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Gears Of War 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  We laughed, we cried, we thought Santiago's beard was crazy!

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It was beautiful, as a long-time Cog fan (even named my XBox 360 after it) I absolutely loved this.

Only one spoiler - Lambent Beserker was FREAKING SCARY!!

  great game

| | See all gazguildford's reviews (3)

this is a great game but im glad its the last one as the trilogy i feel as GOW being the best GOW2 close second and GOW3 a close 3rd however thats not to say its a bad game i just feel they have gone as far as they can go and anymore will start to get boring, if they milk it anymore it will start to ruin the games.
excellent game though love all 3 just as i went through the triology i was a little dissapointed the follow up games werent quite as good as the previous!
excellent games and will play them again they are staying firmly on my xbox 360 favourites list.


| | See all amun82's reviews (8)

I had high hopes with this game reading some reviews and playing previous instalments. This was the problem I think as the game didn't match my expectations. This game is like american blockbuster movies in cinemas these days - promising you entertainment through stunning visuals, spanning the camera quicker than you can think so that it makes you think that the action is fast paced (whereas in fact everyone may as well stand still), throwing huge enemies on the stage, and trying awfully hard to create a drama with cheesy music and "emotional" aspects. Am I entertained. NO. This is because it is boring like hell after a while, we all saw stunning visuals numerous times, there is no backbone or depth in this game, characters are very weak and the whole game is very predictable. Actually cheesy and repetitive are two words that best describe shortcomings of this game. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad game, I can even go as far as saying it is a decent game. But the fact is I got bored after a few hours (3 acts). I know it's a shooter and story is not what you supposed to be focusing on but still I didn't feel like this game particularly grabbed my attention. The formula to each level is the same go behind the object and shoot to everything that moves. easy. Worth 25 pounds or more than a few hours of my attention? I don't think so. Thankfully I also have Batman Arkham City and Skyrim on my shelf...

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| | See all Nikdowg's reviews (2)

Waited so long for gears of war 3, and was super happy I didn't have to pretend to be a man anymore :) so many more achievements etc! Love it! Online is brilliant especially now that you can play team death match! Recommend 1000000%

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Title says it all! Multiplayer is a lot easier to play and a lot fairer than previous Gears. Campaign is like watching and playing a movie. Could not ask for more than that!

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  Gears of Epic War :D :D

| | See all Vern69's reviews (34)

Title says it all here folks.

Graphics (10/10) - Perfect. Stunning detail in every aspect. Background detail, characters, guns etc.

Gameplay (9/10) - 5 act campaign with a reasonable 5/6 hours worth of gameplay done on Hardcore difficulty. Slight issue is the difficulty of the final boss:- may take a while!!

Online gameplay (8/10) - Vast arrange of online games such as team deathmatch, warzone, execution etc to keep you gaming for hours. Plenty of characters to choose from.
Issue here is the fact that teams aren't always fair and equal. Let's have three level 70+ on one team and level 20 to 40 on the opposite. Silly.

Overall, the best game for the console to date, with more content coming next month this is a must buy for any gamer of any experience.

  Amazing end for an amazing series!

| | See all Skrtelboy's reviews (38)

Well my title says it all really, I've played all three games now and the series just got better and better.
The first game sees humanity as a whole practically on the brink of anihilation and sees you as the character to survive, the second game saw your character attack the enemy all out and hit them back, but in this game it shows that it is anybody's game and last fights count for everything.

Was very impressed with this game, amazing visuals, awesome gameplay but most importantly a tributing story that finally ends the series, with a major shock set in store of which i shall not reveal but it is without a doubt the most emotional moment in the series as a whole.

The game too also keeps you entertained via certain modes such as multiplayer both campaign and online, as well as horde mode which is one of the best things on the game with the added measures the designers have made in general.

Overall a very, very good game. If you have not got this for your collection, or one of the games in the series in general, then you must buy them! They are the best games ever made thus far and they will take some beating lets be said.

Gears of War-9/10
Gears of War 2-9/10
Gears of War 3-10/10

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  not as good as the other 2

| | See all acespag's reviews (9)

I loved gears 1 and 2 and bought both on release so getting this was a no brainer. And its a let down I was after a grand finale and this isnt it . The multiplayer is identical to two and the campaign is just boring after a while, the graphics that everybody raves over are also nothing special . Major disappointment

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| | See all JBizzy's reviews (3)

Another great add on to the gears of war series!!! The story line is spectacular, and really gets you into it. The online is as how it always has been and always should be! There are some slight differences such as new guns, searching for an online game is so much quicker, unlike gears 2 which took a year! deffo a 10 out of 10!!


| | See all MANYOO4EVA's reviews (10)

The people who have given this game less than 5 stars do not know what they are talking about.

The Campaign is awesome, will take you 14 hours or so on Hardcore and can be played with 4 others and there is also an arcade mode for each chapter for high scoring.

Horde mode has been upgraded where you have boss fights, use turrets and build fortifications such as barb wire, etc.

Beast mode is great fun. Playing as the different locust enemies is cool, but at the moment there are not enough waves (only 12).

The biggest improvment is the MP. I could never get into MP on Gears 2, but Gears 3 is great as it is more accessible and the weapons are well balanced. It also provides a casual versus mode where new players to the franchise or those who weren't good at the previous games MP, can now get to grips with it before taking on the main community.

Take this with hundreds of ribbons, medals and achievements to earn, along with special Gears events during each month, and the package as a whole is a bargain even at full price.

All in all the best game of the franchise.

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