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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Underrated little gem!

| | See all GamerFanboy's reviews (1)

Fun, fast-paced action game with all your favourite spidey characters and of course those funny spidey comments are scattered throughout the cutscenes! Really enjoyable game! The reasons behind not giving 5 stars though are, at times the camera can become a little jumpy during scenes,especially wall crawling making it difficult to manoeuvre, and also the game was just a tad short. But overall fantastic gameplay experience, would recommend, especially at this price.

  2 steps forward 1 step back

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

there's a lot i like about this game for example the vastly improved combat (especially in the Amazing levels) the visuals are pleasing and it works well that each dimension has its own look & feel to it. however this can also work in its disadvantage as it does draw away from the momentum of the game switching between dimensions all the time and some people are going to favour some over others. the other disapointment in this game is the lack of free roaming, the gameplay and levels are very linear and there isn't really much webswinging/wallcrawling involved its generally just tapping LT to web zip to locations which are highlighted on your hud. that being said i did find it a lot of fun to play but with no online there isn't much replay value.

I give the game 4 stars, 3 for the game and 1 for the price so if you're bored of your current games and want to kill a few days worth of gaming pick this up

  Best Spiderman I played

| | See all djdmonkeyofdoom's reviews (11)

Having played alot of Spiderman game's and being let down by alot of them I have got to say that I loved this game. There's been alot of game's of late that have been too short but what you get with Spiderman Shattered Dimensions is a good long action packed game. Spiderman fans will love it and new comers will too i feel.
There are enough villains to keep to busy. With the best one being Deadpool talking all over the game trying to put you off and you also get few jokes from Spiderman. Each main villain has their own move's so wont get boring.
One of the best points is that you get to play 4 Spidermans from 4 Dimensions. Reason will i liked this is that each one has their own move's and gameplay at times without really getting boring for eg Spiderman Noir is 90% hiding in the shadows waiting to strike. Also there are challenge's and with each one you do you get a chance to upgrade your Spiderman fighting moves. Hope you all enjoy.

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  Little repetitive but good overall

| | See all Captain2990's reviews (1)

This game is very combat heavy and the combat can get very repetitive they have tried to break it up by employing an upgradable combo system, which isn't terrible but also isn't varied enough to make it any less monotonous.

The storyline of the game feels very well done and very original four completely different art styles (dimensions), voice actors and characters help to break up the pace of the game making it a fun experience.

Unlike other spiderman games there is very little free roaming in this game which some people may like but personally that's what i loved about previous games so each to their own i guess.

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  good but went back a bit

| | See all marvelfan222's reviews (1)

this game was very good, i have always loved spidey games and while one could be the best, it took a couple steps back. E.G. in spiderman 2 the webswing was amazing, in this its good but u cant see the top of your web and it just disapears after. second the web crawling is not nearly as good as the other ones, but if your looking for A good marvel game this is perfect.


  Great Game!!!

| | See all AndyTheGamer's reviews (17)

This is a brilliant game. The best spiderman game on the 360 by a mile way. The graphics are really unique and i like a game thats different. Lots of upgrades and challanges to keep you busy for a while aswell and the combat is truly awsome! Excellent game.

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| | See all BarryDavidson's reviews (1)

this is a gr8 game i am not a fan of spiderman but my girlfriend bought me this game and im hooked. it can be quite challengeing with Nior stealth missions but well worth a buy

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  Best Spidey game yet...

| | See all Jockysplit's reviews (2)

The game has been addictive from the start.
Great graphics, story and levels.
The game is split between 4 variations of Spider-man. Each with unique gameplay and not just a different skin, which I was worried it would be. It's a very well polished game with loads of neat touches and details as well as tons to unlock to keep you going back for more. In my opinion, it's the 2nd best super hero game, next to Batman. Some people may prefer Spideys faster pace but both are excellent. So far the only thing letting Spider-man down is the camera can get a little crazy during big fights and web slinging, but nothing to spoil your fun.

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