviews (3)

Fairly okay gameplay with a lot of choices to make such as morality and housing. But ultimately, the game falls down with it's somewhat childish appearance even though it is a 15 title, and for the last time, the fart jokes are not funny! There is a very weak storyline which is simply 'destroy the bad villain' by gathering a bunch of other people to help. It is very black and white in that you are either a Saint of the Devil himself with very illogical choices which decide it, how does increasing the rent of a house make you a bad person? Why does eating meat make you a corrupt individual? The combat system is flawed that makes guns very overpowered and spells a pain to use. There isn't a lot of character development that a gamer is supposed to have with the characters, many of them being blank slates with no backstory. The add-ons are not great either, with extremely weak quests simply being 'go fetch this and come back'. Overall I would avoid this title if you prefer RPGs with better plots and better characters with more varied gameplay.

  Epic Game, A whole new world

| | See all falloutfan101's reviews (4)

Fable 2 doesn't grip you very well at the start, you find yourself a child doing boring tasks, save for the warehouse. But if you play through that you find a great world to explore with lots of choices. Date people raise a family or two and then juggle between them keeping each family happy. My favourite aspect is that you can become a landlord, and be good and lower the prices or be ruthless and raise them for maximum money. The weapons are great, and although you can't die it still is a very fun gripping game and can be difficult in some places. It's a must have game. 10/10

  betterthan fable 3 and in a different leuge to fable 1

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

Fable 2 is amazing everything to do in Albion is great except for jobs all you do in jobs is press the a button at the right spot. verry tidiuse unless you have music on your xbox because then you can atleast listen to music then. this game is better than the third because your free and can do what you want. you cant in fable 3 and everything is better in fable 2 than fable 1.

buy this game you wont regret it.


| | See all Massey88's reviews (6)

Fun easy to play game, won't be dissapointed if you buy this especially at this price with all the expansions.

Can be a bit slow at times and even seem
Childish in the nature of it's content but once you get playing you just seem to become enthralled!!!

Probably better than fable 3 aswell!!!

  Scepticle at first, Brainwashed afterwards

| | See all shadowslasher's reviews (4)

after having the misfortune of only playing a small amount round a friends house soon after it came out i stayed away from it, i came back months later and tryed again and it was worth coming back to. This will not be the best game ever however it is a very fun game. Good level of difficulty and lots of features throughout. Fun with combat from all points of the triangle and a very engaging story that has a nice amount of interesting side quests (beware chesty) definetly worth a try especially for the price.

  good, but gets boring

| | See all defusedbanana's reviews (8)

its a good game, very good graphics and awesome free roam.
good missions, and loads of stuff to do, a completely dynamic and changing world, where you can do pretty much anything, like get a job, buy stuff from shops, have a house. It is the best RPG i have played.
But after a while, living in a whole new world loses it's novelty because you already have a life, so why buy another?
A very good game, 15 pounds is a good price, but beware, very addictive.

  Great game, bad add-ons

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Fable II is not only one of the best Xbox 360 exclusives but one of the best RPG's I have ever played. There is so much stuff to do in the world of Albion such as, get married, have a child, buy, sell or rent out houses, get a job and most importantly have fun. The quests are well designed and varied and the story isn't the longest for an RPG. Now on to the very bad add-ons. Knothole Island has you travelling back and forth to the island of Knothole to fix their weather problems. Very boring and not worth the money. In See the Future, you pretty much fight enemies called Shadow Cultists and progress. It did have a cool ending but again it's not worth the money. If you have already played Fable 2 and just want these add-ons to get more achievements, download them as they actully work out cheaper, I think. The only problems with the game I had were the fact that you can't die and the combat got very repetitve. Your trusty canine companion is also a nice touch. Awesome RPG with bad add-ons. Hopefully if there is any more DLC for Fable II it's better than these two. Definitely will be getting Fable III when it comes out.

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