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Gears Of War 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  Great Game, Not enough changes!

| | See all DannyMasters94's reviews (6)

Although this game is very good and is entertaining for hours it is far to similar to the second one. The only difference is a few new characters and new weapons. However, I recommend this if you have not played the others...

  Epic - Game of the Decade

| | See all MattTurner1983's reviews (9)

Graphics, story line, pace and oodles of action. This game has it all and a vast range of game types to keep you entertained for months if not years! I just hope MW3 currently being pitched at five pound more than GoW3 has has much depth as this...!!


| | See all DansDeals94's reviews (22)

A great improvement on Gears of War 2. The Campaign's pretty good, just as good as the second. Horde mode has been improved to give a more tower defense feel, you can build forts etc.
Multiplayer is way better, the online connection has improved, the ranking system is more achievable. The wepons online also have skins, some obtainable by completing challenges and doing various things in the previous games, some can also be purchased for around 300msp (a bit of a rip off). The games graphics have improved and this time includes more brighter colours to give a different feel to the game. Gears 3 also has a Beast Mode where you can play as the locust just like Left 4 Dead's versus mode.

Overall a brilliant game that any shooter/Gears fan will love!

  Amazing Overall

| | See all daemonfey's reviews (6)

The Third Gears Is Amazing - lets get that out of the way first. There are still some slight things that still let it down though. The campaign takes a bit from bulletstorm in the way it tells the story, it is good and has some emotional moments. but it lacks danger alot of the time, i don't feel scared or rushed because the cinematics take front seat. the ending is acceptable but the boss battle seemed fairly bland.

removing this i love the game. the online is really well balanced, fun and competitive and all the other modes are really fun. the graphics are bright and crisp and the controls almost perfect, with a few slight adjustments if you played the first two installments.

  Spot the difference!!

| | See all KBest77's reviews (2)

While I appreciate the game is good to play (online and single player - great story ) I struggle to understand what improvements have been made since GoW and GoW2. It simple plays the same as the other versions unless I'm missing something. For that reason 3 stars. If anyone disagrees can they please list what has changed.

  Is this the end ?

| | See all GreenDayMarvelFan's reviews (233)

being a huge fan of gears i decided to fork out on the limited edition console and the epic edition and was i not disappointment , The games and books make this one major epic ride from the get go. all games are top notch graphics (dont know what that other reviewer was on about ) makes this one of the best game franchise . the multilayer is just as good with the horde mode improved and the added beat mode . is this the end ? i think not as you remember the guy said to marcus i be seeing you soon ? maybe they might continue that storyline

  Can't fault it

| | See all gixxer's reviews (24)

I wanted to rate this as crap but it is impossible to do so. I do not like the gruff voice american crap that this game puts out but i have to say the game is fantastic. The graphics are incredible and after act 2 i had nothing to say but wow. I think this gives crisis 2's graphics a run for its money because of the gorgeous art style and variation. Please set this to hardcore if you are a competent gamer as i did. this is the best way to play the game, also any easier will ruin the feel of the game. The co-op side of this is also great but will let a dedicated person tell you about that.

  Epic, adrenaline fuelled conclusion to a fantastic series!

| | See all SkinnerChinner's reviews (28)

Giving players intense, adrenaline packed action from the start in bucket loads! GoW 3 is a worthly finale to one of the best gaming trilogies on the 360. The games been seriously fine tuned, firefights & movement feels fluid & practically perfect, the graphics look fantastic, some decent weapon additions (my personal fav being the Retro Lancer Bayonet Charge! Hugely Satisfying!). The game really shines in multi-player which again has had various tweaks here and there, in paticular Horde 2.0 & Beast mode will offer countless hours of online gameplay!

However, saying that...the campaign felt weak compared to Gears 2, the Silverback Mech (a highly rated feature) is under-used, the storyline was weak (again compared to Gears 2) & you can see key plot lines miles off. The campaign was none-the-less enjoyable, just felt over-shadowed by the previous installment. I agree with other reviews that GoW3 doesn't really add anything amazingly new to the mix, its more or less what we've seen before, albiet polished & tweaked to near perfection.

All in all, Gears 3 feels like a extremely polished & tweaked Gears 1 & 2, but it does what the series excells at; satisfying bloodlust & dishing out adrenaline packed action, making the best in the series!


| | See all skidkid's reviews (5)

Exilerating campaign. Add to that a fantastic multiplayer experience with tons of options and customisation, and NO lag thanks to dedicated servers make this one of the best games I have ever played, and I've been playing games for ovre 20 yrs!

  Epic Games have blown us away! Stunning! (understatement)

| | See all 83Dave83's reviews (26)

I got my copy at launch night and didn't go to bed until 5am. that's how awesome and addictive this game is!

So pleased the game was held back, it was worth the wait. The graphics are gorgeous as we expect from Epic Games. They went for a more smoother look to the eye candy this time, which I really like! I love the controls, a lot. Very fast and fluid, not clunky one bit. Experienced players will thrive on them. There's much more blood and language then before! Also all our favourite weapons and executions are here with so many more added. Why is there always an option to turn off the gore and language? That's the point of the game, violence lol. Quite a handful of new characters have been put into the mix which I love too.

Horde 2.0... I am a junkie like you wouldn't believe. This totally blows the original design out of the way. Including the Silverback, there's so many upgrades and leveling up to be done. Loads of character skins to be unlocked as you rank up and complete challenges. I can spend hours on this mode, my favourite and first thing I played once it was installed. Awesome Co-Op experience. Better if you play with people that actually use the mic that came in the box. So many non talkers out there! Co-Op means team work, communication.

Beast Mode. Only 12 waves, but really fun. You might respect the Locust after you've completed this mode on insane like me. They really are fun characters/monsters to control. The Cog put you up agaist their best upgrades as you complete waves with your team mates, brilliant stuff.

Vs Matches. There's a whole bunch to pick from. Gears 3 caters for everyone!

Campaign. Bigger, better. If you've played GoW 1 & 2 (who hasn't) then after you finish the third it really does feel like a massive ride of a story. To me this was the most emotional and biggest out of the three. Really does feel like a blockbuster gaming experience.

There's no denying that Gears of War 3 is one of the biggest games of the year and on the Xbox 360 to date. Makes owning one all the sweeter.

P.S: Please ignore user's commets 'gremis' - Gears of War isn't a first person shooter.