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Test Drive Unlimited 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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  Test Drive unlimited 2 (xbox 360)

| | See all v2sjbsi's reviews (2)

This game is brillant.It takes a while to understand what you have to do,but this game continues to give our family hours of fun. Some of the races and licenses and cups are hard to do but dont give up.Online experience is good too.Def Recommend

  Incredibly fun game!!!

| | See all K44S1M's reviews (4)

This has to be one of the most fun and enjoyable racing games i have ever played. the sheer scale of the openess of the game is mind blowing. With two islands to drive around and plenty of events, missions & races to complete this game will keep you entertained for hours.
if you like racing games and you want to sometimes relax and drive rather than full on race this game is for you.

the only bad point to the game is that when you do evetually complete all events it is very hard to earn large sums of money.
online is good even if a little laggy at times and the fact that you can even create your own races and challenges all over the two islands makes the game even more desirable.

  games good...minor drawbacks

| | See all MrJiinxx's reviews (3)

the game itself is a good entertaining game but the problems is that they havent taken the time to address silly things like the speech or the characters and crashing and bounching off walls and fences. They cars look and drive great but let down buy the servers once minutre there up the next they are unavaliable... worth paying 17.99 for, not much more.

  Good, not lived up to the hype.

| | See all Cheesiegonzalez's reviews (2)

Driving is good, cars are good. My biggest complaint is once you've completed all the main races is very hard to get money. i resorted to modding for money. Another complaint is the servers. Nuff said.

  Amazing and fun

| | See all jamesl0752's reviews (2)

i bought this game and love it i would recommend it to everyone and off roading is the best thing

  great game

| | See all Sbuck2034's reviews (2)

i have put 160 hours into this game and i have to say i love it there is some much to do and with 2 massive island to explore its a hugh game it was a little bit off at the beginning but since the patch there have been no problems and the first DLC pack will launch soon and its free


| | See all harley1029's reviews (3)

The game is a big failure from my own view as the graphics are nothing amazing and the scenery is boring while driving around. The main problem i had with this game is connecting to a server and when i drive through a town it seems as if the xbox struggles to run the game. The cars are pretty cool but the races are boring and the same ! its a good game for the casino mode ! OH NO ITS NOT YOU CANT CONNECT TO A SERVER !! big failure of a game !

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  Terrible.. Boring.. Waste of money..

| | See all RoryHope's reviews (12)

Really bad. Multiplayer is buggy and slow and some of the things promised to you on release when you purchase the game didn't work correctly or are still not out to this date.. Gets very boring and repetitive. I had friends who bought it aswell so its not like i didnt have other people to play with. Steer clear of this game.

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  Test drive patch limited

| | See all Fiftyp's reviews (4)

I was really looking forward to this game, having got the original when I bought my first XBOX many moons ago. The single player game is a real disappointment, too easy and with a comical storyline and over theatrical soundbites. Online was unplayable for the first 5 weeks, as the servers were constantly down and awaiting a patch. Well the 195mb patch finally arrived and it's still rubbish online. You can't join your friends (I appeared 17 miles away from my friend when I attempted this) and if you manage to appear in front of them in free roam, they're sitting in mid air inside an invisible car. Do yourself a favour and buy the original, as it was complete on launch, or download a zx spectrum emulator and play chequered flag instead

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  its getting there

| | See all Palace1fan's reviews (13)

this game has been on the end of some pretty harsh reviews! i personnally have enjoyed this game so far! here are what i find the pros:
exploration: litterally hundreds of miles of road to drive! you can be there for hours exploring all of the little side roads!
cars: i like the cars that you can get.. a nice mix of top of the range and mid range!
offroad: i enjoy driving offroad more than onroad! much more fun in a range rover tearing around the countryside!
online: quite often it will say that you cant connect to the servers even though you are online and can even see other players.. this is quite annoying as this game is supposed to have a key online feature!
noises: the car noises.... eeeergh just arent doing it for me! dont sound particularily impressive and all sound fairly similar!
voice acting: this has seriously let the game down!!! its just so painful to listen to the characters speaking!!!!

this game has pluses and negatives! for the price its being sold at.. im afraid i'll have to say that id advise avoiding this! let it drop by 10 pounds or so then id reccomend it any day!!! its definatly a work in progress (shame on the makers for releasing a half finished game) but has some serious potential to have people playing for a long time!!!! gets my rating of 7/10

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