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F1 2010

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (80 reviews)"

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  Not Good!

| | See all JonathanRoth's reviews (2)

I wanted a gripping F1 game and was left very disapointed. The gameplay has to be involving, dramatic and also have great playability and control.Unfortunately this game gives none of that and stopped playing the game after 20 mins.This game gives the look , but no feel.

  Definitely Worth Playing

| | See all DMArecords's reviews (18)

This game has so much information in it regarding all the teams and drivers it is worth buying it just to have such an archive of information. I have spent hours reading all the driver and team history's.
The driving is exciting and very realistic if you set it to difficult or simple and forgiving if you set it to easy. Even with the odd glitches that other reviewers have mentioned it is a great racing game that gives you complete control over the car set up, tyres, team contracts and also lest you race as little as 20% of each race if you are more into the management and progression aspect rather than enduring 50+ laps but you can race every practice, qualifying, and race lap, on every accurately created real circuit if you want to.
The multi-player can be great fun with friends and even if your not a big F1 fan, if you like racing games you will definitely enjoy this.

  pretty good

| | See all ChrisDvs's reviews (1)

Love this game just have an issue were it freezes during a race or qualifying for a few seconds and it took 7 days for the delivery thats why only 4 stars but the game defonatly gets 5 stars..biggest problem is webber..when he is infront of you you cant keep up and he just leaves u standing even if you break lap record every lap AND most of all he never pits wich really really spoils it


| | See all daza180's reviews (1)

This game have every thing yu want out of the F1 exspeance there is some thing for every one, the graphics are awome, the driving is great and you get to very your car for the best results on the track and your always being talked to by the driving team, the only thing that lets this game down is turning on the sharp corners because you have to vertually stop to turn and it isnt always possible to do so

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  I've waited a while

| | See all 1004adam1990's reviews (5)

My last experience of F1 on a console was the superb F1 2006 on the PS2. I bought this the other day and I think it's fantastic. The realism is superb, cars on option tires are quicker than on the prime's just like real life. The AI cars battle and crash just like real life, I could go on for ages, this is well . Buy it.

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  A1 crack at F1

| | See all tarmac2218's reviews (3)

I thought this game was fantastic, the graphics are brilliant, the cars look great etc and its a very welcome addition to a lacking market. my only problem with the game is the full grand prix mode. the problem comes after qualifying when its race time, i couldnt understand why i had finnished in pole alot quicker than the other cars and yet in the race, i was a good 7 secs of the pace. Its because of a glitch that makes you start with a full tank of fuel and the AI drivers start on qualifying fuel, so they are alot quicker. But if you race up to about 60% of a full race instaed, you can still be right in the mix. Overal though, a deffo to have in the collection

  Super effort

| | See all HenryMo's reviews (16)

It was good to see an F1 game again on the market since 2006, and Codemasters did a very good job.
The graphics are very, very good. The cars have been designed in exquisite detail and the tracks are gloriously life-like. The dynamic weather system is very effective, and does make the driver feel like he is racing in the given conditions.
The gameplay is simple, as with any racing game, but it feels like an F1 car should do:light, nimble and responsive.
The career is long and will keep you entertained, and the interviews and strategy involved makes one feel like they are living the life.
Now the areas of dissapointment.
Firstly, the damage. The game boasted an accurate damage physic but it lacks. Little knocks with other cars causes cosmetic damage, which is good, but often doesnt do enough damage. Also, when one crashes at high speed, the car remains in-tack, and still useable. Not enough damage is done, and it looses its life like characteristic.
Also, the fact that there isnt a split screen is annoying and it should have been included (will be for F1 2011 along with safety cars).
Lastly, this game is repetitive, like any F1 game, and one can get bored with it, and i feel that the career doesnt do enough outside the car i.e. the paddock area should be more expansive and not be limited to interviews.
All in all, it is a very good game and is recommended, but it does have its flaws.

  Very good in places!!

| | See all beard99uk's reviews (3)

I had been waiting for a proper F1 game for years and was eagerly anticipating this one, It didnt let me down at all. The graphics are superb and the gameplay is very good. I feel the career mode was rushed as theres not much to it and not very realistic as i won 3 races in a sauber and then they sacked me at the end of the season. I love F1 and cant wait for the next one I just hope they can improve it!

  Good/ but single player boring

| | See all stephkat's reviews (7)

Graphic's Great Tracks Great, the things that stopped this game being fantastic were lack of customisation in multiplayer mode, the quick race where it was just a free for all, ( no Damage so you could just run people off the track), the lack of people playing decent races, the game itself is fantastic just slightly under-Developed in my opinion.

Single Player Mode was so boring, ( but that may just be me as i really only play XBOX live, dont see why i want to race AI when i can race real people) the interviews are pointless would have been far more entertaining if you were given a better choice of setting choices for the car rather than the simplistic settings that were offered.

But that said was an Excellent starting point, we just need to kick the noobs who think its mario cart at 200 MPH out the lobbies.

Finally Codemasters Get real with F1 2011 this is the TOP of MotorSport and we should have a game that reflects that.... and lets loose the sprint Mode was what made me trade the game in.

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