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Gears Of War 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  Brilliant game, a must buy.

| | See all Rocker14700's reviews (1)

Not much too say other then this game is definatly my game of the year so far and for many of my friends as well, i can tell you now this game is a must buy, brilliant cinematic campaign which concludes the trilogy in the most awesome way, addictive multiplayer and horde and beast modes which are great additions to gears of war. i would definatly rate this game 9/10, amazing :D


| | See all dubsterjt's reviews (3)

i am a huge fan of the gears franchise from the books to the games and have never been disappointed by epic's ability to keep a story so fresh and entertaining.
the story unfortunately is at an end here in the third and final game but epic made sure the franchise went out with a boom(shot)

The voice acting is exceptional just like the other three games and the story line is gritty dark and very emotional.

This is by far one of the best shooters in its genre at the moment.
i think even if you havent played gears befor (unlikly) you are still able to pick up a controller and jump straight into the story with ease.
the multiplayer has been pumped up to an incredible level from horde to 4player Co-Op(online)
and the original game modes through versus ,team deathmatch,capture the leader and king of he hill still give you a fast pace online experience.

The new horde is beyond words and playing it really feels like you are playing more as a team building barriers mounting turrets and setting explosive dummies around your base help to keep enemies at bay until wave 10 20 30 40 and 50 boss waves were your whole team needs to pull together and use every skill you have between you to defeat the might of the murderous deadly locust horde at there peak!

every aspect of gears 3 shines with a golden light of potential, a game you will always have on your shelf and would never dream of trading in.
thankyou epic this game is amazing!!


  5 stars best of the series

| | See all KyleandKieran's reviews (2)

A great improvement from the prequel; dedicated servers for public online, assault rifle damage actually does something, this is no longer Shotguns of War. Sharper graphics, richer colour, fantastic campaign (10-12 hours roughly).


| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

first of this game is awsume you can play the campaign 4player co op online--theres achievements to play insane so it make u wana get it and try hard --a really good team working game,...the online is awesume to horde 50 levels,beast beastmode 12levels were u play as the beasts killing humans-reverse of horde, There is also team-wingman-warzone-and other modes alot to do and play,u can even play these modes vs cpu ur self.. the graphix are amazing i havent stoped playing this its so much better this tym round,gears 1and 2 are also fantasic - this also has 3 avatar awards which are easy to unlock ---a locast beast face--hat--and t-shirt for ur avater lot of love has gone in to this game and all i can say is buy it ASAP i havent got fifa12 yet i love this 8) so much fun


| | See all LeeGastinger's reviews (1)

More than lived up to the hype. for expert players, versus can be agitating because of beginner friendly weapons such as the sawn-off shotgun and the lancer, but other than that there has never been a more perfect game released on any console. call of duty has its work cut out for them to beat this masterpiece. 10/10

  one of the best games ever

| | See all joeb93's reviews (6)

now although this game doesn't knock mass effect 2 off my top game ever it is one of the greatest video games i probably will ever play. the campaign is actually a good length unlock call of duty's 5 hour campaign it took me 13 hours and that's without insane or the collectables. the online is annoying at times but name a game that isn't. the story to the game is well written and there's one part of it where you will say "i knew that was coming" but you'll still be shocked at the same time. the coop game modes are also good even if you play with people you don't know which is good.

  GOW3 review

| | See all leonekuban's reviews (2)

I have this game. It is amazing, better graphics than the previous Gears, more game modes and the gameplay is just mind-blowing.. And no more host advantage :)

  a dam gd game !!!!

| | See all shatteredbones's reviews (15)

this game is gr8 single player and online ,new features which makes this game more intersting and competative and still delivers the gd ol bullets guns gore and locust headshots of coarse i would defanatly recommend this game even if ur not keen on the gears of war games this has a gd chance of converting you.
work of art!


| | See all seltor's reviews (1)

Great final on this game. they did what they had to make a amazing final chapter that everyone love. thanx epic!

  SUPERB.........Thats all i can say.

| | See all HaloFreak's reviews (1)

REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILER!!! Guys I know this may sound a little odd, but I have been playing the GOW3 game and to start with I have to say the game is just simply amazing. They say that a game storyline will never match to those in movies but I strongly disagree. After playing all the games you understand the characters and what there about and understand their emotions, (like Dom and Maria) the final 2 clips just before he gives up his life to save the gears team really were sad, and I can honestly say that I shed a tear for Dom. EPIC really have done a great job over the trilogy and I cant wait to see the ending to see what finally happens. Safe to say that those who believe game storylines are pants, need to pay the trilogy, simply brilliant.